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Day 4

Give it up for DAY 4! What is up you guys?! I tell you, today was just a good day. It was chill and the vibe was perfectly set. What more could a girl ask for? I don’t have much to cover, but I can sprinkle a little encouragement.

So, you all know the 21 Day Challenge I’m doing. Great because I’ve talked about this every single day. But, I tell you, it’s going so good for me. It’s like I got a jolt of energy and felt so determined to complete this.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can feel it in your heart that you’re doing the right thing?

I JUST FEEL GREAT! So my answer is yes to the question.

You know, it’s easy to have this, that, and the third happen for you but when it is meant to happen, it’s a different tone set. That is exactly how I feel. All throughout my body, I feel rejuvenated, happy and destined for greatness. No, I’m not daydreaming and making myself believe something unreal. I actually made up my mind to fulfill a task from beginning to end. Honestly, I know this challenge was meant to occur too because I tried everyone else’s recommendations on how to be great but it just didn’t work. In my heart I was hoping it would work until I thought “maybe this isn’t what God has planned.”

Earlier today, I actually had a little personal time of prayer too!

I think my excitement is so strong because I’m doing things I either failed at or had no interest in completing. In prior years, part of me knew that I should at least do a little something something when it came to my prayer life and fasting but the motivation was so lacking. So, this is kinda a big deal. I’m really encouraged to continue this too because I have people watching and waiting to see how it went too! Absolutely amazing how you set out to do something and you get the attention of the world.

The happiness that I have, you can experience too. No you don’t have to do exactly what I’m doing. In this time of my life, this is what I am supposed to be doing. You should ask yourself though, deep down, what will truly make you happy? After you ask yourself, think long and hard. Next, WRITE IT DOWN. Third, if you’re like me, pray over it and be reminded everyday! Do not allow anything from the outside deter you from your goal.

The enemy likes nothing better than a job undone. Whether it’s a person wishing on your downfall or a remark made by a friend/coworker/colleague, do not leave things undone. As long as you continue pushing with the right mindset and keep the right hand oblivious to the left hand, you are headed on your way. I’m rooting for you just like you’re rooting for me!

This was a short and sweet post just to say, hey, things are going good. Be encouraged and stay positive! Your better days are coming.

Oh! I did something else too! I did my hair. Ok now that’s it. Be back tomorrow for more word treatsđź’•

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