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Bucket List Friday-Dominican Republic

yoDominican Republic

Bucket List Friday!

Hey you guys, I’m back for round two of my bucket list destinations and fun facts! Today’s feature will be Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. One thing about this location is that it always struck my curiosity with the scenery, food and locals. Furthermore, the vibrant colors and amazing energy creates a whirlwind of fun. But, we must not forget the amazing food too! One of my favorite snacks has to be Tostones hands down.

A few fun facts I’ve learned about this destination really surprised me.

  • Do you know how old Punta Cana really is? About 48 years old! (Wow)
  • In 1969, Punta Cana was a mere 30 square mile undeveloped brush that stretched five miles up the easternmost coast of the Dominican Republic.
  • Punta Cana is one of the TOP vacation destinations…How about that?
    • Due to the Dominican Republic’s high rate of tourism, this has become their sole source of income with Punta Cana being the most popular spots visited
    • Surprisingly, it is ranked number 65 out of 100 most visited places IN THE WORLD
  •  Punta Cana has 10 beaches
  • Also, in 1984, The Punta Cana International Airport  (PUI) was constructed to accommodate the increasing number of tourists
    •  it is the first and most successful airport in the world
  • In addition to a successful airport, it is one of many premier golf destinations in the Caribbean. (Calling all golfers, this is your paradise!)

Most noteworthy, my favorite fun fact

  • Majority of the hotels located in Punta Cana area are all-inclusive resorts giving you a wide range of activities and entertainment to compliment your time. This place has it all!

Lastly, always remember to Keep wishing, keep dreaming, and set sail.

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