Charming Charlie Blue Plaid Tent Dress

Hello all! Today I’m back with another cute fashion feature on the blog! I’m highlighting this cute Blue Plaid Tent Dress from Charming Charlie. Oh and you know I learned something new! I learned the official terminology for different dresses. (I’m excited if you can’t tell)

So, when I picked this dress, I’m not going to lie. I was NERVOUS. It was short, my hams were going to be out, and it wasn’t my “norm.” But, against my own judgement, I stepped out and this was my FAVORITE look out of them all.

What I will say is when purchasing dresses in this style, it’s best to go up a size. Now, that also depends on the type of fabric and this fabric specifically didn’t have any give in it.

I even paired this with the cutest BCBG crossbody bag. Like yall, this outfit really shocked me at how it all came together.

Shoutout to my coworker for the shoes from ShoeDazzle that helped me finalize this look.

All in all, the dress is cute. Comfort level is pretty decent. I could probably use a size up since it was a straight fit, but I definitely recommend this type of dress. Since I am hippy, the dress did rise up a bit when I would sit down, but it’s not horrible at all.

Not long ago, I put a post up on my IG to challenge everyone to find out what their body type is and I received a variety of comments. We are all different shapes and I highly recommend learning your body shape.

It will help SIGNIFICANTLY when it comes to styling according to your body and bring out your flattering assets.

As always, thanks for sticking with me! I hope you loved this Blue Plaid Tent Dress and get inspired to style one of your own!

Be encouraged, be awesome, and be YOU!


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