AMI Clubwear: Red Floral Romper

Good evening my loves! It is somewhat past my intended posting time and that has a story in itself. But right now I have a super duper wonderful post about this red floral romper.

It seems as if I’ve gotten so much feedback from this outfit that I really needed to share all the details about it with you guys.

But here is a little back story as to why my post is late.


Last night my phone decided to give out on me; my Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Bummer right? If y’all knew the trouble this phone has given me you will understand why I decided to make such a big decision.

So it glitched for several hours being stuck in headphone mode so first instinct tells you to do what? Restart it. Well, my instinct failed me.

It is now stuck in restart mode which is why I was unable to generate any of my blog post.

Y’all I was almost at 24 hours without any type of communication to let anyone know what was going on and what was up.

My husband was even trailing me down. It was that bad. So I hiked on down to BestBuy and I decided to switch over to Android and test it out to see how this would work for me. Especially as a blogger.

So along with this story, I will be doing a follow-up post with how this phone works for me better than my iPhone. Oh and you guys will definitely be getting a full in detail scoot about this little adventure of mine.

I digress

Let’s get on to the moment you guys have truly been waiting for.

This is another outfit sponsored by AMI Clubwear!

Don’t let the name of the company fool you and scare you away from purchasing anything. Their outfits are super cute and they are curvy girl friendly.

This was one of my most comfortable outfits to shoot in the heat and all. And on top of being comfortable I was definitely comfortable in my skin with this outfit specifically. Typically I am usually covering my arms and anything possible that I feel is flabby but this time I decided to be confident in my own skin.

Romper: AMI Clubwear

Shades: Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes: Payless

Photographer: the amazing Jayla White with JW Focus Photography 

Nails: Ahvi Cosmetics

Enjoy these amazing photos!

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