Calling Hair Lovers

Hey yall! Today, I’m CALLING HAIR LOVERS. This one is a special treat for you.

Calling Hair Lovers

My loves! I am super excited to talk about this beautiful soul right here. First, let me go ahead and break the ice. By the end of this post, you will always know her name.


Lashae is the owner of “Hair Is My Art Salon” located at 4955 Sugarloaf Parkway, Unit 104 C (Inside Polished) Lawrenceville, GA, 30044.

About Lashae Myart:

I have over 15 Years of hands on experience with all textures of hair! Color and Precision Cuts, on both straight & curly hair are my Specialties. I travel around the world to educate myself on the latest trends, and top notch products so my guest always have the BEST! My mission is to keep your hair healthy, and a cut above the rest! So you’re always the person in the room with the BEST HAIR! For me, hair is not my job…. it’s my passion!

Now, a little backstory to how I met the beauty. If you guys remember my recap from the Branding The Beauty In You event, then you will see how it all started.

 As I was covering the previous event, I noticed Lashae sitting with those signature earrings and a big brown hat. (It was cold. Nobody had time to look cute and stay cold all night.) But, I had no idea where we would end up. When the campaign wrapped, I had a great moment to network with her. Now, whenever I talk to people, I am always up front and honest. Y’all, I felt like we clicked instantly. I shed a little light about myself to her and vice versa and she was so understanding. That’s something big in my book when I meet people.

Anywho, I told her about my Werk Pray Slay event and I was in desperate need of a hair stylist. She didn’t hesitate to help me and I had the pleasure to experience her blessed hands. I asked her for a simple ponytail to keep things classy and simple. Even with such simplicity, she took care of my hair with true hair care.

She conversed with me and answered all of my questions. In the past, I have had a share of stylists that slapped some gel in my hair and called it a day. Now, I’m not saying that my hair didn’t look good, BUT I wanted someone who could treat my hair. Lashae is that person. My hair was nursed, analyzed and cared for being that I have thick short hair.

I know I talked a hole in her head lol, but she makes great company as a stylist. Before seeing her, I made up my mind about how I wanted to feature her. In our talking she did make note to wait so the experience is organic. But, when God places the right people in my life, I usually see how it will work out. So overall, she can educate, care and provide for all of your hair care needs. Including the products being used in your hair. She will inform you on what it is and why you even need it.

Who doesn’t enjoy “knowing” what is going on their scalp?!

My hair did take about 2 hours to dry (the usual) but I was so satisfied. So, to reference, EVERY picture you all saw in my Werk Pray Slay Recap with the ponytail was done by Lashae! It’s not easy laying down some natural hair.

So, I’m Calling Hair Lovers! If you are in search for a natural stylist check her out. Prices are reasonable, reviews are A1, and the experience is genuine. Oh! And she mentioned some tips she learned from a trichology workshop she attended and I believe, once she takes her next step in her walk, you may be calling her Dr. Lashae Myart. Book her! 

(All pictures posted contains her work)

  Thank you for hearing my call! Calling Hair Lovers! Be back next time for more fabulous posts. Be sure to let her know “Relle” referred you! Support one another. Be a blessing and receive a blessing.

Book Lashae Here 👇🏽

Style Seat:

Hair Is My Art Salon



Hair Is My Art Salon

Check out all of these reviews! These are 3 out of 112 reviews. 😱

  • Lashae has been my stylist for 10 years. She keeps me fly with short cuts and also cares for my hair to help it grow when I want longer styles. What I love most about her is her ability to keep my hair healthy with a relaxer & color. I’ve also seen her slay MANY natural hair styles inlcuding my daughter. She is truly a Master Stylist of all hair types. 5 Stars
  • Love love love her!! I showed her a picture the day before only once of what I wanted and she didn’t ask to see it again and nailed it!!❤️” 5 Stars
  • “I have a great experience every time. When Lashae cuts my hair she does an awesome job for a reasonable price. She is very skilled working with all hair types and textures. I recommend her to all my friends and family. “ 5 Stars



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