It’s Tea Time – Tea Party Socials ☕️

It's Tea Time

Happy Wednesday!

Let me start by asking, what do you typically do on a Sunday? Go to church? Relax at home? Clean the house? Well, I had the wonderful pleasure to attend “It’s Tea Time Tea Party Socials.” It was hosted by the wonderful Rhonda A. Thompson of “The Rose of Sharon” featuring Rebecca Lynn Pope of Godly Girls and The Pope Agency!

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

First of all, the topic covered was Healthy Relationships. Now, although I am married, I had a lot of takeaways that I could apply to my life currently. The substance of the topic was delivered in a raw, loving, God centered manner. I appreciate much more sincere deliveries from speakers also. It’s not often you have the pleasure of hearing someone speak truth without sugar coating reality.

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

In addition to this social time, I thoroughly enjoyed the open floor for discussion. It provided a genuine moment between the ladies in attendance. Furthermore, we all had the opportunity to learn through each other’s experiences and wisdom.

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Finally, I met and networked with some truly amazing women from this event and learned how to love myself, discern positive and negative friendships and relationships.

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Most of all, what a better way to spend a Sunday right?! Nothing like some good tea, glamorous women and pointed toe heels to enjoy the day.

Enjoy some of my favorite It’s Tea Time Tea Party Socials snapshots 👇🏽


Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party Socials

Tea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party Socials Tea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party Socials Tea Time Tea Party SocialsTea Time Tea Party Socials Tea Time Tea Party Socials Tea Time Tea Party Socials

As always, remember to be bold, be fabulous and love yourself first. Nobody can do it better than you.


She Writes Atlanta Brunch Mixer Recap!

Hello lovies, “She Writes! Atlanta Brunch Mixer” this past Sunday was an absolute success! I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday evening with some beautiful ladies networking and gaining knowledge.


Originally, my nerves were out of whack headed to this event because I would be attending this by myself. I was so self conscious because I wouldn’t know anyone until I had reality smack me and say “why are you even doing this?” I ended up pushing and I am so glad I went. It would have been a huge regret had I missed out on this inspiring information.

This event covered in depth how to self-publish and promote your own book successfully along with how to creatively monetize your blog. In fact, I personally learned so much, it inspired me to focus on a book in the near future. Who would have guessed?

It was held at Brio Tuscan Grille with host Lillie Mae and special guests Natalie Fikes, Tamara Mitchell-Davis & Dominique Williams. These four women were phenomenal with the content they shared. It incorporated the journey of writing and becoming successful with each speaker giving a snippet from their book.

Each individual I met gave me such encouraging words and advice as a new blogger and how to network. We all laughed, joked around, asked PLENTY of questions and simply enjoyed the company of creative women.

To give an overall covering about some of the women that attended ranged from a therapist, doctor, writer, stylist, and radio show personality. Can you imagine how much information you can obtain in such a short time? The connection and sincerity within the room was so genuine. Everyone was eager to learn, open to constructive guidance and my favorite EMPOWERMENT.

Lastly, the three books featured at this brunch were


Empower to Prosper”

She is Fearless

Be sure to check these ladies out and their books! You won’t regret it.

To close, always remember to shoot for the stars and follow your dreams. It is never too late.

Weekend Recap – Cultural Crawl Atlanta 2017

Cultural Crawl Custom Hats

What is up y’all?! I said I was going to give you a bonus post this week so HERE IT IS 😊

RECAP: Cultural Crawl Atlanta Little 5 Points

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of helping my good friend Shafaa celebrate her 23rd birthday (whoop whoop) by going to the Atlanta Cultural Crawl along with the opportunity to cover this dope event! It included everything ranging from food to art to local talent, like I could go on and on forever.

The registration began at Hand in Hand restaurant where you get to meet the beautiful faces behind this event.

After getting registered, you can head inside and chill where they have certain specials specifically for the Cultural Crawl event. I ran to get a few pics of the staff participating in “The Culture Shotski” special. I must admit, it was very interesting to watch.

Next up, we ventured to this chill spot called Atkins Park Restaurant and Bar where Shafaa and I shared some good ole nachos.

Nacho's Atkins Park & Restaurant Bar

Now, we skip on over to Corner Tavern for their loaded tater tot special. 🙌🏽 Shafaa, me and the hubby hung out in the restaurant for a bit while we recharged for our last few stops. Our waitress of the evening was absolutely awesome too -shoutout to her!

Up next, we hop on over to The Brewhouse Cafe where I tapped out with the food. We all ate outside which was a very unique experience and I ordered one of my favorites…MUSSELS 😍 I give them props on presentation and preparation. It is not easy to make those bad boys tender before they get too chewy.

Brewhouse Cultural Crawl Atlanta

LAST, but not least, we stopped by Front Page News Patio Bar & Grill. Funny enough, we were all caught with the sleepy bug by then. There were some pretty great pictures taken though. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll DEFINITELY be dropping in!

Front Page Cultural Crawl Atlanta

Also! We were provided with a virtual map with some of the best murals around town. Just my luck, I managed to get a snapshot of a very talented artist. He was painting a fresh mural for a jewelry shop who specializes in gold and signature pieces. This artist goes by the name of @ Paulathol on Instagram.

Special shoutout to my love for snapping this dope pic!

Cultural Crawl Atlanta Mural

To close, I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout this entire event. Special shoutout to every individual that helped bring it together. It was an absolute success in my opinion. I definitely look forward to attending next year.

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Click the links to check out each business’s webpage and social media to follow!

Check out a few extra goodies I snapped along the way 👇🏽

Cultural Crawl Atlanta Mural-Little 5 Points

Cultural crawl

Cultural crawl

Cultural crawl

Cultural Crawl Atlanta

Happy Friday you guys! Today, this post dedication will be going towards one of my favorite things…FOOD!

Next weekend, I will be attending Cultural Crawl Atlanta with my husband for Shafaa’s birthday where we will have the pleasure of experiencing art, culture and food all in one. I am super excited to go because (cool note on their site) a portion of their ticket sales will be donated towards a local nonprofit art based organization here in Atlanta. What better way to help give back to the arts while being able to absorb each creative aspect along the way.  You’ll also receive a custom street art map which highlights the best art all around. I will definitely have my camera by my side!

For the food, there will be tons of restaurants who teamed up with Cultural Crawl to welcome all guests with exceptional specials as well. Make sure you go grab your tickets before it’s too late for this dope event. I can’t wait to explore the city with two of the best people while making memories. I need to find me an awesome outfit!

Go get those tickets! I’ll see you there!

Oh! you can also check out their Cultural Crawl Facebook event for more info.


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