Day 5

It’s Day 5!

I had to add a little humor to this post. Although I’m very excited to continue this challenge, it is also very tiring and draining. I’m still in the beginning stages but yet time is flying I tell you.

This will be another short, sweet and to the point segment.

I want to cover a delicate topic. How good is your prayer life? I mean, the type of prayer you are consistent with. Most people struggle with this throughout their life. The reason I know this is because I too struggle. There was a point in time where I did have a steady moment with God. I was much younger with a lot more faith. After life hit me a few times, I can admit, my faith dwindled a bit. Discouragement was my drug.

So, if I was addicted to being discouraged, do you think I really wanted to pray? I mean, those were some of the hardest times.

I’m sure many people struggle with praying during their hardest moments in life. We ARE human you know.


The reason I’m covering this though is because I still feel like this is a tender spot for me. It feels good to accomplish even a few days of fasting, but I think I will feel even better once my CONSISTENT prayer life kicks in.

As I’ve talked about fasting and how the focus should not be on food, I saw a post on Instagram that was on point. It was right in line with my thoughts on having a proper mindset when moving forward. Read it here 👇🏽

With consistent praying and a clear mind, you become healthier with your relationship with God mentally and spiritually.

Let’s define prayer really quick with two definitions before I conclude.

Definition 1

noun: prayer; plural noun: prayers
a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.
“I’ll say a prayer for him”
synonyms: invocation, intercession, devotion; archaicorison
“the priest’s murmured prayers”
a religious service, especially a regular one, at which people gather in order to pray together.
“500 people were detained as they attended Friday prayers”
an earnest hope or wish.
“it is our prayer that the current progress on human rights will be sustained”

Definition 2

transitive verb
1 : entreat, implore —often used as a function word in introducing a question, request, or plea pray be careful
2 : to get or bring by praying
intransitive verb
1 : to make a request in a humble manner
2 : to address God or a god with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving

Prayer isn’t something you just do on your own time and when you’re going through. You should pray as often as you can. There is too much to not be thankful for that it’s literally a reason a million reasons to pray. Maybe I over exaggerated that number but you get the gist of it. Welp, I have another goal alongside this challenge I need to complete. I ACCEPT ANOTHER CHALLENGE

I hope you’ve been encouraged! Be blessed, stay peaceful and know the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s. You’ve got this! Day 5, you’ve been good to me.


Day 4

Give it up for DAY 4! What is up you guys?! I tell you, today was just a good day. It was chill and the vibe was perfectly set. What more could a girl ask for? I don’t have much to cover, but I can sprinkle a little encouragement.

So, you all know the 21 Day Challenge I’m doing. Great because I’ve talked about this every single day. But, I tell you, it’s going so good for me. It’s like I got a jolt of energy and felt so determined to complete this.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can feel it in your heart that you’re doing the right thing?

I JUST FEEL GREAT! So my answer is yes to the question.

You know, it’s easy to have this, that, and the third happen for you but when it is meant to happen, it’s a different tone set. That is exactly how I feel. All throughout my body, I feel rejuvenated, happy and destined for greatness. No, I’m not daydreaming and making myself believe something unreal. I actually made up my mind to fulfill a task from beginning to end. Honestly, I know this challenge was meant to occur too because I tried everyone else’s recommendations on how to be great but it just didn’t work. In my heart I was hoping it would work until I thought “maybe this isn’t what God has planned.”

Earlier today, I actually had a little personal time of prayer too!

I think my excitement is so strong because I’m doing things I either failed at or had no interest in completing. In prior years, part of me knew that I should at least do a little something something when it came to my prayer life and fasting but the motivation was so lacking. So, this is kinda a big deal. I’m really encouraged to continue this too because I have people watching and waiting to see how it went too! Absolutely amazing how you set out to do something and you get the attention of the world.

The happiness that I have, you can experience too. No you don’t have to do exactly what I’m doing. In this time of my life, this is what I am supposed to be doing. You should ask yourself though, deep down, what will truly make you happy? After you ask yourself, think long and hard. Next, WRITE IT DOWN. Third, if you’re like me, pray over it and be reminded everyday! Do not allow anything from the outside deter you from your goal.

The enemy likes nothing better than a job undone. Whether it’s a person wishing on your downfall or a remark made by a friend/coworker/colleague, do not leave things undone. As long as you continue pushing with the right mindset and keep the right hand oblivious to the left hand, you are headed on your way. I’m rooting for you just like you’re rooting for me!

This was a short and sweet post just to say, hey, things are going good. Be encouraged and stay positive! Your better days are coming.

Oh! I did something else too! I did my hair. Ok now that’s it. Be back tomorrow for more word treats💕


What does a made up mind do for you? Do you feel successful when you’ve made up your mind? Do you feel like you are getting somewhere? Well, far too many times, we as humans do not have our minds made up and we fail. But, it’s about a mindset change.

I’ve decided to dive right into the subject while my creativity is flowing right now. So I went to bible study last night and man was Pastor Harold on fire. As I’ve told you all about the 21 day fast and challenge, we’ve continued the teachings on fasting. I took down a few notes but what really stuck out to me is how much your mind is intertwined with everything. The mind is  powerful place that people cannot tap into and only you know what you are thinking.

Mindset: A Made Up Mind

The service reall spoke to me y’all. Reason being is because I am determined to get these 21 days down pack, but I’ve been teeter tottering. I did make up my mind to do the Daniel fast, but I did not hold strictly to the requirements. Instead, I was still making the fast work for “ME.” Usually with fasting, you give up SOMETHING. I mean, I thought I gave up something until I realized that actually, I didn’t do jack. Listen though. I am doing good keeping away from the normal foods and old diet and all, but, I’m still falling prey to what I want… just at a later time.

Let’s think on this

When it comes to fasting, the focus of it is not all around you. See, “you” get put aside because you are seeking to reach something far greater right? Ok, so if you put yourself aside, do you believe you will be thinking about your next meal or when you can go back to doing what you’re fasting from? No, but only if you have your mind made up to change.

Pastor Harold said something pretty significant that I jotted down which was

“Any mind that is a double mind is unstable.”

As I was listening to the sermon, I promise I was convicted. In my previous posts, I have been giving you all tidbits about the day, challenges and accomplishments. Whoop Dee do. But, I hadn’t truly made up my mind to be truthful to my word. It’s not that I’m not doing what I said I would do, but I haven’t pushed through with this challenge WHOLE HEARTEDLY. It’s still a few things I wasn’t trying to give up. It was my stubbornness.

But, earlier on in the day, I must say it went by much better. For it to be day 3 already, I can feel a difference. After tonight’s service though, my mindset definitely will experience a greater difference. While I try to provide some transparency, I need you to understand that this is no walk in the park for me. It’s not like I’m going to have a blog post saying I did everything right and I didn’t crave this or that. I’m human. It’s normal. What I can have is a blog post saying is that I didn’t succumb to my fleshly desires.

If you feel like you would struggle with this, ask yourself the question “what is holding you back?” How tightly wired is your mindset to refuse the peace you could gain? I bring up mindset constantly because it really is a huge substance to get through this all. Think like this, If a person believes they’re broke, then they will remain broke. If a person believes they’re wealthy, then they will achieve wealth. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money. As long as you don’t limit yourself to thinking only about you and your circumstances, you won’t see much growth. You are stronger than you believe.

I’m cutting this post now. I believe it is very self explanatory. Change your mindset around and focus on things greater than yourself. Start incorporating others into your affirmations and believe that it will come to pass. When you can genuinely be happy for the blessings someone has been given, that is already a step towards a mindset change. Trust in yourself. You CAN do it.

Alright Day Two

Alright Day Two! The second day of 21 days of fasting, praying and blogging has come to a close. What in the world did I learn today? Well, today I learned that your body will tell you about yourself.

I’m going to make this post a tad bit shorter than the rest I hope. You guys, I AM TIRED! Honestly, I have no idea why I’m am so exhausted but a sista’ is worn out. Let me tell you.

First, I went to a meeting at 10:00 A.M. That was all fine and dandy. Afterwards I headed back home and I grabbed a piece of fruit. On the way home I had a good chat with my mom and really amazed myself at how my speaking has changed. See, my mom has raised me to be VERY strong with my faith in God and as a young lady. If I have something to say, I say it. Who did I get that from? Her! Lol But, I say that because even in such a short time period, I’m beginning to understand as individuals how much our actions and words determine what’s next.

Now, yesterday was my “breaking in” for the first day of this fast. (In case you missed it, read it here) It was a struggle, but worth it. Today seemed to go a little easier until I messed up. Am I saying that day two wasn’t perfect? YES, YES I AM.

Understand that it did go significantly better after I cleared my head from overthinking.

I managed to eat a nice salad with all natural ingredients followed by a potato and sautéed vegetables. There wasn’t any dairy, meats or added sugar, just all natural. To my surprise, I could barely finish it. Looks good right?

In my mind, I was thinking I could just catch up on meals I’ve missed and be alright. If I could desperately cry out “no” on this post I would. I have sooooo much work to do and learn! I tell you, I need to go back to the books to understand some things about the body. Don’t EVER try to catch up on your meals by eating extra.

Heed my warning.

So, I stopped eating the salad when I felt my body say “hey I’m full.” Afterwards, I might’ve grabbed a few nuts, a whole grain cracker or so and that was about it.

While I was prepping the salad, I jokingly mentioned to my aunt Janet that I felt like God punched me in the stomach.

My appetite really hasn’t been all of that, but I still feel full. Sounds crazy but hang tight. She mentioned gluttony to me in the past as I told you all how I went into self destruction mode. Food was the substance that kept me sane. But, as we continued on she decided to read me a chapter from her book about fasting. Low and behold, it brought up an explanation to me feeling full. It also shadowed gluttony.  I mean, it really made me realize how bad gluttony can take a negative turn in your life.

It is defined as:

  • glut·ton·y
    habitual greed or excess in eating.
    synonyms: greed, greediness, overeating, gourmandism, gourmandizing, voracity, insatiability; informalpiggishness
    “the gluttony you displayed last evening was reprehensible”

Fast forward to dinner time. HUGE NO NO. My old habits started to kick in. I tried to eat something I should not have eaten.

My stomach sure did hit me and say “you tried it.”

You see, what I’ve learned is that when your body doesn’t receive the junk it’s used to being fed, it begins to detoxify itself. That is exactly what has been going on. So, you know how I said I was trying to catch up on meals? I figured it would be ok and guess what. Sorry if it’s TMI but yea, I puked like crazy. Part of me felt like I shouldn’t have done that, then the other part was like “it shouldn’t hurt.”

I don’t know if it was the prune I ate plus the ABC (Apples, beets, and carrots) juice I made or not. 🤔 It was good though! See 👇🏽

With all that has been said, I want to close this post off with a little tid bit. Trust the process and your body. I’ve conquered getting my mind over the food aspect of things, now it’s time to transition. Instead of responding when I may feel a hunger pain, I can replace that with prayer or scripture. Again, I never said the process will be easy, but if you continue to push through it will become a lifestyle change. The clarity I have with these simple changes really show me a deeper meaning behind fasting. If you are thinking about fasting or your curiosity has been struck, just start off slow. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and keep messing up like I do. BUT it is a learning process so don’t give up. So alright day two! It’s been fun. Come back tomorrow for an even better update! Love you guys 😘

Juicer Used: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer

Welcome Day One

Welcome Day One!

This is the simplest title I can give this post.

I’m going to say today was my Q & A day. First off, I really really had a hard time looking past what I was eating instead of focusing on praying and reading.

As an added note, I will be referencing my prior posts because they are all linked moving forward. 

With that being said, yes I had a tremendously hard time looking past food. Why? Well, because I have wired my brain to think I can do all things perfectly if I put my mind to it. I didn’t want to miss a beat and I wanted to assure myself that everything I consumed was passable for the fast. WRONG WRONG WRONG! You see, my screws didn’t line up with the right tool.

This thought process of mine went into hyperdrive and fried my brain with my understanding of this fast. See, I had so many technicalities about what I should and shouldn’t do I missed the whole point of it. Check out my order of events today.

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Get dressed
  • Brush my teeth
  • Make my bed
  • Go downstairs
  • Grab my notebook and bible
  • Search for scriptures to read
  • Found scriptures
  • Write them down
  • Read them
  • Close my book and bible
  • Leave to go grocery shopping


Whoo, welcome day one. Hear me good when I say this. I messed up. What does that mean? It means this fast didn’t go perfectly on the first day. Shocker right? Yea I surprised myself too.

See I was aiming for the bullseye without thinking of the practice it takes to land it.

As I walked down the aisle with my aunt Janet my eyes began to soar. My feet were walking in directions I didn’t need to go and my hands were grabbing things that weren’t necessary. Originally, my intentions were to snag a few more items just to get me through.

Inserts BUZZER🚫

Wrong again. Throughout being in the supermarket, I commenced with my Q & A segment. First, it began with “Why can’t you eat this if it is labeled vegan? This should be ok for the fast.” Next, I wondered why so many ingredients were on “organic” foods that I couldn’t pronounce. Then, I started thinking, is there anything permissible to eat?! After reading everything I REALLY became puzzled as to “what am I going to eat?!”

My aunt Janet had me ask myself a few obvious questions. One of those questions were “why are you so worried about the food?”

My response

That’s when everything started to become clear to me. Why was I focused on what I was eating? I definitely made the process much harder than what it could have been.

Most noteworthy, for you all to NOT follow my steps…I didn’t get my full prayer time in because I was focusing on the food! It is no understatement when I say it is hard releasing control over everything I am accustomed to. All the time I could have had to pray and read was spent on how much food I had to last me for the 21 days. Y’all, I got to do better. It was embarrassing for a second but I was learning.

I understand that you can only go one way when you are trying to reach a certain point in life.

What sense does it make to have the process go easy without some type of challenge? What purpose does it serve if you feel comfortable with the fast? I mean, how can you truly learn? People never really learn a lesson until the ugly part of life hits them. That’s when everyone’s knees fall to the ground asking for this blessing and that blessing. BUT, if you really think on it…would you have learned anything, let alone prayed to God had that ugly moment in life not happen to you? I doubt it. You aren’t the only one I’m guilty as charged.

In a layman term, get over yourself. Stop allowing what is not important to crowd your mind. We as humans become susceptible to our weaknesses because of the CONTROL we have over them. Why do you think its so easy to keep doing what you know is wrong? Whatever your weakness is, it will continue to be just that until you release the control you have over it. Once you change your mindset, and focus on the bigger picture, then will you begin to see the transition. Maybe even a little glimpse of heaven 😍

Do yourself a favor and be better than your weaknesses and downfalls. Break free from the bondage of fear and CAN’T. It’s not easy but it is worth the fight. Make up your mind, write out your plan and stick to it. Don’t try to control it but allow your eyes to be opened in order for you to be elevated. Dust yourself off and try again. You’ve got this and so do I! Be encouraged. See you tomorrow for another update. Welcome Day One!