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Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition Continued 😍

Bucket List Friday - Español


A quick note, I am so late with this post due to me believing I can take a nap without my alarm set and wake back up. Funny thing, I didn’t wake up until the next day, and I didn’t realize I was still at home. (Blooper)

Bucket List Friday

So, if you guys have been keeping up with my weekly updates, you will see its Friday again! What do we typically do on Fridays? Top destinations to visit, that’s what! So welcome to my next Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition continued (Español) 😍

Bucket List Friday

As I have been getting in the swing of completing itineraries, researching exotic places, and learning more about traveling the world, Spanish cities have truly sparked my interest.

The new destination I will take you through is “drumroll”


This place is so beautiful to me! Honestly, I don’t believe I will ever have a favorite place because each destination I’ve covered has an innumerable amount of things to offer! A few things I have enjoyed learning about Cancun would be:

Bucket List Friday

  • The white sand beaches in Cancun are actually made from crushed sea coral. The coral is prominent throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and remains cool. No more burning feet on the beach!
  • Cancun was formerly known as Ekab, meaning “Black Earth.” 😳 Cancun is actually a Mayan word which translates into snake pit or nest of serpents. I hope that isn’t a hint!
  • Almost 50 years ago, Cabo was home to only THREE residents and Cancun now hold about half a million people! Wow!
  • Did you know The Great Mayan Barrier Reef in Cancun is the second largest coral reef to the Australian Great Barrier Reef
  • Cancun also has underwater caves that you can even swim in. OMG moment 😱
  • Oh, and lastly, you can go snorkeling too and possibly swim by turtles!

Bucket List Friday

So, if these fun facts weren’t enough for you, how about you go take a trip to find out?

Always remember to let the wind run beneath your wings and soar the amazing world!

Bucket List Friday

Come back next week but thanks to all for checking our Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition continued! Thanks to you all ❤️

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