Werk Pray Slay Recap


Coming to you like Jerome in the house! What’s up, what’s up, what’s up!? I am so glad to be back to give you all a juicy Werk Pray Slay Recap! This event was like no other. I was truly honored to have been in the presence of so many influential women. I’m going to keep it short, sweet and to the point so check it out here.

First of all, I would like to be honest. I almost bailed on Werk Pray Slay because I was so discouraged. Ya’ll I was in a frump and I couldn’t shake it. I was so worried about my outfits, this big thing called life and crap I almost talked myself out of it. But nah! I don’t go down like that. If you’ve read my most previous post, I said I will always win. I will never succumb to these “emotions” and I won. AGAIN

Now, this event exceeded my expectations. We started out on Friday night and closed on Sunday. Friday was the Glam Night Out and those ladies came ready to slay. Hunnay, everyone was gorgeous. There were complimentary massages, facials and so much more! Thankfully, I snagged a massage and I am so glad I did. I had a knot on my left side that was driving me crazy! But, the entire setting was absolutely perfect.

Everyone had fun, danced, sang, networked and literally enjoyed a Glam Night Out.

Next, on Saturday, we had our breakout sessions. This day was dedicated to attending three selected sessions and gaining more insight on the business aspect of things. Now, each session I attended were awesome. I had a sprinkle of marriage class, learning how to travel and get paid to travel and lastly learning to increase my influence and income. All topics I needed.

This year was the first year Werk Pray Slay has ever done breakout sessions and I believe these should continue.

Lastly, on Sunday’s we brunch. This was my FAVORITE event as part of the Werk Pray Slay Recap. This was the day for the Big Hat Brunch. Everyone came in and showed out with their hats. I loved it! We enjoyed a lovely panel speaking on love and marriage while dining on a lovely breakfast selection complimented with mimosas. Oh y’all, we even played a game called “Date Him or Diss Him.” Really interesting but fun! This was the best event ever

In conclusion, if you have never attended an event like this, mark your calendars to attend next year! You will enjoy the variety of information offered, the company of amazing women, and a day weekend to treat yourself. Everything I learned will be applied everyday I decide I want to give up. People are always watching and I can’t wait for next year to roll around. I will be there better than this year.

Special thanks to my mentor Priiincesss for all she has done training me and Jojo for snapping some super cute pics! 

Love you all and thanks for sticking with me 💋

Motivational Sprinkle

Happy Thursday! Today I am switching things up a bit. I’m doing a little “Motivational Sprinkle” to add some happiness to your day. We are going dive in uncut and unfiltered.

I’m going to be very honest with you all. I have been having a rough week balancing my blog, life, and coming up with new fresh ideas.

One thing I don’t allow in my life is depression or discouragement anymore. BUT, I found myself battling with it.


I was stressed the heck out. I’m usually the person hooping and hollering about great things happening for others except myself. I do believe good things will happen for me, it was simply harder for me accept.

Recently, I hit FACE FLAT. I had such a hard reality check in life I had to go back to the drawing board. Y’all, I was literally burnt out.

Now, let me be transparent for a second.

I struggled with depression severely. Now please do not think I claimed that over my life because I did not. Consequently, I had life facing me head on. As a result, I succumbed to my own obstacles instead of being reminded how strong I really am. Rule number one about me, I will never lose.

Next, let’s move on to you. MY AUDIENCE. I had this topic on my heart so much for a specific reason. I have observed so many young people struggle terribly with finances, emotional and spiritual support and LIFE. Let us dissect the root of these things.

Where does most of our pain come from?

  • Anger: a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

It doesn’t have to be rage with screaming and shouting, but our pain definitely stems from it.

How are our emotions defined?

  • Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with
  • instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.

The Limbic System of the brain is our source for emotions. It is made up of several structures which are all located in the cerebral cortex.

So why are so many young children and young adults prone to fighting depression? From my listening, I gathered many have so many “things” they want to accomplish, but the lack in their life no matter what it is plays a huge role.

What I am saying is, they try to juggle this, that, and the third it begins to overwhelm them. Personally, I was juggling work, life at home, missing family, trying to start my blog and whatever else was thrown at me. But some people have another life at home where the household may not be stable or a stability but no means of providing for themselves. I notice young adults try to avoid asking for help until they are posing a risk to themselves. Don’t have too much PRIDE.

Now, I know prayer works because I’m evidence of the result. A lot of things that happened were simply a trick of the enemy. Nothing new. Recently at church, we had a sermon speaking on how our past is always reminding us. Whatever “fear” or “regret” you have from your past, it tends to creep back up and say “REMEMBER.”

I do believe in the times where young children and adults are pushing the hardest, those emotions brew.

I want to be a source of motivation for all but most importantly for people my age. Realizing where my strength lied and how hard I needed to fight for my dreams was evident. Each blockade began falling and I was able to chisel portions off of my body that kept me bound.

Please do not allow yourself to fall flat on your face and remain bound. Take a step back and look at things in a different perspective. Whether you regret a decision from the past or you don’t have the ability to say no, YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE.

What will it take for you to feel better? Will it be anonymously chatting or having a therapy session? It is perfectly fine seeing a therapist FYI. If you are in need of anything be it a prayer or encouraging words, I want to extend my comments section for questions and comments. Also, submit an inquiry on my form to contact anonymously too. 

Together we stand and together we conquer. Those dreams aren’t going to be achieved by themselves! 

Go get ’em! I hope a little motivational sprinkle over your day helped. 

Settle Free Mixer

Settle Free Mixer

The Settle Free Mixer this year was absolutely awesome!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day while I share an amazing topic today! Being “Settle Free.”

I had the lovely pleasure of assisting Toyin Fadina – Two Cameras and a Brush and covering for the illustrious Tinzley Bradford. The Settle Free Mixer was packed with so much information, networking opportunities and great food!

Settle Free MixerSettle Free MixerSettle Free Mixer

Settle Free Mixer

Tinzley Bradford is an Author, Speaker, Dating Coach, Media Personality, and a Single Mom’s Mentor. Now talk about more than a triple threat! I found her biography on her website quite intriguing as I dove into learning about her. Read below:

Settle Free Mixer

Settle free mixer

Now, this event was a pure gem. It changed my thought process about finances and relationships completely. We also had the opportunity to hear relationship advice from the mouths of men with special guests Actor Wardell Richardson and Kelvin “K Chill” Harris of Chillzone Entertainment weigh in on what everyone desires; Love and Relationships

Settle free mixer

Now, ladies, we’ve all wanted to know what guys were thinking and this discussion hit the nail on the head. In a moment of transparency, I recognized a key factor for men and women seeking love or wanting to experience the next level of dating, COMMUNICATION is big.

Settle free mixer

Next, we enjoyed a thorough discussion about FINANCES. We were blessed to have Trelles Delandro from Financial Experts of America also known as Lady Finance and Financial and Business Educator Tonia Burrow Kiser.

Not everyone enjoys speaking about the nitty gritty in their life with the day to day spending, let alone what their credit looks like. Although people may not enjoy it, our speakers did not hold back with what needed to be said.

We also enjoyed spoken word by the talented Beloved Jones and songstress Cami Tappin.

Settle free mixer

Lastly, I cannot end things off without highlighting a few special attendees as well!

Make sure you check everyone out and enjoy my extended gallery from the event! Love you guys and I’m out!

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad is here already! I am so excited to share my next destination. If you are looking for romance, make sure you read this one!

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

Now, if you have guessed it by my very disguised picture then let me tell you where we are going.


Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

So, when it comes to Paris, everything about it shouts Fashion, Food, and ROMANCE. 😍 The language itself is a beauty to appreciate. Oh and you ALL know my passion for food! Paris has so much to offer with such a well versed community.

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

Instead of me GAWKING over how amazing Paris is, let me dive into some more awesome details to enlighten your day.

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

  • The Eiffel Tower was actually supposed to be a temporary monument for only 20 years but it’s still standing! It was built for the 1889 World Fair
  • Now, I’m going to have to dig deeper for this one, but apparently Paris has only ONE stop sign. I don’t believe that would work too well where I am.
  • There are at least 3 replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Paris
  • Paris is considered the worlds fashion capital. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Lacroix, Hermes, and Saint Laurent are all headquartered in Paris.
  • There are three main fashion types which are: haute couture, prêt-à-porter (as known as “ready-to-wear”) and lingerie
  • Paris is also home to the largest textile industry. French designer Pierre Cardin, to name molded a career with a more futuristic feature for tomorrow’s fashion.
  • In 1966, Pierrce created Space Age which became a Mod Fashion in that period.


Along with the fashion, and local facts, Paris has a few interesting details with food. One of them being the BAGUETTE. Check out these dishes!


Bucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun AbroadBucket List Friday Fun Abroad

Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad

Thank you for sticking with me and reading Bucket List Friday Fun Abroad!

The Secrets of Influence for the Successful Woman

The Secrets of Influence for the Successful Woman was a complete success this past weekend! It was coordinated by Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell and filled with tons of information, great food, and plenty of laughs. It was held at Mary Mac’s Tea Room on 224 Ponce De Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA.

So, where are my manners?! Happy Wednesday! We are already halfway through the week 🙌🏽 Thank you Lord. Now, this event was a completely spontaneous decision to attend with Joi from JoiStik and I am glad I did.

When I arrived, I had to get into the swing of things. Because we came in during the presentation, I was completely lost about what it was. BUT, when I began taking notes and listening, I took away so much!

The two main speakers were Elaina Zuker, author of “The Seven Secrets of Influence” along with Image Coach and Confidence Enthusiast Shaquanna Chappelle. Can I say a dynamic duo?! They both came, delivered and amazed all of the women with some great tips and tricks for business and image.

Now y’all, this group of women I was surrounded by were so powerful. Everyone was so goal driven with many success stories, it only made me feel more empowered. The women ranged from a lawyer, radio show host, business owner, talk show host, actress, political consultant and more!

This was, by far, a memorable and influential event. It truly answered A LOT of questions I’ve had while learning about blogging, marketing and networking. Oh!, and let me tell you all the prize I won! Shaquanna (Image Consultant) held a contest during her presentation based on the word CONFIDENCE. The main point of the contest was to say QUEEN whenever you heard the word “Confident” or “Confidence.” Now, I enjoy a little competition but Tinzley Bradley of Bold Favor Magazine definitely brought her A game!

I promise she was as sharp as whip with her listening skills so I had to step it up. In the end, we were actually tied but she gifted me the prize which was a full wardrobe assessment and personal shopping service. Right on time! She also helped us determine our body shape and measured a select few of us. Like I said, I’m so glad I went to this event! All of the ladies even left with a signed copy of Elaina’s book!

Lastly, I would like to thank Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell She is an Attorney, CPA, Success Coach, Philanthropist, Publisher, PR, Strategist, Producer and Agent for accepting me to cover! Enjoy more pictures from this event!