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Final Countdown

Final Countdown! First, let me tell you all where my mind is with this “countdown” before I go any further…I’m legit experiencing excitement and skepticism at the same time.

Alright now. Good afternoon beautiful people! I had to get my thoughts off my chest before I greeted y’all. Next, with your permission, I’m going to reveal this countdown I’ve challenged myself with.

Final Countdown

21 Days of Blogging

You read that right. 21 complete days of blogging and I’m not going to be slacking either. You may ask what brought this on?

If your answer is YES, it is because of church. No, it’s not something forced either. My church Abundant Life Forsyth is doing a corporate fast for 21 days.


I’ve honestly dreaded fasts for I don’t know how long. Each time I felt I needed to fast for personal reasons or a recommendation by someone I sprinted the opposite direction. Truthfully, I never felt as if I was strong enough to complete something so meaningful. I can admit, I ran away from fasting because I wouldn’t be in control of whatever I fasted from. You know, some people love food, television, music or whatever hobby because it’s something they can control. It doesn’t even have to be a bad habit but too much of it is what creates the “bad.”

Let’s dissect this a bit

What is fasting? 

gerund or present participle: fasting
abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.
synonyms: eat nothing, abstain from food, refrain from eating, go without food, go hungry, starve oneself; go on a hunger strike; crash-diet
“we must fast and pray”

Hear me out with this. Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always food involved. For example, some individuals fast from social media, arts and crafts, drinking and so much more. Things that consume your time substantially and decrease your mind spiritually and mentally can hinder you from seeing the bigger picture. Through my perspective, I ran to work and other things that kept me busy as an excuse to not do better. My mind was stuck on things all around me except my relationship with God, my marriage and myself. This final countdown was my last straw to break my consistent habits of not being consistent.

Take a good look at this picture

This picture figuratively represented me struggling to cross over to the “brighter” side. Fear really took place in my life and began to run rampant. I lie to you not, each time I needed to step outside of my comfort zone, I felt each barbed wire stabbing me with the level of uncomfort I experienced.

UNTIL I got the courage to say

I refuse to allow so many things to hold me back from my blessings. Food was my comfort, anger was my best friend, pretending was my soulmate. I sought after food and gained weight (given), I balled up anger over EVERY SINGLE THING, and I figured pretending to “look” as if I had it together was my best bet.

This isn’t a New Year New You post.

This is cheers to my chains being broken. Cheers to the transition of life and mindset changes. Lastly, cheers to remembering who I am and who’s I am through Christ. It’s the Final Countdown for this shift to occur. Sunday night I will be at the starting line eagerly anticipating the gunshot to fire and I’ll be first to take off.

I hope to have been an ounce of encouragement to at least one of you reading. Always be encouraged to stay true to yourself and know that you are WORTH everything you put your mind to. Do not get discouraged if things do not take off the way you intended. I’ve learned, it’s not you who plans your life. Release the control and simply ride on. ✨

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  1. Janet says:

    Love it!!! Be blessed my dear. You can do this!
    Much love to you!

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      Thank you so much! I can do all things through Christ. I love you more!

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