Smoothie Bowls

Good morning my loves and all my foodie loves!

This week on the blog is all about FOOD. You read that right. We are diving into the wonderful world of deliciousness, but more specifically, smoothie bowls!

I came to fall in love with this blend of food when I was surfing Pinterest furiously.

Seriously, I was looking for a specific dish where I was determined to get the EXACT thing, nothing else by any means necessary. While I was soooo ambitious for this one item, I got side tracked by a chocolate smoothie bowl by Bakerita.

This thing looked so good I have to insert my “faint.” Like, this is how my tastebuds reacted from a picture

After drooling on one side of my lip, my whole agenda changed. I sought out to make my own smoothie bowl.

Now, I made this bowl during my break from work so, number one, that should tell you it doesn’t take long. (Don’t get too technical with the timing 😏). Secondly, it came out absolutely amazing. The ONLY thing I would change is the liquid to solid (frozen) fruit I used.

There were a few bloopers but not too outrageous only because some of the fruit sank into the smoothie. That’s where the tweaking comes in with the ratio.

But, here is the recipe I counted based upon what I used specifically. You have the total right to change it up, mix it up and flavor it to your liking. This was my first time ever!


8 whole frozen strawberries
1 1/2 cup of almond milk
5 black berries
Half of a sliced banana
1/3 cup of granola
12 almonds
Whipped cream for topping


First, blend strawberries and almond milk together.

Second, pour into a serving dish of your own.

Then, choose the dedicated fruit of your choice and layer neatly along the bowl.

Lastly, after you are satisfied with the results image wise, mix that bad boy up and enjoy!

Simple as that. You can either choose to use exactly what I did or get even more creative. Regardless of what you do, enjoy it and be happy.

All photos are subject to copyright.

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  1. Tamara Simpson says:

    Love this! I will be giving it a try.

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      Awesome!! Let me know how you like it 😁

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