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Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer

Tinzley’s Settle Free Mixer helped change my way of thinking. Simple as that.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I feel super rusty. You know trying to keep the same writing style, info, technique and all that good jazz since I’ve been MIA. In plus, I have SO MUCH to share with you all on another post, I’m going to HAVE to tighten my screws.

But, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started.


I NEVER miss a mixer hosted by Tinzley for one, I love having the opportunity to capture moments for her and two, I ALWAYS learn something new.

You see, I was actually able to attend this event with the company of my husband. (Highlight of my evening). After we left the event, we had a really long, thought out, talk about our relationship and what direction we were headed in.

You see, this is what Tinzley’s events can do for you. It can ignite the art of thinking deeper than the surface.

We were able to enjoy a loaded panel to say the least along with the talented Chere Turner as our hostess.

And if you are asking yourself why did I say it was a loaded panel….here’s why

We had the pleasure of hearing from:

  1. Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
  2. Tommy Duncan
  3. Trelles Delandro
  4. Dr. Oliver T. Reid
  5. Marquita Johnson
  6. Harralyn Swinger-Rawls
  7. Tenisha Bibbs

First of all, these powerful individuals shined light on some very deep places most couples and singles rarely think about. Like seriously, who plans out talking about your potential’s credit score and annual salary?

Now, truth be told, I believe that is the reason so many people aren’t with who they wanted to be with now.

Let’s all be honest for a minute.

The financial struggle in the married community or those seeking to be married is something real. That problem changes the moment we get bold to ask those questions and  cross those bridges.

Yes, I mean asking the tough question about credit, income, goals and aspirations.

If you aren’t able to talk the talk, what makes them Mr. or Mrs. Right?

All in all, we received a very informative and interactive perspective on all things relationships and finances. Also, I wouldn’t be giving proper shout outs to Tinzley if I didn’t tell you guys to STOP SETTLING and become SETTLEFREE!

Below I want you guys to check out the awesome pictures and enjoy! Shout out to Kim’s A La Carte for catering another amazing event along with using her blessed hands to bless our tastebuds.

Special Guest Performance James Worthy and Cammie Tappin


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  1. Thanks Let’s Get “Relle” Really Nice write up. I appreciate you! – Tinzley

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      You are absolutely welcome!

  2. Oh my gosh this is a beautiful write up! You summed this event up with perfection. It’s always a pleasure being in your presence. Your professionalism and personality is superb. Thanks so much for always delivering excellence.

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      Although I am a hair late in response, this comment just made my day for 2019! I will only grow and get better from here. Thank you so much love!

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