Thirty-One by Peyton ❤️

Good evening! It has been LONG overdue with sharing some love on some awesome people! So, that means I got a feature for y’all!

It is with much pleasure to introduce to you this beauty by the name of Peyton.

Peyton is a childhood friend of mine from Lord knows, toddlers or a little older? Lol. But, she is doing great things. She has studied Political Science/English, Master of Education and she’s an English teacher at Jolliff Day School! Girl I am amazed at how much you’ve achieved.

In addition to everything mentioned, Peyton is a Thirty-One Consultant. Let me be first to say ALL of her items are super cute!

Now, if you are looking for a quick last minute gift, I believe this post is right on time! Check out these cute bags 😍

Would you like to know how to purchase one? Yes???? Great! Because I’m going to eliminate the search and give you the deets below! 

Thirty-One isn’t your typical fashion company. Everything they stand for should be even more reason to support. They also have a program called Thirty-One Gives where they created a charitable program that empowers women and families. Read below the full details 

Peyton is an excellent consultant to have and you can even tell her I sent you! What better way to support her without the guilty “spending” conscience knowing it’s going to a great cause? There are so many options aside from buying anything too! If you’re too busy, you can even host a virtual party. Maybe you’ll get a free item or two!

Did somebody say monthly specials too?! Check check check it out 👇🏽

And, if you decide to make a purchase, you can share the excitement like this picture!

Make A Purchase Here

Join her VIP Group: Thirty-One By Peyton

Follow her on Instagram: @Have_Merci

Thanks for sticking with me! Make sure everything you do is intentional. There’s a blessing with your name on it! Talk to you guys soon. Much love to you all! 

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