Amsterdam…Is That You?

My bags are packed, camera is set, and I’m ready for flight toooooo….AMSTERDAM!

Usually I follow up with “you read that right” but this round, you didn’t read that right. First of all, my bags aren’t packed and I’m definitely not ready for flight but I am sharing the wonderful adventures you can have in Amsterdam today!

Seriously, I have been in absolute love with the Dutch culture and all it has to offer. It’s not something I see pop up for “amazing trips to take” often. But catch this, their food looks so savory even on my phone screen. 😩

If you don’t believe me, I’ll just post some of their top five dishes here.

  • Pataje Oorlog

Photo: Street Cuisine

  • Kroket

Photo: Food Collage

  • Stroopwafel

Photo: Ravelry

  • Bitterballen

Photo: Tastemade

Was this enough to convince you?!

My goodness, to add on to the food, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

I am a sure fire flower girl and I will immediately seem a place beautiful because of a flower. Yes I actually will, but Amsterdam is known for its tulips and their tulip fields would be amazing to frolick in! Here are a few below. These are located at the Keukenhof Gardens.

Photo: Trip Hobo


Next, here are a few fun facts about Amsterdam you may not know about.

First, there are approximately 2,500 house boats in Amsterdam. Many of them are preoccupied by tenants but some are available to rent for a vacation spot. How neat?!

Photo: Pinterest

Second, the total length of the canals located in Amsterdam measure out to be around 31 miles. In addition to that, 1,281 stretch across those mile long canals!

Photo: EatWith

Third, Amsterdam got its name from the Amstel River. Also, the city origins grew around a dam inside that exact River! Super neat.

If you enjoyed reading this, I do hope you have a sparked interest in Amsterdam! It is a place of beauty, peace and happiness personally my opinion but I can only back that up if I take a trip! Make sure you book your next trip through my site here for plenty of discounts for you and the family!

Come back next week for a new topic!

Travel Talk: Giethoorn Holland

Good morning early birds!

It is officially travel week and I’m super excited to share this interesting place with you.

Giethoorn Holland!

Photo: Atlas Obscura

This beautiful place is surrounded by mile long canals lined with wooden farm homes and curbside boats for full enjoyment. If you enjoy peace and tranquility from the quacking of ducks and slow streaming movement of the canals, then this may be a spot to add to the list.

Photo: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, this little town is actually known as the “Venice of the North.” In addition, you won’t see any cars or buses traveling through the town.

Also to add to the obscure form of transportation, Giethoorn has some pretty amazing history behind it.

It is actually located in the province of Overijssel east of the Netherlands. The name of this village came from the very first inhabitants stumbling across a numerous amount of goat horns also called gietehorens; flood remnants from the 10th century.

Photo: Times of India

But, before this town became established, it was a marshy land previously covered in peat.

Peat is:

“a brown, soil-like material characteristic of boggy, acid ground, consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter. It is widely cut and dried for use in gardening and as fuel.”

Although this place is quiet and opposite of the normal “getaway trip” it has some pretty nice tourist attractions. Most activities you will see common to the area include:

  • Biking
  • Boat Rides
  • Sight Seeing
  • Local Cuisine
  • Museum
  • Personal Boat Rentals

Photo: Pinterest

Lastly, this place is perfect for a little R&R as a couple or if you’re bold enough, on a solo trip. Oh! And be sure to check out the tulips there. They are literally gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a field of flowers and this destination has seemed to cross off quite a bit of wishes.


Come back this weekend for another Dutch travel spot!

Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer

Good Morning My Loves! I have a quick check-in post for you all!

This year, I will be attending Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer AGAIN! (YAY)Image may contain: Tinzley Bradford, smiling, standing and shoes

Last year, I took away soooo much personally. I mean, I learned things about my finances that are recipes for success, relationship advice to keep my marriage fresh and exciting and mindset changes to push for a life of being #SETTLEFREE…

And this year she’s stepping it up a notch. Ya’ll, Tinzley is bringing EVERYBODY to the table. You do not want to miss this at all.

There will be food, entertainment, special performances by:

Cammie Tappin and

Latasha Stevens.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and text

Image may contain: Cammie Tappin



This experience will be life changing for all. Oh, and if you are a person wondering about what “type” of food will be there…well Kim’s A La Carte will be catering! If you missed one of my last blog posts, then check it out here. Her food is truly guided by an anointed hand and her business is taking off.

You just have to let it speak for itself but don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Check out one of Tinzley’s proud sponsors all the way from NYC!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Read this snippet about Nando!

“Initially founded in 2007, his blog,, draws over 2,000 views every day from curious daters looking for the insightful, random, and sometimes naughty experiences Nando offers up in his sarcastic, self-examining style. In it, he shares his dating stories, observations and advice—from Texas to New York, and from the heartfelt to the icky and sticky. Nando looks into the dating world and calls ’em as he sees ’em, including examining the chemical effects of love (“the brain’s the sexiest love organ, after all”), earning him the title of the Love Scientist.”

Here is a list of additional sponsors for the evening as well:

  • TLC (Transformative Life Coaching)
  • Golden Professional Realty Group
  • Bold Favor Media Group
  • The Regina Sunshine Show
  • Red Ink Consulting
  • Two Cameras and a Brush
  • LSC Lateka S Carter 
  • LTLC (Leading Through Living)
  • Chill Zone Entertainment

If you want to purchase tickets, it’s  not too late! Click here and be apart of the party!

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I hope to see all of you there! Make sure you hashtag #SettleFree when you attend. Let’s get this mixer worldwide! Much love to you all.





Back Like Never Before

I mean, the picture speaks for itself! I’m back like never before with even more to share! I tell you, I have missed y’all and I have a small explanation as to why I went missing.

So, you all know if you’ve been keeping up…I set out to do a 21 Day Challenge. It was going great. I was on it and proud of myself. BUT, the kicker I didn’t even think about was the fact I had a lot more time on my hands. Now, it’s different. I’ve taken a new step in life along with accepting more responsibility socially and personally. So, my schedule got scattered.

That’s really funny to me because I like to follow things step by step and somehow I feel God always tosses a boomerang my way. NEVER FAILS! 😂

On top of everything else, I just partnered with a dope company too! I won’t reveal that just yet until everything is finalized. But, I’m on the move. I had to bounce back with a post to give an update.

Here’s a few things I have done

  • Attended the Trumpet Awards
  • Took my own pictures as my own photographer 🙌🏽 with a little help
  • Got a better understanding on SEO
  • Put my goal book in use
  • Learning the ropes on building property

I’m Back Like Never Before!

It’s amazing how my life is being prepped for my future. It’s like I planned out “my life” the way I saw fit. I’m doing things I’ve never thought twice about. As I continue through this process though, I notice things I did as a child is starting to circle back around. Memories that I haven’t referenced are coming to the forefront of my mind as a token to show me why I am heading down a completely opposite path.

You know what sealed the deal?!

I was on Facebook scrolling through briefly, and came across a video posted by Georgia Dawkins. I admire this trailblazer from afar and she was speaking about why she left Sister Circle. Georgia worded everything beautifully and I recently had someone tell me things she said verbatim. As I listened, I wanted to shout because I knew I wasn’t the only person who allows their life to be guided by the Lord. It may sound crazy, BUT it’s amazing when you get confirmation in such an obvious way.

I owe you all 5 more posts, so for that, I’m doubling up my sprinkle of inspiration. Know this: Just because you aren’t performing the way someone else wants you to perform does NOT mean you will not succeed. A person can do everything seamlessly and be on time 24/7, never miss a day anywhere, study hard as ever and realize their work is WORTH every step…but wonder why the person beside them gets more of an opportunity. Well, it’s also what’s inside that counts and the willingness. People see the work you put out, but they also want to feel an organic connection.

I gota go but heyyyy, I’m back like never before! Love y’all. ✌🏽

Transitional Season

Ok y’all! I’m dropping in to give you a quick run down with life. I tell you I’m absolutely loving it! You know when you reach a transitional season in your life, it’s absolutely amazing.

To transition is to change from one state or condition to another. A season is broken up into 4 classes. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. So a transitional season is changing from one condition (past) in that point in your life to moving to your next opportunity. Personally for me, I get excited to transition into my next journey. It’s almost as if you’ve conquered something. You didn’t “die” from whatever has happened previously and it’s a new step in life to grow and mature. I think Mario and Luigi got the idea.

Blessings and Overflow

Conquering a challenge

Well, real quick, I stepped into a new opportunity for my life. It has been one of the best changes I could have asked for. It’s also amazing how everything I was looking for to accommodate my life came in one big package. Have you ever imagined of having the motivation, like minds, prayerful devotion and a mental balance when you go somewhere? Well, God has blessed me with this.

I tell you, I don’t accept any negative words to come against me either. I’ll be smiling all my days too because I’ve eliminated pain and grudges to accepting the joy of the Lord.

Here’s to opportunities and abundant blessings. I want to offer the chance to email me what you may need in life. I will dedicate some time to pray for you because I care about you guys! Send me those emails 😘

Hold me accountable as I pray for! Love you guys.