BTB Experience

Who: The beautiful Tenisha Bibbs

What is it?:


“Behind The Beauty Experience is a two-day, life-changing event for women from all walks of life. This unforgettable event will be the perfect catalyst for helping women go further than skin deep and find life BEHIND THE BEAUTY! Women will embrace the true beauty that can only be found by refocusing, releasing, reevaluating, and most importantly, relaxing.”


Courtyard Marriott Cumberland
3000 Cumberland Blvd SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

General Registration $55
o Well, you receive access to the beauty experience

o Next, you’re Served Dinner on Friday

o Also, brunch is provided on Saturday

o Along with 5 Informative & Inspirational Sessions
o Lastly, Access to the Beauty Marketplace!

Limited Seating​
There are only 20 VIP Passes Available

As a result of signing up for VIP, you are entitled to:

o Access to the beauty experience

o Then Dinner on Friday

o With Brunch provided on Saturday

o and 5 Informative & Inspirational Sessions

o Access to the Beauty Marketplace

o An awesome Intimate Round Table discussion with the panelist
o AND…VIP Beauty Swag Bag filled with tons of freebies.

o Lastly, a complimentary Chair Massage


o Beauty Paint Mixer


Grab your tickets here!

You guys really don’t want to miss this spectacular event!

I’m so honored to be the socialite and photographer for this event I can’t even explain it.

First of all, I was NOT expecting this opportunity to present itself. Second of all, I’ve realized it’s better to let God move as he places people into your life.

All in all I say that because individuals are specifically chosen to be in your life for specific reasons. Whether it is a learning lesson or a seasonal transition, remain thankful for the opportunity. I’ve been so blessed with people who pour into and continue to use my services it is such a shocker each time. I strive to keep my heart clear and personality happy so whatever energy I give off others can receive.

In conclusion, make sure you are in the building! This will be the start of a life long adventure. Snag those tickets, share it with your friends and promote the heck out of this!

To add, we are 97 days away!

Furthermore, check out these awesome sponsors!


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  1. Wow, I am so excited for this event and can’t wait, and to add 97 days away. The time is moving so fast. Thank you again for pushing this movement on Let’s Get Relle!

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