Day 2 WPS

Day 2 WPS

Day 2 WPS! What is going on?! First off, I hope you all are having a fantastic day. I am back for my second look for WPS weekend.

Real quick, easy and to the point.

So, this look was put together by my fashionista mentor Priiincesss. I asked her if she could style me for Werk Pray Slay weekend and she didn’t fail me. In addition to her styling my outfits, she refused to let me walk out with anything too “mature” for me.

Now, when I say “mature” I mean age appearance. Y’all I fell in a trap. As a result, I dressed plain Jane and my fashion sense was on thin ice. I can tell y’all this because I find it funny. Why? Because it is! I was a hot mess. 😂

 It just took a little reinforcement to get me back to my old self. I know you all know how it goes when you work, eat, and sleep and nothing more. But anywho, my outfit was so cute and comfortable.

 This 2nd look for WPS was all about business. We had our breakout sessions and I was ready.

So, in these breakout sessions, we all went to a designated “class” so to say. There were a variety of topics taught too. I attended the topics on marriage, travel, and how to make your blog a lucrative business.

This was some of the BEST information I could soak up.

If you can tell by this photo, I wasn’t playing ANY games! All in all, I had so much fun with day 2!

This entire look was thrifted from the Goodwill of North Georgia. All accessory items head to toe were either gifted or laying around in my closet. I’m a frugal person and I love saving on a dime. But more importantly, looking cute while doing it! 

Day three is up tomorrow! Thanks so much for reading through Day 2 WPS and come back again for my final look!

As a reminder, always move within your purpose. It is a reason you don’t give up on your passion. Keep pushing and believing. Remember, I was going to bail on this event from getting in my own way. I would have lost this opportunity if I gave in. Know that where you are now isn’t where you will be in the future! Be great loves! 

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