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Bucket List Friday – What destination could it be now?

What is up everyone?!

Friday is here and my next bucket list destination is too! This spot has been in hiding for a bit. Can you guess where it is? I’m sure it’s pretty simple but it is…


Actually, My husband and I have talked about visiting for a good bit now. Being that he is really into all things geographical and archaeological, this Bucket List Friday is dedicated to him.

Egypt is one of many wonders in the world with a bucket load of secrets, hidden gems and pure beauty. Simply looking at pictures just doesn’t suffice anymore.

With my husband’s interest in such a historical place, I’ve learned a few things along the way. However, most of my knowledge came from first and foremost, the Hubby along with National Geographic and a few more. Although it is a tv program, I was still able to round up some awesome details!

  • First, did you know during the fourth and sixth century, Christianity was the main religion in Egypt? AMAZING!
  • Interestingly, there were about 1,400 gods and goddesses worshipped by ancient Egyptians.
  • Get this, toilets, yes toilets were discovered within the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Thank goodness for them 🙌🏽
  •  The worlds oldest dress is 5000 years old and it was found in Egypt
  • Also, Egypt has the largest Arabic population in the world.
  • The formal name of Egypt is “The Arab Republic of Egypt”
  • At one point in time, the Sahara desert was lush grassland and Savannah. I wonder what that would have looked like.
  • Finally, beauty was regarded by the ancient Egyptians as holiness which is why cosmetics were incorporated into their daily lives.


Although these were only a few fun facts, there is so much more to learn about this place. One day I plan on packing our bags and heading there.

To close, always remember to eat, dream and soar the world! I’ll be back next week for another Bucket List Friday. This time I may incorporate a viewers top place and why they want to go there. It’s only one way to find out!

Happy Friday loves ❤️

Bucket list Friday bus!

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