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Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

Transitioning into my Transformation:

Hi my loves! I hope all has been well with you guys because I have a LOT to fill you in with. Prepare yourself…I might shock you or encourage you. To each his/her own.

First things first, I want to let you all know I’m not simply lolly gagging around. Although you have seen my posts with Kontrol Magazine and my personal brand spaced out, I am not twiddling my fingers. A lot has changed and I am absolutely adapting to with a change of perspective. Change isn’t always bad but, instead of using my extra time to relax, I’m planning out a schedule. Granted, time may never be on anyone’s side if the person continues the same habits but I’m all about 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Here are a few things I’ve changed throughout my routine:

  1. Began reciting affirmations
  2. Reading my bible to understand the “what” I am reading
  3. Separating my work planner from my personal planner
  4. Journaling

Now, you may look at that list and say “I do that everyday.” Well, I was not in the state of mind to push myself to the limit that I needed to. Honestly, I allowed myself to get by. As an individual who looks to encourage others, I couldn’t continue posing for Let’s Get Relle and show up one day and not the next.

My flaw of wanting everything to be perfect definitely plays a huge role and when it isn’t perfect….I shy away. So with this post, I finally got a little drive and looked at myself and said


Next, let’s get to the good stuff!

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

During my absence, I have:

  1. Started a new job
  2. Teamed up as a foodie blogger
  3. Became active in my church
  4. Getting prepared for an international trip
  5. Started planning a  surprise for you all that will soon be a gateway to help you and others
  6. Been slowly but surely learning how to monetize my brand
  7. Gotten my materials together to be a successful travel agent
  8. Realized way to gain multiple streams of income


When I give my all, NOTHING can stop me. It takes your own personal determination in order to overcome the lack of motivation. I have a vision and mission to make Let’s Get Relle an icon for many that stand out from the rest. With an ample amount of time to brainstorm what I truly want my brand to represent, God provided me with the answers.

I love you guys so much for STILL sticking with me, encouraging me as I encourage you and reading my blog. It literally means the world to me! There are a few more things planned that I can’t wait to post, but I will hold off from telling you all.

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves! I’ll mark this day as my day of transition and when everything unfolds, you’ll understand the transformation. Keep pushing yourself to be great and remember this affirmation:

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