Tinzley Bradford Recognition 10th Annual Heroine and Hero Luncheon

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I am back but today, it is not about me. This post has everything to do with…

Who: Tinzley Bradford

What: Recognition at the 10th Annual Heroine and Hero Awards Luncheon by SOCAF (Saving Our Children and Families)

“The “Unsung Heroine Award” is designed to recognize women and men who make a difference in the lives of children, but has not been recognized for their contributions.”

When: April 7, 2018

Where: Villa Christina

Why: Ms. Bradford is a well deserving honoree for all she does within the community and throughout her brand for others.

Creator/Host: DeQuanda Sanders

Let me introduce you to Tinzley Bradford:


After reading her biography, it should be evident as to her selection for being a recipient for this award. (Go Tinzley!)


This event wasn’t only about recognition. It also provided a gateway to release the struggles behind everything. The pain and agony people don’t share, yet they still keep pushing to be great.

The point of it all is not ONLY about being recognized in front of a crowd of people.

It’s about the work, dedication, and “ugliness” behind the masterpiece.

There were individuals who spoke on very challenging topics based on their testimony too. See, when you get recognized for anything you do, most people have no type of insight about your struggles. They only see the outer layer. They see that you’ve gotten to a certain level and the power you carry becomes greater the moment you SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY.

Far too many people keep a closed mouth when they should actually be speaking. Why? I don’t know why honestly. Fear could be a reason, or stubbornness. But, SOMEONE needs to hear YOUR story in order to get through their own trial. You never know what is going on with a person. The moments and engagements leading up to this event took time, effort, and transparency.

Ms. Bradford oozes success, showers love, and never settles. She was that person that had the time, effort, and transparency to offer others to help them through. It’s not easy but when it is all said and done, the blessings follow.

Thank you Tinz for bringing me alongside as your photographer and blogger for such an intimate moment with everyone. You are truly a remarkable lady with a thousand talents. I’m so proud of you!

Be sure to keep up with Tinzley on Facebook and Instagram at:

IG: Tinzley Bradford

Facebook: Author Tinzley Bradford

Check out some of the highlight pics from the event!

Jewelry Vendor: Jazz Bloom

Instagram: @JazzBloom

Style Haul-AMI Clubwear

Style Haul: Sunday

My loves! How have you all been?! I tell you, there have been so many things I need to share with you all and now I have the chance to update you all. For the most part, I will say God has been moving in a mighty way and my work is still getting credit and compliments. Seriously, that means everything.

More excitingly, I received my first fashion haul to share with you guys and I absolutely love the pieces!

All pictures are from AMI Clubwear to show up close detail for each item I received.

Before I unveil the goodies, I must admit, I was skeptical with the sizing from this company. It was ONLY because I went through their size chart and thought to myself…”I’m not as slim as I was and these sizes don’t seem to accommodate me.” WELL, each item I received were TRUE TO SIZE, comfortable and pretty good quality. I’ve washed my two main items multiple times and I haven’t had a rip, tear, or snag let alone no fading of color. Hallelujah! (These are my personal opinions)

Below are the items that were included in my haul 😍

Photo: AMI Clubwear

Photo: AMI Clubwear

Photo: AMI Clubwear


Photo: AMI Clubwear

If you are ever in need of affordable, quality clothes, go check AMI out! I had a great experience and they definitely have wonderful customer service!

Oh, and since so many people were asking about my Mauve boots, the link is above the picture! Come back soon for another update 💕

Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer

Good Morning My Loves! I have a quick check-in post for you all!

This year, I will be attending Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer AGAIN! (YAY)Image may contain: Tinzley Bradford, smiling, standing and shoes

Last year, I took away soooo much personally. I mean, I learned things about my finances that are recipes for success, relationship advice to keep my marriage fresh and exciting and mindset changes to push for a life of being #SETTLEFREE…

And this year she’s stepping it up a notch. Ya’ll, Tinzley is bringing EVERYBODY to the table. You do not want to miss this at all.

There will be food, entertainment, special performances by:

Cammie Tappin and

Latasha Stevens.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and text

Image may contain: Cammie Tappin



This experience will be life changing for all. Oh, and if you are a person wondering about what “type” of food will be there…well Kim’s A La Carte will be catering! If you missed one of my last blog posts, then check it out here. Her food is truly guided by an anointed hand and her business is taking off.

You just have to let it speak for itself but don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Check out one of Tinzley’s proud sponsors all the way from NYC!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Read this snippet about Nando!

“Initially founded in 2007, his blog, nandoism.com, draws over 2,000 views every day from curious daters looking for the insightful, random, and sometimes naughty experiences Nando offers up in his sarcastic, self-examining style. In it, he shares his dating stories, observations and advice—from Texas to New York, and from the heartfelt to the icky and sticky. Nando looks into the dating world and calls ’em as he sees ’em, including examining the chemical effects of love (“the brain’s the sexiest love organ, after all”), earning him the title of the Love Scientist.”

Here is a list of additional sponsors for the evening as well:

  • TLC (Transformative Life Coaching)
  • Golden Professional Realty Group
  • Bold Favor Media Group
  • The Regina Sunshine Show
  • Red Ink Consulting
  • Two Cameras and a Brush
  • LSC Lateka S Carter 
  • LTLC (Leading Through Living)
  • Chill Zone Entertainment

If you want to purchase tickets, it’s  not too late! Click here and be apart of the party!

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I hope to see all of you there! Make sure you hashtag #SettleFree when you attend. Let’s get this mixer worldwide! Much love to you all.





YN Lux Boutique

Photo: Yandeh Njie

Fashion is a STATEMENT.

It’s what creates a first impression on people before you open your mouth. It also defines many people through expressive creations.

Why not slay in style as you demand attention in signature outfits? Personally, I am a huge fashion fiend for some bomb outfits. When you look good, you feel good. It’s better to leave your home with confidence than to feel concerned every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Your image defines YOU. Take advantage of perfecting it around your brand, personality, and art each step of the day. Have a vision with how you would like yourself to look and reach out to friends to help.

 shaquanna chappelle blazer

Photo: Shaquanna Chappelle

I’ve had Image Coach and Confidence Enthusiast: Shaquanna Chappelle evaluate my closet and style and boy did she turn my perspective around. So, if you’re ready to boost that confidence of yours and step up your wardrobe, let’s get you started. Also, you can book my Image Consultant for an evaluation before you make any clothing decisions. I’m quick to send her a text about something before I decide and she hasn’t failed me yet!



Lets define it:


  1. a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.
  2. the general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public

Yandeh Njie

Let me introduce you to:


Photo: YN Lux Boutique

Limited Time Price Drop!


A Bit About Us

“YN LUX BOUTIQUE is a trendsetting Online Women’s Clothing Store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience, we make sure that we being ourselves with our lovely clients & allowing our authentic personality to shine.”

Shipping and Delivery


You can reach YN LUX BOUTIQUE whenever and wherever you’d like.


Visit and shop here

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Photo: Yandeh Njie

You can also visit the CEO of YN Lux Boutique personal blog. Everything you need about the latest fashion trends, fashion week and styles, you can find it on her site. Make sure you subscribe and shop her boutique!



Sassy Sunday


Hey my loves! Today I have something juicy to pass on to you all. I was sitting here in the living room debating on what I wanted to write about and BOOM, it hit me. I want it all back. What do I mean by that? Well, listening to Tye Tribbett gave me the boost I needed to share. Everything that I felt taken away from me, I want it all back. As women, we go through unspeakable things constantly all while saying “I’m fine.” Why do we do that? Because there is a stigma that we are superwomen…Don’t let me confuse you though. WE ARE SUPERWOMEN! But when it comes to what our calling is in life, we allow way too many distractions to get in our way.

Listen to I Want It Back and then continue reading on…it doesn’t stop here

The devil is a lie!

grammy awards 60th grammys GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

The time is up for giving in to our own sorrows.

I want to start a chain where we fight for everything God had designated for us. If only the devil knew what we were going to be after our hardship, he wouldn’t have wanted to mess with us. I’m not leaving myself out of this equation either. I’m not perfect. I have let myself down countless times even ’til this day. That doesn’t mean I am not fighting for what I deserve.

Some days it may be easy and you feel motivated to do 10 things on your list…some days its not so easy. That isn’t a reason to give up. Tap into that sassiness you have and snatch everything back. Don’t allow distractions, obstacles and chaos run rampant throughout your life. As long as you have those mind boggling things affecting you, then how can God truly work through you? You’ve put your focus on the issues right in front of you instead of turning your head to the most high and putting your faith where your mouth is.

Transparent moment…

Photo: Environmental Paper Network

I almost gave up on my brand. I tried to hold myself to standards I wasn’t yet ready to accept and mock who I saw. First off, I had to come to grips that I’m not them. There can be no comparison between me and the next. I also eat, sleep and learn differently than them. My mind may not process in the same way and my path definitely isn’t side by side with theirs. The common ground that we do stand on is the fact that we all want to be successful. Although it can take longer for others and some just become an overnight success, it’s not the end of the road.

The lord has truly been dealing with me throughout this hiatus if you’d like to call it from blogging. I’ve gauged an understanding that if I don’t utilize my gifts, how can I expect to receive the blessings if I am holding them back from others to learn. My life must mirror what I speak. Lastly, either I am all in or not at all. You can apply these statements to yourself but if you aren’t doing any of these things, make a list to get started. I’ll be doing it with you too!

My supplies may be limited for what I want to offer the world BUT my story is not over just yet!

Sassy Sunday is here just for you! It’s designed to encourage you, uplift you and every now and then spread some of that Sunday couture. A lot is in store…get ready!

Laugh in the devils face because your time is here all 2018.