Mystery Feature Continued – I BET you don’t know who this is!

Mystery Feature continued

Happy Wednesday!

What is up?! We are back for another Mystery Feature Continued  – I BET you don’t know who it is! This time around, I had to switch it up. Last post was hair, this one…CANDLES 😍

Mystery feature continued

Let me do the honors in introducing you to Scented Creations 4 You. The owner of this company is truly talented with her creations and scents for your home. There are about 20+ candle scents and I would say expect more to come! Let me introduce you to LaToya Riley!

Mystery Feature Continued

She is the beauty, brains and boss of this awesome company. All products are 100% homemade-hand poured soy wax candles and wax melts. They come in multiple designs ranging from flowers to ice cream sundaes. You can’t tell me that isn’t the cutest!

Mystery Feature Continued

By the looks of her business, you can tell each item was handcrafted with love and dedication. Read below the reason she started candle making:

LaToya Riley

“I love doing arts and craft and trying new things out. Candle making started out as a hobby. I love making their home smell good and refreshing. Take a look at my website and follow me on FB:

Mystery feature continued

Furthermore, what an amazing way to put raw talent to use where others can enjoy it! Something else I was also able to enjoy were the reviews on her Facebook page. 5 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check these out! The first one was my favorite review:

  • “The candles smell so good they will make you hungry.”
  • “I loved all the candles I’ve gotten from Scented Creations! I’ve gotten candles for my mom and myself. I would definitely recommend everyone check LaToya out if you want quality candles”
  • “Love these candles! My whole apartment fills up with the delicious scents wonderful candle for a great price!”
  • “I love my candle I got from Scented Creations! It’s is so cute, smells amazing and I even got to sample the cute little waxes 😍😍😍 best candle I’ve owned yet! I can’t wait to get more!”

Lastly, make sure you all go check out these scents and help support a “WOMENPRENEUR” They make excellent gifts and party favors. If you ever need affordable, quality scents made, reach out to LaToya!

Contact: 757-407-1025

Mystery feature continued

Mystery Feature – Do You Know This Amazing Person?

Jefe Biznis


Hey loves!

Recently, I made a dedication to some pretty dope individuals by opening my blog for select features. Every week you will see the face of a business owner, entrepreneur, or awesome services you can take advantage of. So let’s get it started.

Mystery Feature

Please help me by saying hello to my very FIRST feature, Zana Turner of Jefe Biznis. 🙌🏽 Her company provides ladies luxury virgin hair and beauty products. Oh, and get this! I went to school with her 😱 It is nothing like creating a gateway for young go getters to collaborate.

Mystery Feature

Amazingly, this company provides textures ranging from Brazilian, Sea, Burmese and Indian hair. The following hair patterns include:

  • Kinky Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Body Wave
  • Wavy/Curly Mix

Mystery Feature

Throughout her site, you have the option to purchase bundles, frontals, closures and one of my favorite EYELASHES! 😍 When I need a good pair of date night lashes I know who I’ll be purchasing from.

Mystery Feature

Below is her complete “About Me” informing you about the meaning of Jefe Biznis and her company’s mission:

a boss or leader; a person in charge of something

biznis (Haitian Creole)
Translation: Business

1. a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade
• work that has to be done or matters that have to be attended to

Jefe Biznis provides luxurious hair and beauty products for boss babes. We understand that bosses cannot fit searching for quality hair in their busy schedules. Therefore, Jefe Biznis believes it is our business to distribute above satisfactory products while executing harsh prices. Our mission is to provide boss customer service along with high grade quality that generates longevity, appeal and grace.

You are NOT a boss until you’ve changed the lives of others.

Don’t brag about yourself. Let others praise you. – Proverbs 27:2

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. – Psalm 46:5


happy shopping 🙂

Most importantly, make sure you follow her on Instagram:



Mystery Feature

Enjoy a snap of a SATISFIED client using hair provided by her company ❤️


Torrid Model Search


Happy Wednesday my loves! I’ve been back and forth but I had to drop in and share some thoughts that meant a lot to me. A few weeks back I went to the Torrid Model Search here in Atlanta at North Point Mall, and I must say that was one experience of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by SO many beautiful, plus-size aspiring models who possessed poise, confidence and attitude. I can proudly say the Torrid Model Search was one step closer to my dream.

But NOW, is the real reason I am writing this. The WAIT for the Torrid Model Search is nearing and I have been furiously checking my email day after day. EVERY single time a Torrid email pops up I step back and have a little “mental” talk with myself to keep my eyes on the prize and believe in myself. Funny thing how after I work up enough energy to open the email, it’s one with the current sale. LOL talk about prepping for the right moment. So far the candidates have not been chosen yet, but they are soon to come sometime this month and I can’t wait!

Overall, no matter the decision made for the finalists, I learned so much about remaining positive in light of what society portrays beauty as. I will always feel good in my skin and walk with my head held high, purse on my wrist and a crown on my head. Remaining confident in yourself could help the next beauty who is struggling with her own appearance. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations because it is NEVER too far to reach them. The sky is not your only limit! Keep pushing, stay curvy and be FIERCE.

Shout out to the best MUA a girl could ask for, Byanca because she helped me out in the knick of time and Sofia for using her phone to snap photos of me with Maria Gimena (Torrid Model) since my camera was broken. My day was made even better because of you guys!


Michel Germain’s Pop Up Shop at Macy’s

It was a wonderful pleasure standing by the side of Kirklan, owner of XL Tribe, at his event along with representative Erica from The B Firm PR for the Michel Germain Fragrance Pop Up Shop. This was one of the most exciting opportunities and I couldn’t have done it without my mentor Cindy.

I hope you guys are on the lookout for more awesome items from this company! It’s absolutely wonderful and all the fragrances smell AMAZING 😍 They each have their own aphrodisiac in it too. (Don’t say I didn’t tell you! ) I couldn’t wait to use the goodie bag I received too! OMG😱

Check them out on Instagram @sexualperfume and their website thanks to everyone who let me take a pic of them too including Satchel from Upscale Magazine IG: @scenebysatchel and Taj IG: @tajenphiniti You guys were fabulous 😘

Where can you purchase this? Take a trip over to your local Macy’s, Bloomingdales or the official site for Michel Germain to purchase.

I can’t wait to purchase my personal favorite- “Noir” in the perfume and cologne version!

Enjoy the pics!