Friday, Bucket List Friday!

Free at last, free at last! It’s Friday, Bucket List Friday! So you know I am back for another round of fun facts with some pretty exotic places. Next up, we have


I’ve been attracted to this exotic spot after seeing so many pictures. I can dream about some pretty luxurious things, but Dubai seals the deal with that. If you are truly looking for an out of this world experience, mark your calendar and head here!

Are you wondering why there is a random picture of an oversized skyscraper? Well, based on some fun facts I’ve read, skyscrapers is a BIG deal in Dubai. Let’s get started:

  • From my research, 7 of the 10 tallest hotels in the world are located in Dubai. 😱
  • Dubai is considered the shopping capital throughout the Middle East.
  • I did mention luxury, so, Dubai is also known as the city of Gold. There is a Gold Souk that is home to 300+ shops!

  • Dubai also has the worlds largest flower garden too!
  • The majority religion in Dubail is Islam
  • PDA (public display of affection) is punishable up to deportation if caught.
  • Non Muslims are the only individuals whom can consume alcohol without repercussions.
  • Rainfall averages around 4 inches per year in Dubai
  • The worlds tallest building is a record whopping 2,722 feet
  • Visitors in Dubai are not permitted to wear clothing that reveals too much skin. It doesn’t include beaches, clubs or bars.
  • Football (popularly known as soccer for Americans) and cricket are two of the most played sports

Everything about Dubai is so beautiful. What more can you ask for? It would definitely be an experience of a lifetime. I used to be so hesitant with wanting to travel so far out but, it’s no time to lose! Pack those bags, hit the road and conquer the unknown.

Thank you so much for sticking with Friday, Bucket List Friday! and be back for another destination!


Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition Continued 😍

Bucket List Friday - Español


A quick note, I am so late with this post due to me believing I can take a nap without my alarm set and wake back up. Funny thing, I didn’t wake up until the next day, and I didn’t realize I was still at home. (Blooper)

Bucket List Friday

So, if you guys have been keeping up with my weekly updates, you will see its Friday again! What do we typically do on Fridays? Top destinations to visit, that’s what! So welcome to my next Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition continued (Español) 😍

Bucket List Friday

As I have been getting in the swing of completing itineraries, researching exotic places, and learning more about traveling the world, Spanish cities have truly sparked my interest.

The new destination I will take you through is “drumroll”


This place is so beautiful to me! Honestly, I don’t believe I will ever have a favorite place because each destination I’ve covered has an innumerable amount of things to offer! A few things I have enjoyed learning about Cancun would be:

Bucket List Friday

  • The white sand beaches in Cancun are actually made from crushed sea coral. The coral is prominent throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and remains cool. No more burning feet on the beach!
  • Cancun was formerly known as Ekab, meaning “Black Earth.” 😳 Cancun is actually a Mayan word which translates into snake pit or nest of serpents. I hope that isn’t a hint!
  • Almost 50 years ago, Cabo was home to only THREE residents and Cancun now hold about half a million people! Wow!
  • Did you know The Great Mayan Barrier Reef in Cancun is the second largest coral reef to the Australian Great Barrier Reef
  • Cancun also has underwater caves that you can even swim in. OMG moment 😱
  • Oh, and lastly, you can go snorkeling too and possibly swim by turtles!

Bucket List Friday

So, if these fun facts weren’t enough for you, how about you go take a trip to find out?

Always remember to let the wind run beneath your wings and soar the amazing world!

Bucket List Friday

Come back next week but thanks to all for checking our Bucket List Friday Spanish Edition continued! Thanks to you all ❤️

Bucket List Friday! – And We Are Off To?…

Bucket List Friday!

What is up? what is up? Happy Friday everyone! Personally I am glad to have this day here FINALLY. It’s been a LONG week, but I survived and I hope you did too!

We are back for another round of Bucket List Friday! Where are we off to next? I’m guessing you already know based on the main photo.☝ But if you don’t know, now you know COSTA RICA! 🇨🇷

First, let’s get right to it. Costa Rica has a lot of exotic ambiance to provide any individual looking for the right amount of adventure, pleasure and relaxation. Something I found very interesting would be the meaning of their flag. White = peace, Red = blood shed from martyrs in defense of their country also, the warmth and hospitality of the individuals.

Bucket list Friday!

The stripes on the flag are also in ratio by 1:1:2:1:1. How interesting?! A few additional fun facts include:

Bucket List Friday!

  • Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos and Ticas. If it ends with an “o” that refers to a male. If it ends with an “a” that refers to female. Importantly, be sure to listen for those vowels at the ends of those words.
  • Foreigners are often times referred to as gringos and gringas. The same rule applies with the “o” and “a” vowels.
  • One of my favorite facts – there are approximately 52 species of hummingbirds making Costa Rica the Hummingbird capital. I absolutely love this species of birds.
  • Costa Rica surprisingly has its own currency but many stores use the USD to list their prices.
  • Monkeys are the most common animals next bats in Costa Rica
  • Lastly, their most iconic dish for breakfast is Gallo Pinto which is rice and beans mixed together. Their common diet consists of rice and black beans along with chicken or meat, fruit, vegetables, salads, and fruits.

Bucket list Friday!

I have also seen some super awesome zip lining adventures you can take while out there! With a sincere heart, I will most likely pass on that because of my fear of heights. If I ever do it though, mark this as a warning if you see me write an update about passing out on the zip line!

Bucket list Friday!

If you have any fun facts to share along make sure you post it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you all!

To close, I always end off with one phrase of encouragement. Be courageous, be bold, stand out and let your heart soar. It is a world worth traveling and learning about! Take advantage of it. Much love to you all!

Bucket List Friday – What destination could it be now?

What is up everyone?!

Friday is here and my next bucket list destination is too! This spot has been in hiding for a bit. Can you guess where it is? I’m sure it’s pretty simple but it is…


Actually, My husband and I have talked about visiting for a good bit now. Being that he is really into all things geographical and archaeological, this Bucket List Friday is dedicated to him.

Egypt is one of many wonders in the world with a bucket load of secrets, hidden gems and pure beauty. Simply looking at pictures just doesn’t suffice anymore.

With my husband’s interest in such a historical place, I’ve learned a few things along the way. However, most of my knowledge came from first and foremost, the Hubby along with National Geographic and a few more. Although it is a tv program, I was still able to round up some awesome details!

  • First, did you know during the fourth and sixth century, Christianity was the main religion in Egypt? AMAZING!
  • Interestingly, there were about 1,400 gods and goddesses worshipped by ancient Egyptians.
  • Get this, toilets, yes toilets were discovered within the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Thank goodness for them 🙌🏽
  •  The worlds oldest dress is 5000 years old and it was found in Egypt
  • Also, Egypt has the largest Arabic population in the world.
  • The formal name of Egypt is “The Arab Republic of Egypt”
  • At one point in time, the Sahara desert was lush grassland and Savannah. I wonder what that would have looked like.
  • Finally, beauty was regarded by the ancient Egyptians as holiness which is why cosmetics were incorporated into their daily lives.


Although these were only a few fun facts, there is so much more to learn about this place. One day I plan on packing our bags and heading there.

To close, always remember to eat, dream and soar the world! I’ll be back next week for another Bucket List Friday. This time I may incorporate a viewers top place and why they want to go there. It’s only one way to find out!

Happy Friday loves ❤️

Bucket list Friday bus!

Bucket List Friday-Dominican Republic

yoDominican Republic

Bucket List Friday!

Hey you guys, I’m back for round two of my bucket list destinations and fun facts! Today’s feature will be Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. One thing about this location is that it always struck my curiosity with the scenery, food and locals. Furthermore, the vibrant colors and amazing energy creates a whirlwind of fun. But, we must not forget the amazing food too! One of my favorite snacks has to be Tostones hands down.

A few fun facts I’ve learned about this destination really surprised me.

  • Do you know how old Punta Cana really is? About 48 years old! (Wow)
  • In 1969, Punta Cana was a mere 30 square mile undeveloped brush that stretched five miles up the easternmost coast of the Dominican Republic.
  • Punta Cana is one of the TOP vacation destinations…How about that?
    • Due to the Dominican Republic’s high rate of tourism, this has become their sole source of income with Punta Cana being the most popular spots visited
    • Surprisingly, it is ranked number 65 out of 100 most visited places IN THE WORLD
  •  Punta Cana has 10 beaches
  • Also, in 1984, The Punta Cana International Airport  (PUI) was constructed to accommodate the increasing number of tourists
    •  it is the first and most successful airport in the world
  • In addition to a successful airport, it is one of many premier golf destinations in the Caribbean. (Calling all golfers, this is your paradise!)

Most noteworthy, my favorite fun fact

  • Majority of the hotels located in Punta Cana area are all-inclusive resorts giving you a wide range of activities and entertainment to compliment your time. This place has it all!

Lastly, always remember to Keep wishing, keep dreaming, and set sail.