BounceTV Trumpet Awards

2018 Trumpet Awards

2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards:

Hosted by: Larenz Tate and Erica Ash

Larenz Tate and Erica Ash will host the 2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards, an exciting night of inspiration, history and crowd-rousing performances celebrating African-American achievements and contributions.
Photo Cred – IAEMagazine: Larenz Tate and Erica Ash hosting the 2018 BounceTV Trumpet Awards

This year, I had the pleasure of accompanying the lovely Tinzley Bradford at the 2018 Trumpet Awards.

First of all, this event was like no other.

You know, some people dream of being able to reach the red carpet while others want to be in the presence of the stars. Well, I had the opportunity to do both. Now, I was very proud of myself for not “fan-girling.” Honestly, I didn’t have to because the energy was set.

Tinzley Bradford was the media icon conducting interviews on behalf of Bold Favor Magazine. You all, I did NOT take this lightly. My trusty red camera was by my side and I let things flow naturally. We met Anthony Hamilton, Omar Gooding, Dondria Nicole, Arrested Development and a crowd full of more. Tinzley did an EXCELLENT job gearing her questions around current trends going on and manipulating her words to create a very personable conversation with these individuals. It was on point. Simple as that.

Check out her pre interview clip below! 2018 Trumpet Awards

Isn’t she a natural?? As much as I would love to go on and on about who we saw, spoke to and joked around with, I would much rather let the pictures do the talking. This is definitely an event well worth attending if you are in the Atlanta area. Everything was clean, classy and timely. Alongside the many recognized celebrities we spotted Yandy, Cee Lo Green, & T.C. Carson in the crowd.

Check out my snaps below!


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