Follow Your Dreams: If it’s the Last Thing You Do!

If you know anything about me, then you know I’m not your average, gungho traditional type of girl. I’m the girl that bends the rules while following them. The one that follows her own dreams while pushing you to follow your dreams. And to be very honest, I’m quite proud I don’t remain trapped in a four-wall institutionalized mindset.

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Be Free, Be Happy, Be a Dreamer

Oftentimes when I would share my dreams, thoughts and goals, I would get feedback about how unorthodox it was. You know, I’m supposed to go get my Doctorate and work in my field. Then, hope that I am blessed to make six figures and live the American dream.

(Of course I wrote that with a touch of hyperbole, but it’s mainly true.)

But that was not in my heart.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll never go back to school and further my education and knowledge. But when I do, I’m going to be intentional with my decision and allow it to align with my God given talents. If I’m going to go into debt, I need to ensure I have a ROI to cash in.

My focus isn’t just on wealth anymore. It’s shifted to a generational mindset

Although I am approaching my 25th in less than a month, I have come to learn how trained the mind becomes at my age.

It is SO easy to internalize the exterior voices that say no to every dream and project their thoughts into your life. That is until you begin living for their words and not God’s word.

You then unknowingly begin to take the traits of what was spoken over you. Then SUDDENLY. You hit a point in your life when you realize “this is not what you wanted to do.”

After reality hits, you find yourself stuck in the same ole routine with no way out. Why? Because, you put your dreams so far back into an abyss, you started walking through the valley on your own strength.

I’m sure you know the song, “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough.” But if you think about it, it rings true ONLY if you stay the course.

You see, there is something that is within you that needs to be birthed. The problem is, the birthing that should be taking place lies within the vision of your dreams. If you don’t begin cancelling out the words spoken over you, you’ll hardly see anything come of what God has instilled in you.

The most common response I hear people say is “my family doesn’t believe in my dreams.” Baby, let me tell you something. We grow up through generations. Each generation has it’s own mechanism of surviving and success. Each one learned differently and were taught differently. But we are not in the business of revisiting the past tradition.

We reference and apply the tradition value taught where its needed but not in every single part of our life.

There IS an uncanny amount of wisdom in the older generation, BUT also a large amount of complacency within that tradition too.

It was taught to go to school, work until a certain age, retire at that age, live happily and that’s it.

That’s a long route to take.

For one you’re expendable working for someone else. Two, there is no guarantee life won’t throw a curveballs. Three, there is fear of uncertainty projected on the newer generation if there is no proven method to show success will come of it.

Now, please don’t get too technical and think I’m saying all tradition is bad. What I’m simply stating is if we remain in a traditional mindset, we only have part of the blueprint. It takes you, the determined one, to follow your dreams and finish it off.

There are MANY pros to learning the traditional ways too.

Without the generations before us, we probably wouldn’t have an ounce of knowledhe about true hard work ethic. But, like I stated earlier in the text, we take those values an apply it where its needed.

I’m a dreamer and I will always be one. My spirit roams free because I’m outside of the norm. I believe there is something inside of you that wants to follow your dreams. You just need that extra push.

So here is what I want you to do. (I’m included)

Write out whatever it is you seek to accomplish

It can be a boutique, a web designing business, invention or something else. Write it down

Next, make it plain what you need, down to the bottom dollar

Prioritize what is important to obtain your dream. Is it reasonable or unreasonable?

Then, begin to educate yourself either YouTube, school, etc around your craft

Then, for the fun of it….write out a check to yourself for whayever amount you hope to accomplish when you take your step.

Afterwards, pray on it. Pray intentionally. Listen closely and execute when the time is right. I’m trying to see generational families, estates, multiple streams birth out of this.

You can and will follow your dreams as long as I am here! I hope this touched you. I believe in you, but now it’s time for the work. Let’s get it!

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