Mystery Feature Day

Mystery Feature Day

First of all, hey, hey, hey! We are back for our Mystery Feature Day! This feature is definitely someone you want to follow.

If you haven’t guessed it already, my special feature is the lovely Tara J. This young lady is a jack of all trades being a freelance photographer, make up artist and touring with Plus Size Model NAO! I even checked out a skit she was in. I guess you can say she’s an actress too!  If you haven’t jumped on the train to follow Tara’s moves, take the moment now!

Mystery Feature Day

Now, Tara is native to the 757 and I can already see she is definitely making some major changes. Check out the day she revealed her big opportunity!

Guess I can reveal my good news! I will be joining the #RunwayNAO tour with Ms Nao herself 🙌🏾 God got a way of closing one door and opening up heaven to rain down these blessing on me!!! You will see my name in lights one day! Shoutout to my true supporters from day one! My real friends and my real family! THE WORLD FINNA GET THIS WORK!! FIRST STOP FOR ME JERSEY & NEW YORK!! ☺️💪🏾 MAKEUP & PHOTOGRAPHY!

Honestly, I admire this young entrepreneur’s hustle. She is consistent with her content and brand with everything she does. Her work definitely does not go unnoticed with the support people flood her with.

Second of all, as a freelance photographer, this girl has some awesome skills! Let me show you what I mean 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Tara J. Visualz

In addition to photography, let us not forget her Make-Up Artistry either!

Also, if you are curious about getting in touch with her, below are all ways to connect

Lastly, thank you for sticking with me on these features and make sure you are going out supporting one another! Furthermore, let us continue to uplift the young adults to pursue the impossible.

Special note to Tara: 

Keep doing your thing and follow your heart. Trust and believe in your work and keep God first. I’m admiring you and all the talent surrounding the 757 due to the determination and ambition you all possess. I can’t wait to connect with you one day! 

-Relle 💋

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  1. Timoka Lewis says:

    I’m so proud of my beautiful daughter!!! That’s God’s handy work right there! Keep pushing honey!

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