Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

Transitioning into my Transformation:

Hi my loves! I hope all has been well with you guys because I have a LOT to fill you in with. Prepare yourself…I might shock you or encourage you. To each his/her own.

First things first, I want to let you all know I’m not simply lolly gagging around. Although you have seen my posts with Kontrol Magazine and my personal brand spaced out, I am not twiddling my fingers. A lot has changed and I am absolutely adapting to with a change of perspective. Change isn’t always bad but, instead of using my extra time to relax, I’m planning out a schedule. Granted, time may never be on anyone’s side if the person continues the same habits but I’m all about 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Here are a few things I’ve changed throughout my routine:

  1. Began reciting affirmations
  2. Reading my bible to understand the “what” I am reading
  3. Separating my work planner from my personal planner
  4. Journaling

Now, you may look at that list and say “I do that everyday.” Well, I was not in the state of mind to push myself to the limit that I needed to. Honestly, I allowed myself to get by. As an individual who looks to encourage others, I couldn’t continue posing for Let’s Get Relle and show up one day and not the next.

My flaw of wanting everything to be perfect definitely plays a huge role and when it isn’t perfect….I shy away. So with this post, I finally got a little drive and looked at myself and said


Next, let’s get to the good stuff!

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

During my absence, I have:

  1. Started a new job
  2. Teamed up as a foodie blogger
  3. Became active in my church
  4. Getting prepared for an international trip
  5. Started planning a  surprise for you all that will soon be a gateway to help you and others
  6. Been slowly but surely learning how to monetize my brand
  7. Gotten my materials together to be a successful travel agent
  8. Realized way to gain multiple streams of income


When I give my all, NOTHING can stop me. It takes your own personal determination in order to overcome the lack of motivation. I have a vision and mission to make Let’s Get Relle an icon for many that stand out from the rest. With an ample amount of time to brainstorm what I truly want my brand to represent, God provided me with the answers.

I love you guys so much for STILL sticking with me, encouraging me as I encourage you and reading my blog. It literally means the world to me! There are a few more things planned that I can’t wait to post, but I will hold off from telling you all.

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves! I’ll mark this day as my day of transition and when everything unfolds, you’ll understand the transformation. Keep pushing yourself to be great and remember this affirmation:

Work Hard Play Hard

Work Hard Play Hard

It’s easy to say those four words, but is it easy to do? No, not really. I promise I’m tired of life hitting me. I mean if I could talk to life itself I would say

I’m so serious y’all. In my mind, I’m like “bro calm down” because it has a habit of creeping up and putting me on my arse. No lie.


I’m not saying it like it was a disaster, but my frustration levels and worrying crept up pretty high. There were a million and one thoughts flooding my mind and anxiety was knocking at my door.


Why in the world did I even title this post “Work Hard Play Hard?” Um, because one, it was the first main thought that came to mind. Two, because this is what YOU need to learn to do.

I can sit and tell you all about me and what I did wrong blah blah blah. But, what I haven’t done is tell you what you might have done that wasn’t so savory. Catch me now. I’m not saying you did anything wrong. But, how are you working hard in order to play hard? Get this…

I’m in Priiincesss’s Consistency Group

If you want to join, click here

Like I was saying, I’m in this consistency group and it’s so many talented individuals in there. Everyone has their own personal goal and a different drive. The thing in common is we all want one thing. To be the greatest we can be.

When I first started blogging…


I definitely did not remain consistent with my art. The new focus along with being consistent is being disciplined. Those two things are like the most important to have if you want to be great. I bring this up because not too long ago, I couldn’t answer the question I just asked you all.

And being consistent and disciplined doesn’t even have to be about blogging. If you are consistent and disciplined at a burger joint you’re working at…well, most chances are you’ll reap the benefits and get promoted.

So, again, what are you doing to work hard play hard?

Come up with an approach

How are you going to tackle your schedule?

My weakness is time management. That will be tackled with better organization

How will you combat lack of time management ?

Since I have an agenda now, I’ll be using that to schedule everything I should be doing. It will become my daily routine

What do you feel is holding you back?

I recognize the more cluttered I am in my life, the more I lack discipline and consistency. By the way, you know I heard a saying how creative minds are the messiest people. Why can’t creative minds be some of the neatest people? I find that to be true. Kind of.

As a creative, there are so many things that I want to do and COULD do if I remained consistent and disciplined. Does it seem like you’re doing a few things wrong like me? Does this sound like you? Yes? Ok great! Lets try this. I answered a few of these questions, but it’s really for you to answer yourself. Be raw with the response and let go of the baggage. (Recommended to me by the way)

  1. Create a routine
  2. State affirmations to yourself (optional)
  3. Get an organizer!
  4. Schedule what you need to do
  6. Declutter your space
  7. FOCUS
  8. Study your craft
  9. Practice makes perfect

I’ve challenged myself with a 21 Day Challenge of Blogging and Fasting and now I’ll add this one. I’ll do it with you and we can hold each other accountable. That’s my piece. It’s late so goodbye and I’m out ✌🏽

Bucket List Friday-Dominican Republic

yoDominican Republic

Bucket List Friday!

Hey you guys, I’m back for round two of my bucket list destinations and fun facts! Today’s feature will be Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. One thing about this location is that it always struck my curiosity with the scenery, food and locals. Furthermore, the vibrant colors and amazing energy creates a whirlwind of fun. But, we must not forget the amazing food too! One of my favorite snacks has to be Tostones hands down.

A few fun facts I’ve learned about this destination really surprised me.

  • Do you know how old Punta Cana really is? About 48 years old! (Wow)
  • In 1969, Punta Cana was a mere 30 square mile undeveloped brush that stretched five miles up the easternmost coast of the Dominican Republic.
  • Punta Cana is one of the TOP vacation destinations…How about that?
    • Due to the Dominican Republic’s high rate of tourism, this has become their sole source of income with Punta Cana being the most popular spots visited
    • Surprisingly, it is ranked number 65 out of 100 most visited places IN THE WORLD
  •  Punta Cana has 10 beaches
  • Also, in 1984, The Punta Cana International Airport  (PUI) was constructed to accommodate the increasing number of tourists
    •  it is the first and most successful airport in the world
  • In addition to a successful airport, it is one of many premier golf destinations in the Caribbean. (Calling all golfers, this is your paradise!)

Most noteworthy, my favorite fun fact

  • Majority of the hotels located in Punta Cana area are all-inclusive resorts giving you a wide range of activities and entertainment to compliment your time. This place has it all!

Lastly, always remember to Keep wishing, keep dreaming, and set sail.