Day 3 WPS Finale

Day 3 WPS Finale

I don’t think you all know the excitement I had waiting to post this look!

The Big Hat Brunch for Werk Pray Slay was nothing short of fabulous. First off, everyone werked on Friday, prayed on Saturday and SLAYED on Sunday.

Secondly, this event, for some reason was my absolute favorite hands down. More importantly, the room was filled with amazing individuals and you could “feel” the power that engulfed the area. In addition to the vibe, the opportunity to share the space with all of these ladies for a complete weekend was absolutely moving.

The goal for this look was absolute class. A huge thank you to my mother for the shoes, grandmother for the bomb hat and Shaquanna for finalizing the wardrobe! Let me not keep chatting about the look and just show you more here. ❤️

Day 3 WPS Finale


Dress: Plushy Couture  

Natural Hair Specialist: Lashae Myart 

Lashes: Kiss Cosmetics Date Night 

Shoes: Guess 

Photographer: Darryl K. Godwin💋😍

As always, thank you so much for sticking with me! Day 3 WPS Finale has finally graced my post. As you go through your day, always remember, you are more than enough. Nobody can change your circumstances except YOU. Whatever you may procrastinate, just get up and start doing whatever it is. You won’t fail unless you believe you will fail! 

Until next time my loves ❤️

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