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Good morning my  loves and lovelies! Today is a “special” day so to say because I have an amazing gem to drop on you guys from The Glo Up Event.

This isn’t exactly a recap post, but more so a reflection of what I took away from the panelist discussions and inspiration I gained during this day.

Instead of me going on and on, let’s go ahead and get down to the details shall we? 💕

The Glo Up Event was hosted by the hard working woman herself, Danielle Richardson!

Check out a little of  her background below:

“Fusing together her experience with media, her passion for writing, and the natural ability to consult and connect people with resources, Media Consultant and Founder, Danielle C. Richardson launched Premier Vision PR in October 2013. In February 2016 she changed the name to “Premier Vision Media”.

Prior to establishing Premier Vision Media, Danielle hosted the Juice Radio podcast for over 5 years, contributed to several publications as a freelance writer and has handled media campaigns for clients before the official launching of her own consultancy.With a diverse range of clients, Danielle has the skill, experience, talent and dedication to create the much needed buzz for your brand.

Originally from Queens New York, Danielle graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Arts & Science. She later received an Undergraduate Certificate in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two sons. A self proclaimed foodie and hip hop head! She enjoys traveling, volunteering, reading, writing, the theater, music and spending time with friends and family!”

Now that is impressive! 

This event was held at the HJC Bowden Center in East Point, GA where creatives and entrepreneurs gathered on one accord.

It was a very intimate and quaint group to be very honest. I personally believe it was juuusssstt right because everyone was able to talk to the panelists and guests one on one. You know, it wasn’t like trying to surf through a crowd to get to that ONE person you felt so in tune with. The setting was great, the vibe was super chill and perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

The vendors varied from all sorts too. I literally started from the authors table next jewelry to the beauty products, the clothing boutique and henna! I definitely snagged me a henna and a beauty product too.

Fast forward to the panelists…

My goodness were they awesome! We had a full hour or so dedicated to hearing from each on of them in detail. The discussion began with their backgrounds, next getting the tea on some industry pros and cons, and how to be a boss in your brand. PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

Here’s the line up:

Tanisha Mackin

Dominique Mikell

Shonda Brown Wright

Jessica Grace 

Kimberly Smedley

Each and every one of these ladys’ stories really helped me gauge a lot of things I sit and contemplate on but never follow through with.

Shonda spoke passionately about marriage, relationships and dating. My goodness was she on fire. It’s one thing to be married or wanting to be, but it’s another thing when you are a millennial in either of those categories. Shonda is also the mastermind behind “Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend.”

Tanisha had a powerful testimony about the trials and tribulations she endured throughout her life and yet she is still standing strong. If words could suffice to tell her story I would write it, but you have to hear it from the conqueror herself. You can also purchase her book by clicking her name above.

Dominique is just as amazing as can be. I was able to understand her personally throughout the discussion about finding your purpose. Sometimes you may know what your purpose is, or it comes to you and sometimes you are still searching. All in all, Dominique is an amazing wig maker who followed a passion that was out of the norm of tradition and with her talent, she is steadily walking further into her purpose.

Jessica Grace spoke on being a Christian, raised in the church and in the entertainment industry. She shared her experiences and really brought a different light to the idealogies of being a Christian in an industry that can be a back and forth battle. This amazing woman stands strong in who she is and it is very apparent her faith is an unwavering one as she continues to break down barriers.

Lastly, Kimberly has a HUGE story behind the world of cosmetic surgeries and what you don’t know. My goodness, she was transparent and knowledgeable about everything she spoke on. She is the writer of “The Backside of the Story” and tells all from her personal experiences. Click her name above to purchase.

You all should definitely take the time to learn these amazing women and their story. I’m sure it will push you to keep going further with your passion and business.

Below are links to some of the vendors hosted too. Be sure to support them and enjoy the pics from The Glo Up Event!

Henna & Beat With A Bang by Ohshe

Instagram: @ohshebangbang


Glow Amaze (I’ll be doing a product shoot with her items soon too!)

Instagram: @GlowAmaze


D Ramont Collection

Instagram: @DRamont_Collection


•The Bag Lady Experience

Instagram: @TheBagLadyExperience


and so many more!

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