AMI Clubwear: Plum Tulip Dress

Oh hey all of you beautiful people! Dropping in with plum goodness for you today!

This is one my most elegant selections yet! I tell you, the love I received from this was unbelievable. Everyone that follows me on facebook engaged so much it broke my meter!

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So, let me explain how I came about ordering. Yall, my hubby picked it out. Actually, he picked every single outfit in all of my posts.

We went through countless messages back and forth and pictures to piece the perfect items together and he nailed it.

Seriously, bae has some amazing taste. I guess I can’t keep the secret much longer either…he’s actually pieced majority of my outfits I wear. My own personal stylist. How about that?!

This dress was soooo comfortable too. I had a few malfunctions trying to change into it but honey, it was worth it.

It truly exceeded my expectations when I received it. It’s curve friendly and stretchy to accentuate those curves.

But, this is my last round of clothing this week. Sucks! But I won’t be off for long. I’m going to give my other topics some attention until then.

With all that being said, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store next.

Like after the experience I had with Jayla and the preparation needed, next round is going to be killer!

But, if you missed any of my last fashion Inspo posts, click one of the links below!

Red Floral Romper

Palazzo Pants and Oversized Blazer

Sporty Black and White Dress

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AMI Clubwear: Red Floral Romper

Good evening my loves! It is somewhat past my intended posting time and that has a story in itself. But right now I have a super duper wonderful post about this red floral romper.

It seems as if I’ve gotten so much feedback from this outfit that I really needed to share all the details about it with you guys.

But here is a little back story as to why my post is late.


Last night my phone decided to give out on me; my Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Bummer right? If y’all knew the trouble this phone has given me you will understand why I decided to make such a big decision.

So it glitched for several hours being stuck in headphone mode so first instinct tells you to do what? Restart it. Well, my instinct failed me.

It is now stuck in restart mode which is why I was unable to generate any of my blog post.

Y’all I was almost at 24 hours without any type of communication to let anyone know what was going on and what was up.

My husband was even trailing me down. It was that bad. So I hiked on down to BestBuy and I decided to switch over to Android and test it out to see how this would work for me. Especially as a blogger.

So along with this story, I will be doing a follow-up post with how this phone works for me better than my iPhone. Oh and you guys will definitely be getting a full in detail scoot about this little adventure of mine.

I digress

Let’s get on to the moment you guys have truly been waiting for.

This is another outfit sponsored by AMI Clubwear!

Don’t let the name of the company fool you and scare you away from purchasing anything. Their outfits are super cute and they are curvy girl friendly.

This was one of my most comfortable outfits to shoot in the heat and all. And on top of being comfortable I was definitely comfortable in my skin with this outfit specifically. Typically I am usually covering my arms and anything possible that I feel is flabby but this time I decided to be confident in my own skin.

Romper: AMI Clubwear

Shades: Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes: Payless

Photographer: the amazing Jayla White with JW Focus Photography 

Nails: Ahvi Cosmetics

Enjoy these amazing photos!

Clothing Haul: Super Cute Sponsored Piece

Hey you lovely people! Can you guess what today is?!?! And along that line, I have a clothing haul to show you! (This’ll be done in a series) 

RIGHT! You read that right too and with it being the middle of the week, I have another goodie I’m throwing at you!

Y’all, I have another fashion update to share with you. Crazy lol because I started out as a food blogger now look at me. I’m just conquering each spectrum of being a Lifestyle Blogger!

Alright, so let me ask you a question. Serious question at that.

How do your clothes make you feel?

Like, do you feel as if you can walk into a corporate setting and impress the president of the company? Or, do you feel like the person sitting in their cubicle barely even noticed?

I was the second choice for a bit. Throughout my life, fashion has been a huge part of it but I couldn’t share it or express it the way I wanted to. Money didn’t grow on trees then and it doesn’t now. As I’ve learned to utilize all of my resources, my fashion interest sparked with a new flame again.

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. I’ve learned that from my stylist Shaquanna Chappelle directly. But, that’s the truth in all actuality.


This set is great for work or a nice casual event while adding a little contrast to the typical gray, black, and brown color scheme. You know the neutral clan.

Oh, and I have to shoutout the dope at photographer in South Georgia! Jayla White with Focus Photography

Click her link and check her out!

Below are the details of each item and a link to purchase the sponsored item. 💕

Black Sleeveless Oversized Blazer: AMI Clubwear

Flare Leg Floral Pants: Burlington Coat Factory

Nail Polish: Ahvi Cosmetics

Watch, Earring and Bracelet Combo: Walmart Clearance Section

Shoes: Fioni

Hair: HappyDollzRUs

Thanks so much for sticking with me guys! Come back this weekend for another update!


Good evening my loves! Today is an OOTD type of day with a super cute dress I snagged from Burlington!

Anndddd, on top of getting the deets for this outfit, I’m going to start incorporating a little more of my personal life. You know with me being a wife, blogger, travel agent part time and MaryKay consultant, I have stuff to share!

Anyhow, back to what you really came for…the whole reason you clicked that link.

I had the absolute pleasure of having Jayla White with Focus Photography be my photographer and highlight a few branded outfits. Let me tell you, she is AWESOME. She has an eye for poses, background,location,  detail and candid moments that tell a story through the photo.

But check this, we had some super bloopers on this day too. I mean, bloopers like MY MAKEUP MELTED OFF! Y’all my heart sank when that happened. It was like a billion degrees though so I blame it on the weather. Y’all probably thinking “yea right” but forreal that’s what happened

Anywho, there were wardrobe malfunctions too including trips, hair in my mouth, sweating and all but nonetheless, you can’t see that with these pics.

To be completely honest, this outfit wasn’t in my original haul of promotional items. It was literally on sale for like $12.99 if that and it was the last one in my size! (Shrieks in excitement) I couldn’t resist buying it and I’m so glad I did.

This is a perfect dress for a girls day out, shopping, spa day or just a casual time in the city. It’s super flirty and classy with a touch of edge to top it off.

The full set of accessories were purchased at my local Walmart on CLEARANCE baby! Budget me 💰💳

Shoes were on sale at Payless during their 30% off sale.

Shades were $2.99 at Burlington on their “scratch and dent” rack.

Watch, earrings, and backpack purse were on sale at Walmart.

  • Backpack: $24.99
  • Earrings: $1.00
  • Watch: $10.00

Hair was done by HappyDollzRUs

Makeup was done by Me ❤️ (Shoutout to the consultant at Ulta for helping me color match and get the best products! IG: @agrace478)

Nails: Ahvi Cosmetics

Check out all of these amazing snapshots for inspiration on your next outfit! Come back on Thursday of another set! Love you guys 😘

Let's Get Relle

Refreshed Renewed Rejuvenated

Good morning you guys! I hope you all are beginning your day on a positive note because I have a little inspiration to sprinkle over your day. Beware, this may or may not be long, but with animation added of course! So, why did I title this post “Refreshed  Renewed Rejuvenated”? Well, you will have to read further in order to find that out.

As I’ve been taking a much needed hiatus from my blog intentionally and unintentionally, I’ve also had A LOT of time to think. There have been so many thoughts running rampant in my mind that it consumed my time. When I went M.I.A, that was the moment when I realized it started getting a little out of hand.

But, have you ever really thought about how intricate the mind is? The fact that you can get lost into a daydream, a pain from the past, even a fear of yours?

Seriously, everything I did had to be perfect in my eyes. If an idea or topic wasn’t up to par for my standards, I refused to go forward with it. On top of that, I allowed a lot of fear to creep in. I mean, as much as I would preach and encourage people to never let fear take refuge in their mind, my mind was in a battle of fear itself. It was so crazy. I was emotional, angry because I felt like everything was going wrong and I questioned God. Now don’t go rolling crazy on me and respond “Oh my goodness, she has no right questioning God”. I mean ask yourself this…

 “When my back is against the wall and my life is falling apart conveniently day after day, how would I react”?

I think you may have a question or ten. You know..

In my case, i tossed and turned night after night. I would wake up sleepless the next morning simply because I couldn’t watch the back of my eyelids. In fact I was staring at a white ceiling, laying flat on my back and sighing out of frustration in the wee hours of the morning. It was killer man. Although in the natural I was focused on my emotions, I lost sight of my spiritual relationship and walk. I didn’t fall by the wayside but I did fall prey to  my circumstances which hindered my cycle of thinking clearly.

My battle was like a pendulum. The moment one of my marbles went a different direction, I just allowed myself to keep going that same direction even if it was the road I shouldn’t cross. But hello, NEWS FLASH!

View of People in KitchenTrying to be perfect is IMPOSSIBLE!

Which leads me to my main reason for writing this. My blog was about to get shut down. Not by anyone else, but by me. I wanted to quit so bad. My laptop wasn’t working in my favor, my phone deleted ALL of my contacts and my email app AND texts! It’s one thing to be consumed by your phone constantly, but it’s another when you have notes, networking partners and opportunities saved in those threads. I was able to cope with my laptop giving out but seriously, my phone?! I learned to never trust technology for good and go back to pen and paper.

So, why should I keep blogging right? Having to ask people to borrow their computer or resources just to get a blog posted was pointless to me. I saw everyone I looked up to pursuing new business endeavors, creative teams and traveling together. Why wasn’t this happening for me? I felt all alone to be completely honest. But then I realized my peace, joy and ultimate happiness was more important first before I begin juggling my brand.  After that, I began organizing myself, setting out to network with individuals with the same mindset mentally and spiritually as myself.

Grey Felt Journal TO DO LIST on a white desk

Cause ya’ll, I have a hard time with people…like forreal. Sometimes they have me looking like before I lose my salvation.

Low and behold, that is when I officially met Jayla White. I reached out to her after the pull was so strong and I’m glad I connected with her. She was so honest and true to her word with direction and a plan in order. I have really been praying for the right people to come into my life and I tell you I’m still being shown that God has my back. In the midst of everything going on in my life, I still receive a glimpse of sunshine.

If you’ve ever been in a dark space or questioning things in your life, hear me out…Pray, fast, and talk to someone.

Don’t allow your pain to be sheltered and keep you from breathing. The whole reason I wanted to give up was all because I couldn’t breathe. It seems so easy to allow your life to just go the way it’s going, but there comes a time where you need to fight. A time where you need to remember that you should be refreshed renewed and rejuvenated with Christ as the center of your life over the material things you want to gain.

Don’t give up! The fight is meant for you to win.

Come back next time because I have a complete revamp of my site, content and partnerships headed your way.

Until then xoxo 


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