She Writes Atlanta Brunch Mixer Recap!

Hello lovies, “She Writes! Atlanta Brunch Mixer” this past Sunday was an absolute success! I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday evening with some beautiful ladies networking and gaining knowledge.


Originally, my nerves were out of whack headed to this event because I would be attending this by myself. I was so self conscious because I wouldn’t know anyone until I had reality smack me and say “why are you even doing this?” I ended up pushing and I am so glad I went. It would have been a huge regret had I missed out on this inspiring information.

This event covered in depth how to self-publish and promote your own book successfully along with how to creatively monetize your blog. In fact, I personally learned so much, it inspired me to focus on a book in the near future. Who would have guessed?

It was held at Brio Tuscan Grille with host Lillie Mae and special guests Natalie Fikes, Tamara Mitchell-Davis & Dominique Williams. These four women were phenomenal with the content they shared. It incorporated the journey of writing and becoming successful with each speaker giving a snippet from their book.

Each individual I met gave me such encouraging words and advice as a new blogger and how to network. We all laughed, joked around, asked PLENTY of questions and simply enjoyed the company of creative women.

To give an overall covering about some of the women that attended ranged from a therapist, doctor, writer, stylist, and radio show personality. Can you imagine how much information you can obtain in such a short time? The connection and sincerity within the room was so genuine. Everyone was eager to learn, open to constructive guidance and my favorite EMPOWERMENT.

Lastly, the three books featured at this brunch were


Empower to Prosper”

She is Fearless

Be sure to check these ladies out and their books! You won’t regret it.

To close, always remember to shoot for the stars and follow your dreams. It is never too late.

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