Michel Germain’s Pop Up Shop at Macy’s

It was a wonderful pleasure standing by the side of Kirklan, owner of XL Tribe, at his event along with representative Erica from The B Firm PR for the Michel Germain Fragrance Pop Up Shop. This was one of the most exciting opportunities and I couldn’t have done it without my mentor Cindy.

I hope you guys are on the lookout for more awesome items from this company! It’s absolutely wonderful and all the fragrances smell AMAZING 😍 They each have their own aphrodisiac in it too. (Don’t say I didn’t tell you! ) I couldn’t wait to use the goodie bag I received too! OMG😱

Check them out on Instagram @sexualperfume and their website thanks to everyone who let me take a pic of them too including Satchel from Upscale Magazine IG: @scenebysatchel and Taj IG: @tajenphiniti You guys were fabulous 😘

Where can you purchase this? Take a trip over to your local Macy’s, Bloomingdales or the official site for Michel Germain to purchase.

I can’t wait to purchase my personal favorite- “Noir” in the perfume and cologne version!

Enjoy the pics!


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  1. Taj EnPhiniti says:

    Love three blog… thanks

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      Of course!

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