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Travel Talk: Giethoorn Holland

Good morning early birds!

It is officially travel week and I’m super excited to share this interesting place with you.

Giethoorn Holland!

Photo: Atlas Obscura

This beautiful place is surrounded by mile long canals lined with wooden farm homes and curbside boats for full enjoyment. If you enjoy peace and tranquility from the quacking of ducks and slow streaming movement of the canals, then this may be a spot to add to the list.

Photo: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, this little town is actually known as the “Venice of the North.” In addition, you won’t see any cars or buses traveling through the town.

Also to add to the obscure form of transportation, Giethoorn has some pretty amazing history behind it.

It is actually located in the province of Overijssel east of the Netherlands. The name of this village came from the very first inhabitants stumbling across a numerous amount of goat horns also called gietehorens; flood remnants from the 10th century.

Photo: Times of India

But, before this town became established, it was a marshy land previously covered in peat.

Peat is:

“a brown, soil-like material characteristic of boggy, acid ground, consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter. It is widely cut and dried for use in gardening and as fuel.”

Although this place is quiet and opposite of the normal “getaway trip” it has some pretty nice tourist attractions. Most activities you will see common to the area include:

  • Biking
  • Boat Rides
  • Sight Seeing
  • Local Cuisine
  • Museum
  • Personal Boat Rentals
Photo: Pinterest

Lastly, this place is perfect for a little R&R as a couple or if you’re bold enough, on a solo trip. Oh! And be sure to check out the tulips there. They are literally gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a field of flowers and this destination has seemed to cross off quite a bit of wishes.


Come back this weekend for another Dutch travel spot!

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