I’m learning how to be a FarmHer y’all!

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Yea, you’ve read that right. I’m learning about farming. Before I get you all gung-ho to believe I’m all that with it…I’m not.

The reason I titled this post FarmHer was for a very specific reason. I love how the topics I write about come to me in all shapes and forms. In this case, it came from a goat.

Today was dedicated to fixing up the farm in preparation for upcoming events. While I was outside moving hay around with everyone, grabbing tools I had no idea the name of and doing as I was told, I glanced over to the goat pin.

Man, I know y’all thinking, really Relle, a GOAT.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn studying animals even if it’s for 5 minutes. Let me get on with the experience.

Well, the goats were huddled together and one was apart from the group. We’ll call that one Goat B. The goats were gathered around a tree to be exact. Well, Goat B, like the one pictured above was hanging off to the side. As the other goats were munching,  Goat B looks over and thinks “I want part of that too.” Following that thought process, Goat B goes and butts all of the other goats out of the way to get ALL of “good food.” They had already been fed.

This is where it hit me

That’s us as humans. A GOAT. It’s honestly sad too. Many times we are apart from the crowd but when we see people flock to one place we demand to be front and center. When you see a street performer…you may not mind anything UNTIL you hear screaming and cheering. What do you do next? Turn back to find out what was going on. That goat wasn’t worried about a thing in the world, but turned around to see the others eating and he/she wasn’t getting any of the share. So Goat B does what? Demands to be front and center and gets in on the fun.

People want a share of TOO MUCH! You want this, this, this AND this, oh and that over there, but WHY?

Can anyone point me into the right direction to find this answer?!

It’s GREED. Yep, you’re greedy whether you know it or not. Don’t deem me as the wicked person calling everyone out. No, for starters we are all greedy in some shape or form. Secondly, if you didn’t know, maybe you can reevaluate yourself. That goat had its share of food, care free, then butts the others to get whatever it is they have.


Come back tomorrow for even more! ☺️

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