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Bucket List Friday! – And We Are Off To?…

Bucket List Friday!

What is up? what is up? Happy Friday everyone! Personally I am glad to have this day here FINALLY. It’s been a LONG week, but I survived and I hope you did too!

We are back for another round of Bucket List Friday! Where are we off to next? I’m guessing you already know based on the main photo.☝ But if you don’t know, now you know COSTA RICA! 🇨🇷

First, let’s get right to it. Costa Rica has a lot of exotic ambiance to provide any individual looking for the right amount of adventure, pleasure and relaxation. Something I found very interesting would be the meaning of their flag. White = peace, Red = blood shed from martyrs in defense of their country also, the warmth and hospitality of the individuals.

Bucket list Friday!

The stripes on the flag are also in ratio by 1:1:2:1:1. How interesting?! A few additional fun facts include:

Bucket List Friday!

  • Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos and Ticas. If it ends with an “o” that refers to a male. If it ends with an “a” that refers to female. Importantly, be sure to listen for those vowels at the ends of those words.
  • Foreigners are often times referred to as gringos and gringas. The same rule applies with the “o” and “a” vowels.
  • One of my favorite facts – there are approximately 52 species of hummingbirds making Costa Rica the Hummingbird capital. I absolutely love this species of birds.
  • Costa Rica surprisingly has its own currency but many stores use the USD to list their prices.
  • Monkeys are the most common animals next bats in Costa Rica
  • Lastly, their most iconic dish for breakfast is Gallo Pinto which is rice and beans mixed together. Their common diet consists of rice and black beans along with chicken or meat, fruit, vegetables, salads, and fruits.

Bucket list Friday!

I have also seen some super awesome zip lining adventures you can take while out there! With a sincere heart, I will most likely pass on that because of my fear of heights. If I ever do it though, mark this as a warning if you see me write an update about passing out on the zip line!

Bucket list Friday!

If you have any fun facts to share along make sure you post it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you all!

To close, I always end off with one phrase of encouragement. Be courageous, be bold, stand out and let your heart soar. It is a world worth traveling and learning about! Take advantage of it. Much love to you all!

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