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Hey my loves! Today I have something juicy to pass on to you all. I was sitting here in the living room debating on what I wanted to write about and BOOM, it hit me. I want it all back. What do I mean by that? Well, listening to Tye Tribbett gave me the boost I needed to share. Everything that I felt taken away from me, I want it all back. As women, we go through unspeakable things constantly all while saying “I’m fine.” Why do we do that? Because there is a stigma that we are superwomen…Don’t let me confuse you though. WE ARE SUPERWOMEN! But when it comes to what our calling is in life, we allow way too many distractions to get in our way.

Listen to I Want It Back and then continue reading on…it doesn’t stop here

The devil is a lie!

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The time is up for giving in to our own sorrows.

I want to start a chain where we fight for everything God had designated for us. If only the devil knew what we were going to be after our hardship, he wouldn’t have wanted to mess with us. I’m not leaving myself out of this equation either. I’m not perfect. I have let myself down countless times even ’til this day. That doesn’t mean I am not fighting for what I deserve.

Some days it may be easy and you feel motivated to do 10 things on your list…some days its not so easy. That isn’t a reason to give up. Tap into that sassiness you have and snatch everything back. Don’t allow distractions, obstacles and chaos run rampant throughout your life. As long as you have those mind boggling things affecting you, then how can God truly work through you? You’ve put your focus on the issues right in front of you instead of turning your head to the most high and putting your faith where your mouth is.

Transparent moment…

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I almost gave up on my brand. I tried to hold myself to standards I wasn’t yet ready to accept and mock who I saw. First off, I had to come to grips that I’m not them. There can be no comparison between me and the next. I also eat, sleep and learn differently than them. My mind may not process in the same way and my path definitely isn’t side by side with theirs. The common ground that we do stand on is the fact that we all want to be successful. Although it can take longer for others and some just become an overnight success, it’s not the end of the road.

The lord has truly been dealing with me throughout this hiatus if you’d like to call it from blogging. I’ve gauged an understanding that if I don’t utilize my gifts, how can I expect to receive the blessings if I am holding them back from others to learn. My life must mirror what I speak. Lastly, either I am all in or not at all. You can apply these statements to yourself but if you aren’t doing any of these things, make a list to get started. I’ll be doing it with you too!

My supplies may be limited for what I want to offer the world BUT my story is not over just yet!

Sassy Sunday is here just for you! It’s designed to encourage you, uplift you and every now and then spread some of that Sunday couture. A lot is in store…get ready!

Laugh in the devils face because your time is here all 2018.

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