My loves, can you believe you’re seeing this blog post across your timeline? Even better, I’m presenting a special announcement for my fashionistas too! Esprlia had a special request and I have the pleasure of sharing this with you all.

As many of you know, I love all things food, FASHION and travel, and well, I’m here to highlight a fashion topic. So, many people ask me, where do I get my clothes from? I’m not shy whenever someone asks so I’m going to spill the beans about this one shop.

I’ve had trial periods with their clothing and I have to be honest in everything. Esprlia offer quality clothing and extremely affordable prices. When I received my first piece with them, it was a pretty good fit. I lost a bit of weight and it did fall, but it laid good enough for some bomb pics.

Photographer: Jayla White Focus Photography

Now, I bet you’re wondering, what’s the big news right? Well, Esprlia officially launched their website! They originally vended on Amazon, but this past weekend, they finally released their new website fully stocked with clothes galore!

Photographer: Jayla White Focus Photography

Although this is a short introduction about this fabulous company, I’m going to drop a few pictures below that really don’t do Esprlia justice. Oh, and let me give you guys a heads up….I received the cutest pineapple bathing suit from Esprlia, and this is fair warning, my summer is officially set to be poolside all summer 19.

Enjoy these beautiful snapshots below and be sure to visit Esprlia here.

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