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Ceesay Banjul

My loves, my bros and everyone else tuning in, what is up! I have a super dope but quick recap coming your way. Ceesay Banjul. Allow the name to speak for itself. ALL ABOUT FASHION!

So, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the “Ceesay Banjul Holiday Must Haves” Pop Up Shop. I was seriously impressed with the setup top to bottom AND the vibe that filled the room. It was definitely an event worth attending.

Oh! One quick thing. Your girl was in the influencer spotlight! Whoop whoop..ok now back to business.

 This Pop Up Shop had two awesome artists speak about fashion. Guess who was one of the speakers??? Priiincesss! First, if you follow her blog, then you know you the fashion tips were solid from her. To compliment her was Celebrity Stylist Julian Lark. Y’all, these two gave some great fashion tips along with a Q & A session.

Personally, I took away a few tips for myself. For one, I surely do not have the basic shoes that are a must have. So ladies, make sure you have open toe and pointed toe heels! But keep the colors BASIC too. Don’t go overboard with and a nice nude is one way to go! Also, be comfortable in what you wear. Stop trying to hide every nook and cranny and own up to the beauty within you.

Priiincesss noted how sweaters are always in style too. So, don’t hesitate to wear that cute turtle neck and a statement piece.

Also as a tip from Julian…study fashion. Don’t simply look at the go to’s and use that as leverage for your fashion sense. Dive into it. I mean, go to the history of fashion, fashion moguls that you’ve never heard of, create a fashion board and absorb that knowledge. Be bold and daring!

 Shop ahead of season to prepare for the upcoming season. Make sure you have your fall looks in the spring for a consistent rotation in your closet. Floral is in season too!

Next up, the FOOD! Y’all, I am a lover of food and I have to shine a spotlight on it. The caterer for the evening was the talented Chef Nikki. She is a private chef and caterer. My fav had to be the shrimp and grits. SO MUCH FLAVOR. Lawd!

In totality, Ceesay Banjul was absolutely a game changer. I even had the wonderful company of my husband as my photographer too! But, the clothes were super cute and AFFORDABLE.

You guys ALL need to go and support this lovely company and the beauty behind it. As Julian asked the crowd, “how many people have a business in here?…how many of you shop at black owned businesses?” We need to support one another and support our sisters and brothers when they invest in themselves.

With such simplicity, my mindset was changed again. My wardrobe isn’t up to my standards at all but I can say I felt more confident within myself after hearing some key advice. Sometimes simple confidence can help boost that fashion sense you thought you didn’t have.

*The event was held at Coze Event Space Atlanta. This event was curated by Lillie Mae of Lillie Mae PR Agency and it was an absolute success.

You say you’ve never heard of Ceesay Banjul? Well after reading this post, if you don’t know now you know. Below will feature the panelists and how to reach them. Enjoy a few extra recap pics too!


Julian Lark

Lillie Mae

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