Clothing Haul: Super Cute Sponsored Piece

Hey you lovely people! Can you guess what today is?!?! And along that line, I have a clothing haul to show you! (This’ll be done in a series) 

RIGHT! You read that right too and with it being the middle of the week, I have another goodie I’m throwing at you!

Y’all, I have another fashion update to share with you. Crazy lol because I started out as a food blogger now look at me. I’m just conquering each spectrum of being a Lifestyle Blogger!

Alright, so let me ask you a question. Serious question at that.

How do your clothes make you feel?

Like, do you feel as if you can walk into a corporate setting and impress the president of the company? Or, do you feel like the person sitting in their cubicle barely even noticed?

I was the second choice for a bit. Throughout my life, fashion has been a huge part of it but I couldn’t share it or express it the way I wanted to. Money didn’t grow on trees then and it doesn’t now. As I’ve learned to utilize all of my resources, my fashion interest sparked with a new flame again.

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. I’ve learned that from my stylist Shaquanna Chappelle directly. But, that’s the truth in all actuality.


This set is great for work or a nice casual event while adding a little contrast to the typical gray, black, and brown color scheme. You know the neutral clan.

Oh, and I have to shoutout the dope at photographer in South Georgia! Jayla White with Focus Photography

Click her link and check her out!

Below are the details of each item and a link to purchase the sponsored item. 💕

Black Sleeveless Oversized Blazer: AMI Clubwear

Flare Leg Floral Pants: Burlington Coat Factory

Nail Polish: Ahvi Cosmetics

Watch, Earring and Bracelet Combo: Walmart Clearance Section

Shoes: Fioni

Hair: HappyDollzRUs

Thanks so much for sticking with me guys! Come back this weekend for another update!

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