Alright Day Two

Alright Day Two! The second day of 21 days of fasting, praying and blogging has come to a close. What in the world did I learn today? Well, today I learned that your body will tell you about yourself.

I’m going to make this post a tad bit shorter than the rest I hope. You guys, I AM TIRED! Honestly, I have no idea why I’m am so exhausted but a sista’ is worn out. Let me tell you.

First, I went to a meeting at 10:00 A.M. That was all fine and dandy. Afterwards I headed back home and I grabbed a piece of fruit. On the way home I had a good chat with my mom and really amazed myself at how my speaking has changed. See, my mom has raised me to be VERY strong with my faith in God and as a young lady. If I have something to say, I say it. Who did I get that from? Her! Lol But, I say that because even in such a short time period, I’m beginning to understand as individuals how much our actions and words determine what’s next.

Now, yesterday was my “breaking in” for the first day of this fast. (In case you missed it, read it here) It was a struggle, but worth it. Today seemed to go a little easier until I messed up. Am I saying that day two wasn’t perfect? YES, YES I AM.

Understand that it did go significantly better after I cleared my head from overthinking.

I managed to eat a nice salad with all natural ingredients followed by a potato and sautéed vegetables. There wasn’t any dairy, meats or added sugar, just all natural. To my surprise, I could barely finish it. Looks good right?

In my mind, I was thinking I could just catch up on meals I’ve missed and be alright. If I could desperately cry out “no” on this post I would. I have sooooo much work to do and learn! I tell you, I need to go back to the books to understand some things about the body. Don’t EVER try to catch up on your meals by eating extra.

Heed my warning.

So, I stopped eating the salad when I felt my body say “hey I’m full.” Afterwards, I might’ve grabbed a few nuts, a whole grain cracker or so and that was about it.

While I was prepping the salad, I jokingly mentioned to my aunt Janet that I felt like God punched me in the stomach.

My appetite really hasn’t been all of that, but I still feel full. Sounds crazy but hang tight. She mentioned gluttony to me in the past as I told you all how I went into self destruction mode. Food was the substance that kept me sane. But, as we continued on she decided to read me a chapter from her book about fasting. Low and behold, it brought up an explanation to me feeling full. It also shadowed gluttony.  I mean, it really made me realize how bad gluttony can take a negative turn in your life.

It is defined as:

  • glut·ton·y
    habitual greed or excess in eating.
    synonyms: greed, greediness, overeating, gourmandism, gourmandizing, voracity, insatiability; informalpiggishness
    “the gluttony you displayed last evening was reprehensible”

Fast forward to dinner time. HUGE NO NO. My old habits started to kick in. I tried to eat something I should not have eaten.

My stomach sure did hit me and say “you tried it.”

You see, what I’ve learned is that when your body doesn’t receive the junk it’s used to being fed, it begins to detoxify itself. That is exactly what has been going on. So, you know how I said I was trying to catch up on meals? I figured it would be ok and guess what. Sorry if it’s TMI but yea, I puked like crazy. Part of me felt like I shouldn’t have done that, then the other part was like “it shouldn’t hurt.”

I don’t know if it was the prune I ate plus the ABC (Apples, beets, and carrots) juice I made or not. 🤔 It was good though! See 👇🏽

With all that has been said, I want to close this post off with a little tid bit. Trust the process and your body. I’ve conquered getting my mind over the food aspect of things, now it’s time to transition. Instead of responding when I may feel a hunger pain, I can replace that with prayer or scripture. Again, I never said the process will be easy, but if you continue to push through it will become a lifestyle change. The clarity I have with these simple changes really show me a deeper meaning behind fasting. If you are thinking about fasting or your curiosity has been struck, just start off slow. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and keep messing up like I do. BUT it is a learning process so don’t give up. So alright day two! It’s been fun. Come back tomorrow for an even better update! Love you guys 😘

Juicer Used: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer

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  1. Tishara Grayson says:

    Well, you live to fast another day! Lol

    1. letsgetrelle says:

      Lol! You are absolutely right. I’m going back at it.

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