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What does a made up mind do for you? Do you feel successful when you’ve made up your mind? Do you feel like you are getting somewhere? Well, far too many times, we as humans do not have our minds made up and we fail. But, it’s about a mindset change.

I’ve decided to dive right into the subject while my creativity is flowing right now. So I went to bible study last night and man was Pastor Harold on fire. As I’ve told you all about the 21 day fast and challenge, we’ve continued the teachings on fasting. I took down a few notes but what really stuck out to me is how much your mind is intertwined with everything. The mind is  powerful place that people cannot tap into and only you know what you are thinking.

Mindset: A Made Up Mind

The service reall spoke to me y’all. Reason being is because I am determined to get these 21 days down pack, but I’ve been teeter tottering. I did make up my mind to do the Daniel fast, but I did not hold strictly to the requirements. Instead, I was still making the fast work for “ME.” Usually with fasting, you give up SOMETHING. I mean, I thought I gave up something until I realized that actually, I didn’t do jack. Listen though. I am doing good keeping away from the normal foods and old diet and all, but, I’m still falling prey to what I want… just at a later time.

Let’s think on this

When it comes to fasting, the focus of it is not all around you. See, “you” get put aside because you are seeking to reach something far greater right? Ok, so if you put yourself aside, do you believe you will be thinking about your next meal or when you can go back to doing what you’re fasting from? No, but only if you have your mind made up to change.

Pastor Harold said something pretty significant that I jotted down which was

“Any mind that is a double mind is unstable.”

As I was listening to the sermon, I promise I was convicted. In my previous posts, I have been giving you all tidbits about the day, challenges and accomplishments. Whoop Dee do. But, I hadn’t truly made up my mind to be truthful to my word. It’s not that I’m not doing what I said I would do, but I haven’t pushed through with this challenge WHOLE HEARTEDLY. It’s still a few things I wasn’t trying to give up. It was my stubbornness.

But, earlier on in the day, I must say it went by much better. For it to be day 3 already, I can feel a difference. After tonight’s service though, my mindset definitely will experience a greater difference. While I try to provide some transparency, I need you to understand that this is no walk in the park for me. It’s not like I’m going to have a blog post saying I did everything right and I didn’t crave this or that. I’m human. It’s normal. What I can have is a blog post saying is that I didn’t succumb to my fleshly desires.

If you feel like you would struggle with this, ask yourself the question “what is holding you back?” How tightly wired is your mindset to refuse the peace you could gain? I bring up mindset constantly because it really is a huge substance to get through this all. Think like this, If a person believes they’re broke, then they will remain broke. If a person believes they’re wealthy, then they will achieve wealth. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money. As long as you don’t limit yourself to thinking only about you and your circumstances, you won’t see much growth. You are stronger than you believe.

I’m cutting this post now. I believe it is very self explanatory. Change your mindset around and focus on things greater than yourself. Start incorporating others into your affirmations and believe that it will come to pass. When you can genuinely be happy for the blessings someone has been given, that is already a step towards a mindset change. Trust in yourself. You CAN do it.

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