AMI Clubwear Rock n’ Roll Shirt

Hello, what’s up?!, what is happenin’? Boy is this such an informal greeting, BUT I have to share the details from this look with you all. I received this cute Rock n’ Roll shirt from AMI Clubwear btw! (As if you didn’t already know that)

This Rock n’ Roll shirt & skirt combo was literally pieced together from items already in my closet! 🙌

Oh, and Y’all know I have to be transparent right? Right, ok. So, initially I was self conscious about this shoot. I was nervous about how I would look and almost talked myself out of it until…Relle remembered who the heck she was!

I remembered that I am:






I gathered myself together, looked over at my hubby and we created magic through the lens, thus resulting in this art. So, if I don’t leave a nugget for you at the end of this post, always remember to speak life into yourself. You are your biggest enemy and you must defeat the negatives and conquer with the positive.

I have to shoutout my Aunt Janet for the shoes! My aunt is one fashionable mama I’ll say.

Secondly, the red skirt came from Nadine West. There was an original outfit with the skirt actually, but I decided to cross style. I pieced items from my Nadine West haul and AMI to fulfill this look.

Without those before us, fashion would be nonexistent

My nails were PRESS ONS from Kiss products and my lashes were from Hermosa Virgin Hair. You know when you get bundles, they always throw in a gift here and there and these came through!

Accessories: Charming Charlie (before closure)

My hair was done by @hairbyacia and she completely outdid herself! Book with her if you’re in the Hampton Roads area!

(Make sure you guys click the links for each company or person I’ve highlighted and support them!)

Now enough reading, enjoy these photos by my bomb photographer Jayla White with Focus Photography!

Ta-ta for now! Stay tuned for my next look featuring these signature Red Heels

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

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  1. You are killing it in RED! Pretty girl Relle. Always an inspiration.

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      You’re so sweet! Thank you love!

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