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Bold Favor Magazine! Nothing more to say.

Good evening everyone! I hope all has been well. Tonight, I bring to you the wonder of the Bold Favor Magazine Awards.

Y’all, this award show was so classy and elegant. Everyone in the building came dressed to impress honey. There was a range of entertainment starting with a comedic segment, fashion show styled by Norahs Khan, spoken word and a quick work out session! Can you say Wow.

Important note: I must give immediate honors to Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell for this event. Everyone, this lady is a powerhouse. Along with the help of every individual with Bold Favor, I must applaud the mountains this platform is conquering.

I’m going to be completely honest for a second too. This blog post is long overdue because I couldn’t get my words together. Secondly, I snapped 500 photos of this event! If you know how I am with my pictures, please understand I didn’t take this post lightly. I had the OPPORTUNITY to capture a lot of amazing moments. Also, shoutout to Toyin Fadina for bringing me along under Two Cameras and a Brush.

Now, a little about Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell…

First, she is a leader. Ever since I met Lynita, I have witnessed a true role model with poise, sophistication and most importantly Christ as the center of her life. Secondly, she has been recognized on Forbes along with many other platforms. Lynita is also CEO of Bold Favor Media Group! To add on top of it all, she’s a CPA and a Publisher Attorney. (AMAZING)

I wish I could write a complete guide about her but the list will continue to go on and on. If you ever see this name across your feed or in conversation, make sure you pay attention. I can see now this won’t be the last time she will be featured in anything.

Huge congratulations to each recipient for being recognized for a Bold Award too. Just to name a few…

and so many more!

I can vouch that each individual who received an award have A LOT to offer in this era. Whether I’ve known them before this awards show or met them that day of, I had a token of advice to take home with me.

If you want to know about Bold Favor Media Group, go check them out! I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for this company.

As always, be great in all that you do! Do not waste time by holding yourself back from yourself. You can be your own worst enemy and miss out on opportunities. The chance I had with Bold Favor to me, was a once in a lifetime moment. I didn’t have to be blessed and offered an opportunity to capture these intimate moments. So, next year, if you want to find out more about Bold Favor then you ought to purchase your ticket.


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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful recap Relle!

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      You are more than welcome! It is a pleasure working with you and knowing you! ❤️

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