Hey everyone! I’m dropping in for a quickie. I wanted you all to have a moment with strictly pictures from the More Than Music Concert. Totally an awesome RECAP ALERT!

I honestly couldn’t pick the best of the best pictures, so I decided to simply upload ALL of them from the “More Than Music Benefit Concert”. I hope you enjoy!


Angela Young

Good morning my loves! It is Friyay. Today, I’m bringing you the woman behind the More Than Music Benefit Concert…ANGELA YOUNG!

Angela Young

I’m going to make this quick because I have a lot of goodies to give you. Angela Young was mentioned in a prior post from the “Branding The Beauty In You Campaign” where I first met her. She asked me to cover her benefit concert coming up and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. In addition, Angela Young has my support behind this cause every step of the way. Due to circumstances, I see far too many people going without and it’s time that changes. 

First of all, if you are curious about this concert…😊

Below is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the concert! Furthermore, this is a benefit concert to give back to the community. Read more here 👇🏽

Contact: Angela Young
(770) 835.5429​


The iAm Angela Young Brand to Host the “MoreTthan Music” event, Showcasing Female Artists & Give Back this Holiday Season!

ATLANTA, GA, December, 3 – iAm Angela Young will host More than Music on Sunday December 3rd, at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA. More than Music is an intimate concert that will showcase women’s raw talents in music and spoken words. We will curate a magical music experience while supporting the dynamic poets and talented artists that will grace the stage. Expect good vibes, delicious brunch bites, a tasty mimosa bar, dope live performances, and GREAT giveaways. This will be an afternoon celebrating WOMEN while giving back to the community!

A percentage of all the ticket sales will go toward purchasing much needed toiletry items for the ‘Little Black Box Project’, a community service initiative that fills holiday gift boxes with toiletry items that are donated to a local women’s/children’s shelter. This year, the boxes will be donated to Solomon’s Temple Foundation, Inc. which is dedicated to the eradication of homelessness. I invite you to visit their website at for more information.

The iAM Angela Young Brand is a world of women empowerment, where Ms. Young encourages all women to walk in their truth, share their stories, embrace their perfect imperfections, and make valuable connections with other like-minded women.

It’s also the home for the beNAKED Campaign, Pieces of Me, and of course the ‘The Little Black Box Project.’ This is her creative outlet, an authentic space to build genuine relationships and make magic with other phenomenal women.

If you would like more information about this event, please contact Angela Young at (770) 835.5429 or Tickets can be purchased:

I am honored to be the socialite for this event! The tickets went like crazy, sponsors out of the works and a good time mingling with like minds. Also, stay tuned where I will go live throughout the concert to share the experience with you.


Oh, also check out some of the line up here👇🏽

Talent Exposed

Good morning, good morning and good morning! How have you guys been?! I’m super excited for what I have to share with you all today. I’m giving y’all a little Talent Exposed for the top of your morning. Sit back and enjoy!

Let me do the honors in introducing Tishara Grayson across your screen. Let me give you a little backstory to Tishara.

First, I met her my senior year of high school at I C Norcom (my first year there). We didn’t talk much but I thought “ok I like her vibe” from speculation. I realized she wasn’t your average female. Smart, talented and a go getter. Even more, I saw her in action as a drum major! Y’all, this girl could move.

Second,  I reference her being a drum major and her personality from my standpoint for a specific reason. You have to be on your “A” when you’re in school, juggling band in addition to maintaining a social life. She wasn’t your average girl. Furthermore, I can say after we graduated, that was when a “boss” chick was able to spread her wings and fly.

Also, Tishara graduated from Temple University and is now the head of a freelance small business consulting firm. She’s making “money moves.” So, she can help you with a wide range of things. Don’t take my word for it and take advantage of her services here. 👇🏽 Check it out:

#Ad FREELANCE SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING: If you are interested in help with developing your small business we may be able to help each other! I write business plans & resumes, create marketing materials, write/fill-out grants and small business loan apps, and many more services. I’m in the process of building my resume, so at this time I’m offering these services for the LOW. Feel free to email me at for more information, my portfolio, or even general questions about developing a business! SHARE PLEASE ❣️

Everyone, I want to be the first to say the 757 has talent like no other. As long as we support one another the best way possible, we can make a mark in the industry. Tishara along with many other young adults WILL achieve her dreams because she most importantly believes in herself.

If you are starting a business, opening a store or if you need a simple strategist to help your company, Tishara is the one for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her. 

Tishara is a woman on a mission. You better jump on the wagon now before it’s too late!

As always, thank you all for the support and sticking with me. It does not go unnoticed. Make sure you go support one another and let’s build each other up to become millionaires. No dream is too big or too far. Until next time.

Connect with Tishara:


Tishara Grayson




Calling Hair Lovers

Hey yall! Today, I’m CALLING HAIR LOVERS. This one is a special treat for you.

Calling Hair Lovers

My loves! I am super excited to talk about this beautiful soul right here. First, let me go ahead and break the ice. By the end of this post, you will always know her name.


Lashae is the owner of “Hair Is My Art Salon” located at 4955 Sugarloaf Parkway, Unit 104 C (Inside Polished) Lawrenceville, GA, 30044.

About Lashae Myart:

I have over 15 Years of hands on experience with all textures of hair! Color and Precision Cuts, on both straight & curly hair are my Specialties. I travel around the world to educate myself on the latest trends, and top notch products so my guest always have the BEST! My mission is to keep your hair healthy, and a cut above the rest! So you’re always the person in the room with the BEST HAIR! For me, hair is not my job…. it’s my passion!

Now, a little backstory to how I met the beauty. If you guys remember my recap from the Branding The Beauty In You event, then you will see how it all started.

 As I was covering the previous event, I noticed Lashae sitting with those signature earrings and a big brown hat. (It was cold. Nobody had time to look cute and stay cold all night.) But, I had no idea where we would end up. When the campaign wrapped, I had a great moment to network with her. Now, whenever I talk to people, I am always up front and honest. Y’all, I felt like we clicked instantly. I shed a little light about myself to her and vice versa and she was so understanding. That’s something big in my book when I meet people.

Anywho, I told her about my Werk Pray Slay event and I was in desperate need of a hair stylist. She didn’t hesitate to help me and I had the pleasure to experience her blessed hands. I asked her for a simple ponytail to keep things classy and simple. Even with such simplicity, she took care of my hair with true hair care.

She conversed with me and answered all of my questions. In the past, I have had a share of stylists that slapped some gel in my hair and called it a day. Now, I’m not saying that my hair didn’t look good, BUT I wanted someone who could treat my hair. Lashae is that person. My hair was nursed, analyzed and cared for being that I have thick short hair.

I know I talked a hole in her head lol, but she makes great company as a stylist. Before seeing her, I made up my mind about how I wanted to feature her. In our talking she did make note to wait so the experience is organic. But, when God places the right people in my life, I usually see how it will work out. So overall, she can educate, care and provide for all of your hair care needs. Including the products being used in your hair. She will inform you on what it is and why you even need it.

Who doesn’t enjoy “knowing” what is going on their scalp?!

My hair did take about 2 hours to dry (the usual) but I was so satisfied. So, to reference, EVERY picture you all saw in my Werk Pray Slay Recap with the ponytail was done by Lashae! It’s not easy laying down some natural hair.

So, I’m Calling Hair Lovers! If you are in search for a natural stylist check her out. Prices are reasonable, reviews are A1, and the experience is genuine. Oh! And she mentioned some tips she learned from a trichology workshop she attended and I believe, once she takes her next step in her walk, you may be calling her Dr. Lashae Myart. Book her! 

(All pictures posted contains her work)

  Thank you for hearing my call! Calling Hair Lovers! Be back next time for more fabulous posts. Be sure to let her know “Relle” referred you! Support one another. Be a blessing and receive a blessing.

Book Lashae Here 👇🏽

Style Seat:

Hair Is My Art Salon



Hair Is My Art Salon

Check out all of these reviews! These are 3 out of 112 reviews. 😱

  • Lashae has been my stylist for 10 years. She keeps me fly with short cuts and also cares for my hair to help it grow when I want longer styles. What I love most about her is her ability to keep my hair healthy with a relaxer & color. I’ve also seen her slay MANY natural hair styles inlcuding my daughter. She is truly a Master Stylist of all hair types. 5 Stars
  • Love love love her!! I showed her a picture the day before only once of what I wanted and she didn’t ask to see it again and nailed it!!❤️” 5 Stars
  • “I have a great experience every time. When Lashae cuts my hair she does an awesome job for a reasonable price. She is very skilled working with all hair types and textures. I recommend her to all my friends and family. “ 5 Stars



Feature Feature Feature

Feature Feature Feature


Feature Feature Feature

Good morning my loves!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week with the cooling weather! I have another special guest that I am so happy to share!

Let me introduce you to TERESE P. RILEY!

Feature Feature Feature

A little background about this beautiful soul. I am proud to have known her for 10+ years. She was my buddy at Tiger Martial Arts. Everything about her spirit made me so happy to see her. Now, after all these years, I get to share her creative gifts with you all! She is truly a jack of all trades.

EVERYTHING you see on her site are all handmade with love. She is the perfect person to help you achieve all of your creative needs. Her items range from

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Scarves
  • Childrens Boots and Mittens
  • Blankets
  • Cups
  • Marbles

And so much more…Check it out here👇🏽


If you read one of my previous posts featuring LaToya Riley…well that’s her daughter. These two women are dynamic!

Check out some of her reviews:

  • 5 out of 5 stars
    “This is a lovely bracelet and different because of gold color! Item came in good time frame. Ty!”
    GoldenCharmBracelet,BeadedBracelet,European Bead

  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Bought these wine glasses to be prizes for my fall Bridal Shower and they were a huge hit!! Fast shipping, each one was individually wrapped in bubble wrap so nothing was damaged. Thank you for your lovely work!! Definitely will be ordering from here again!

Thank you so much for sticking with me! I hope you enjoy my new Feature Feature Feature! Be back again next week to see my next special feature. Remember to be great in all that you do! Your work doesn’t go unnoticed. ❤️

How To Find Her:

FB: GiftsGaloreByT & Gifts Galore Terese
Tumblr: GiftsGaloreByT