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Amsterdam…Is That You?

My bags are packed, camera is set, and I’m ready for flight toooooo….AMSTERDAM!

Usually I follow up with “you read that right” but this round, you didn’t read that right. First of all, my bags aren’t packed and I’m definitely not ready for flight but I am sharing the wonderful adventures you can have in Amsterdam today!

Seriously, I have been in absolute love with the Dutch culture and all it has to offer. It’s not something I see pop up for “amazing trips to take” often. But catch this, their food looks so savory even on my phone screen. 😩

If you don’t believe me, I’ll just post some of their top five dishes here.

  • Pataje Oorlog

Photo: Street Cuisine
  • Kroket

Photo: Food Collage
  • Stroopwafel

Photo: Ravelry
  • Bitterballen

Photo: Tastemade

Was this enough to convince you?!

My goodness, to add on to the food, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

I am a sure fire flower girl and I will immediately seem a place beautiful because of a flower. Yes I actually will, but Amsterdam is known for its tulips and their tulip fields would be amazing to frolick in! Here are a few below. These are located at the Keukenhof Gardens.

Photo: Trip Hobo

Next, here are a few fun facts about Amsterdam you may not know about.

First, there are approximately 2,500 house boats in Amsterdam. Many of them are preoccupied by tenants but some are available to rent for a vacation spot. How neat?!

Photo: Pinterest

Second, the total length of the canals located in Amsterdam measure out to be around 31 miles. In addition to that, 1,281 stretch across those mile long canals!

Photo: EatWith

Third, Amsterdam got its name from the Amstel River. Also, the city origins grew around a dam inside that exact River! Super neat.

If you enjoyed reading this, I do hope you have a sparked interest in Amsterdam! It is a place of beauty, peace and happiness personally my opinion but I can only back that up if I take a trip! Make sure you book your next trip through my site here for plenty of discounts for you and the family!

Come back next week for a new topic!

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