AMI Clubwear: Plum Tulip Dress

Oh hey all of you beautiful people! Dropping in with plum goodness for you today!

This is one my most elegant selections yet! I tell you, the love I received from this was unbelievable. Everyone that follows me on facebook engaged so much it broke my meter!

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So, let me explain how I came about ordering. Yall, my hubby picked it out. Actually, he picked every single outfit in all of my posts.

We went through countless messages back and forth and pictures to piece the perfect items together and he nailed it.

Seriously, bae has some amazing taste. I guess I can’t keep the secret much longer either…he’s actually pieced majority of my outfits I wear. My own personal stylist. How about that?!

This dress was soooo comfortable too. I had a few malfunctions trying to change into it but honey, it was worth it.

It truly exceeded my expectations when I received it. It’s curve friendly and stretchy to accentuate those curves.

But, this is my last round of clothing this week. Sucks! But I won’t be off for long. I’m going to give my other topics some attention until then.

With all that being said, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store next.

Like after the experience I had with Jayla and the preparation needed, next round is going to be killer!

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Shout out to AMI Clubwear for the consistent partnership!


Dress: AMI Clubwear

Nails: Ah-vi Cosmetics

Jewelry: Burlington Coat Factory

Photographer: Jayla White: Focus Photography

Enjoy all of the lovely pictures below and keep pushing with anything you do. Be sure to drop a comment and subscribe!


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