My First V-Steam Experience and Thoughts

Good morning my super awesome, powerful, talented readers! This post today is going to be in depth on my first V-Steam experience and how I felt about it. There are so many mixed reviews, I felt the need to shed a little light on it.

Steam Pot

Vaginal steaming or Yoni Steaming is known to help women with numerous ailments including but not limited to fibroids, menstrual cycles, pH imbalance, and bacterial vaginosis BV. Of course there are so many more areas that can be treated, but these are most common.

This method of herbal healing is widely practiced in Africa, Asia and South America.

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Now, I know you all are waiting on my personal experience, but I do believe it is great to have information to back things up for better understanding.

So, people always say you are what you eat right? Well, I will be the one to say, if you steam and still maintain a very unhealthy diet, you won’t experience much difference. If you really think about it, most of the common foods that are eaten outright put women at constant risk for different cultures to breed internally. We have bread, pastas, rice, wine that all breaks down and turns into what? SUGAR. 🤦‍♀️ Ladies, start upping that fruit and veggie intake! You’ll be thankful you did especially if you do it before your steam.

Lets be honest though. Why can’t we just enjoy our pastas and breads in peace right? Well, if you have too much of a good thing it can become bad. Our bodies, especially as women are made up delicately for a certain intake. Too much of certain types of yeast creates an open door for buildup to occur resulting in an unpleasant reaction from your body. More commonly known as yeast infections.

Now, let’s all be grown and understand that many women suffer from candida overgrowth. Depending on sensitivity levels as well, the slightest change in laundry detergent can result in an infection. So, it is imperative we take extra care of our “girl”.

Listen to your Body

I actually had to get hit with the truth as well when Caprice at Honeypot Wellness Spa asked me what I was eating. She educated me about everything from what the steam would feel like to what I must change if I want to see any progress.

So, let’s get to it. When I arrived to Honeypot Wellness Spa to experience my FIRST V-Steam, I was greeted by Caprice with open arms. The entire atmosphere resonated well with my spirit and it was a cute, cozy area.

We sat down and went over feminine health, things I deal with if any, and my level of sensitivity etc. She then takes a few notes to assess which herbal steam and the intensity would best fit your needs.

Next, you will be taken to the back steaming room. This is where you will have to undresse from the waist down privately. She provides you with what I call a “moomoo” to put on over yourself. After you are all set, you will sit on a sanitized, covered seat where you initiate the steam. Note: sit with your legs as wide as you possibly can..the wider the better.

Ok, so I’m about to act up with my next sentence, but y’all. Being that this was my first V-Steam, I formed the thought of what it would feel like.

Y’all, when that steam hit, I was like “oh well hello there.” It doesn’t take but a second and that steam is all up in there. 🤣 And babyyyy Listen, I was not ready for that.

My session lasted for 30 minutes alone in which I had 2 candles lit, relaxing melodies playing, and time to sit, pray and meditate.

It was extremely soothing to say the least. Once you are calm and relaxed, your body does the work itself. I personally focused on letting my body be as comfortable as possible and get in tune with myself and my feminity.

After my session was over, I went to the restroom. Now I can’t make up my own experience, but even with all the water I drink, I would admit that this was the smoothest tinkle. Weird to say but hopefully I’m not alone. You will of course experience dampness from the steam which is also normal.

Although it’s so many mixed reviews, I’m definitely a firm believer in holistic health. Being that I am very in tune with my body, I rarely take big pharma medicines because my body does not react well. The more I pump myself with prescribed medicines, the worse my symptoms get.

So, this is what I would suggest for you if this is your first v-steam.

Try it before you knock it

Drink lots of water

Go with a clear mind

Be honest about what you are dealing with

Incorporate healthier alternatives and be open to her suggestions to maximize results

If nothing else happened, I will say, I felt relieved, definitely soothed, and surprisingly I was sleepy from being so relaxed.


Oh and it’s also known to help with fertility and intimacy with your spouse. I won’t post on the second part, but I’ll say for my married couples, don’t knock it honey! So far everything that is said to occur from a steam, I believe I experienced it positively.

If you suffer from recurring yeast infections, BV or anything else, I wouldn’t knock this option. I’m neither a doctor or holistic specialist so I can only suggest from experience. Not all experiences are the same and I cannot say yours will be exactly like mine. It’s your responsibility to research and determine what is best for you.

I will definitely return and do a few more sessions to determine more in depth results.

If you are eager to experience your first V-Steam, you can book Caprice here.

Follow her on Facebook at Honeypot Beauty & Wellness Spa and support!

Special Feature: Read All About It

Good morning everyone! As you see on the title, you already know I have a special feature to highlight. This individual is near and dear to me simply because they push me. They help me go further and remind me why I started this blog in the first place.

Jayla White Focus Photography

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you Jayla White.

My girl is a Jane of ALL trades and I’m proud to have her apart of my life. Whenever I post my content or get asked “omg who did your pictures?” Jayla is ALWAYS the one behind the masterpiece. Of course I’ve had other photographers capture me, but this girl here isn’t just my photographer. She is my friend and spiritual sister.

If I’m talking about business, she has my back

While she is a Jane of all trades, photography is not her only talent. She is truly multi faceted. This girl plays the sax and y’all she can BLOW. She takes AMAZING pictures and serves at church. Oh, and she keeps her brand on 1000% all the time. When you see her out and about, you will always see her repping her brand, Focus Photography.

With all that I could write about her, check out her bio from her website

“Jayla White is a young innovative artist who specializes in portraits and sports. Jayla also focuses on event, family, weddings and much much more.

Allowing Jayla to focus on your moment you receive style, creativity, and art. Creativity flourishes throughout all that she does.

An Atlanta based Photographer that takes great pride in focusing in on the true personality of the people that she photograph. The meaning of focus is the quality of producing a clear definition.  Here at Focus Photography we produce quality, prestigious work that focus on more than what the natural eye can see. It was in 2018 when Jayla discovered her passion for Photography. Passion is something that can only come from within and it’s one of the most important things that she bring to every photoshoot.  Jayla always loved the camera when she was a young girl, but as she grew she worked towards expanding her craft into a business. What’s not to love; she gets to photograph and document the happiest day in a person’s life! Not only is this something she enjoy, but its also something that she is created for.

Proverbs 4:25   – “Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee”

Meet Jayla White

Focus Photographer

Jayla White is a Published Photographer . She has been published as a sports photographer with Jackson Progress Argus. Jayla White has also been published in Voyage ATL.”

(Don’t say I didn’t drop the goods to help you and your brand out!)

Check out her interview here!

If you can’t understand why she is worthy of being my special feature, then I need you to reread her bio again.

Being that I know she would kill me if I get all emotional, I’ll just shed light on the surface of her.

To know Jayla is to know what a true friend is about. Knowing her has given me that “fire” that I needed to keep going. We can laugh all day cracking jokes day in and day out and we can talk business all day planning out the future.

Her work ethic is not to be messed with either. Every session I’ve had with her resulted in more than fair turnaround time for what she provides and exceptional pricing.

Her talent is untouchable and the anointing over her business is very visible. I always tell her when I’m at the top, I’m taking her with me. That’s what happens when God places the Right people in your life.

So, if you’ve enjoyed the unveiling of my special feature, please do me the pleasure of booking her. Book her for all of your photography needs!

You can follow her on social media too!

Thanks for reading up on my special feature! Come back Tuesday for another blog post!!

AMI Clubwear Blue Plaid Dress

Can y’all get into this Blue Plaid Dress with me?! Good morning everyone, I am back again with another look from AMI Clubwear!

So, let me get straight to it. This blue plaid dress is super comfortable. It did rise up on the side with the split for me. I strongly believe that is due to my hips. Being that I am curvy, I experience that issue a lot but this wasn’t as overwhelming as my usual.

First of all, this dress was the most sassy dress in my collection I’ll say. I loved the combination of sassy and chic with the side split to add the “sexy” vibe without revealing the flesh y’know? (Lol)

Second, I loved how the cape realllllly set it off for me. It gave me boss vibes honestly. But to say the least, I absolutely can see myself wearing this dress again to a nice dinner. (I just might have to do a follow up dinner look with this one)

Third and final, I was sooooo SELF-CONSCIOUS about my pudge yall. Seriously, I tried so hard to suck it in, but then I reminded myself AGAIN who I was!

•I am bold

*I am beautiful

•I am gorgeous

*I am amazing

You know you have to pick yourself up all the time. That’s exactly what I did and the pictures tell the rest of the story.

As one of my readers, if I didn’t drop a nugget into your day yet, take this:

Affirmation of the Day: I attract FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE

Scripture of the Day: 1 Corinthians 13:1 Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud💕

Go out and be great at all you do!

If you’re interested in more cute pieces, head on over to

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Focus Photography

Whenever you see my photos, just know Focus did them 💪

Enjoy the pictures featuring my favorite Blue Plaid Dress below!

AMI Clubwear: Faux Denim Distressed Dress

Good morning my loves! I have another super cute outfit styled, courtesy of AMI Clubwear! This Faux Denim Distressed Dress was a “just right” outfit to add to my closet because of the comfort and versatility.

As I post these outfits, it’s becoming harder for me to say which one is my favorite. Honestly I love them all, but I may have to get you all as my audience to pick, once the final look is posted. If you didn’t catch the last post click here.

I figured I would be resourceful and pair this dress up with the same accessories from my last look too. Honestly, I’m super glad I did! It added the right amount of flare and sass which, in my opinion took the cake.

This dress is super comfortable, soft, and breathable. I am not a person that enjoys a restricting outfit where I have to suck all the assets in. The versatility with it gives me the option to make it sporty, dressy, simply casual or a perfect “airport fit”.

If I had to rate this dress I’ll give it a 10

During this shoot, my sis made mention that RED is definitely my POWER color, which definitely made me consider my wardrobe color scheme.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure” -Color Wheel Pro

So, if you’re ever wondering what color makes you pop, google a color you enjoy and ask what it is associated with!

I would love to hear some of your power colors in the comments too!

As I come to a close, I want to sprinkle some encouragement on you today!

Today’s affirmation is: Abundance is all around me

Repeat that until you believe it. Speak what you desire into the atmosphere and believe it to happen. The word says the Lord will give you the desires of your heart. As long as you are intentional with everything you do day by day, I can guarantee you you’ll experience the blessings.

Check out for more cute pieces

Photographer: Jayla White BOOK HER!

Purse: Charming Charlie (Before Closure)

Well, enough chatting! Enjoy the pictures from the Faux Denim Distressed Dress set!

AMI Clubwear Rock n’ Roll Shirt

Hello, what’s up?!, what is happenin’? Boy is this such an informal greeting, BUT I have to share the details from this look with you all. I received this cute Rock n’ Roll shirt from AMI Clubwear btw! (As if you didn’t already know that)

This Rock n’ Roll shirt & skirt combo was literally pieced together from items already in my closet! 🙌

Oh, and Y’all know I have to be transparent right? Right, ok. So, initially I was self conscious about this shoot. I was nervous about how I would look and almost talked myself out of it until…Relle remembered who the heck she was!

I remembered that I am:






I gathered myself together, looked over at my hubby and we created magic through the lens, thus resulting in this art. So, if I don’t leave a nugget for you at the end of this post, always remember to speak life into yourself. You are your biggest enemy and you must defeat the negatives and conquer with the positive.

I have to shoutout my Aunt Janet for the shoes! My aunt is one fashionable mama I’ll say.

Secondly, the red skirt came from Nadine West. There was an original outfit with the skirt actually, but I decided to cross style. I pieced items from my Nadine West haul and AMI to fulfill this look.

Without those before us, fashion would be nonexistent

My nails were PRESS ONS from Kiss products and my lashes were from Hermosa Virgin Hair. You know when you get bundles, they always throw in a gift here and there and these came through!

Accessories: Charming Charlie (before closure)

My hair was done by @hairbyacia and she completely outdid herself! Book with her if you’re in the Hampton Roads area!

(Make sure you guys click the links for each company or person I’ve highlighted and support them!)

Now enough reading, enjoy these photos by my bomb photographer Jayla White with Focus Photography!

Ta-ta for now! Stay tuned for my next look featuring these signature Red Heels

Enjoy the rest of the pics!