Sassy Sunday


Hey my loves! Today I have something juicy to pass on to you all. I was sitting here in the living room debating on what I wanted to write about and BOOM, it hit me. I want it all back. What do I mean by that? Well, listening to Tye Tribbett gave me the boost I needed to share. Everything that I felt taken away from me, I want it all back. As women, we go through unspeakable things constantly all while saying “I’m fine.” Why do we do that? Because there is a stigma that we are superwomen…Don’t let me confuse you though. WE ARE SUPERWOMEN! But when it comes to what our calling is in life, we allow way too many distractions to get in our way.

Listen to I Want It Back and then continue reading on…it doesn’t stop here

The devil is a lie!

grammy awards 60th grammys GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

The time is up for giving in to our own sorrows.

I want to start a chain where we fight for everything God had designated for us. If only the devil knew what we were going to be after our hardship, he wouldn’t have wanted to mess with us. I’m not leaving myself out of this equation either. I’m not perfect. I have let myself down countless times even ’til this day. That doesn’t mean I am not fighting for what I deserve.

Some days it may be easy and you feel motivated to do 10 things on your list…some days its not so easy. That isn’t a reason to give up. Tap into that sassiness you have and snatch everything back. Don’t allow distractions, obstacles and chaos run rampant throughout your life. As long as you have those mind boggling things affecting you, then how can God truly work through you? You’ve put your focus on the issues right in front of you instead of turning your head to the most high and putting your faith where your mouth is.

Transparent moment…

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I almost gave up on my brand. I tried to hold myself to standards I wasn’t yet ready to accept and mock who I saw. First off, I had to come to grips that I’m not them. There can be no comparison between me and the next. I also eat, sleep and learn differently than them. My mind may not process in the same way and my path definitely isn’t side by side with theirs. The common ground that we do stand on is the fact that we all want to be successful. Although it can take longer for others and some just become an overnight success, it’s not the end of the road.

The lord has truly been dealing with me throughout this hiatus if you’d like to call it from blogging. I’ve gauged an understanding that if I don’t utilize my gifts, how can I expect to receive the blessings if I am holding them back from others to learn. My life must mirror what I speak. Lastly, either I am all in or not at all. You can apply these statements to yourself but if you aren’t doing any of these things, make a list to get started. I’ll be doing it with you too!

My supplies may be limited for what I want to offer the world BUT my story is not over just yet!

Sassy Sunday is here just for you! It’s designed to encourage you, uplift you and every now and then spread some of that Sunday couture. A lot is in store…get ready!

Laugh in the devils face because your time is here all 2018.

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

Transitioning into my Transformation:

Hi my loves! I hope all has been well with you guys because I have a LOT to fill you in with. Prepare yourself…I might shock you or encourage you. To each his/her own.

First things first, I want to let you all know I’m not simply lolly gagging around. Although you have seen my posts with Kontrol Magazine and my personal brand spaced out, I am not twiddling my fingers. A lot has changed and I am absolutely adapting to with a change of perspective. Change isn’t always bad but, instead of using my extra time to relax, I’m planning out a schedule. Granted, time may never be on anyone’s side if the person continues the same habits but I’m all about 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Here are a few things I’ve changed throughout my routine:

  1. Began reciting affirmations
  2. Reading my bible to understand the “what” I am reading
  3. Separating my work planner from my personal planner
  4. Journaling

Now, you may look at that list and say “I do that everyday.” Well, I was not in the state of mind to push myself to the limit that I needed to. Honestly, I allowed myself to get by. As an individual who looks to encourage others, I couldn’t continue posing for Let’s Get Relle and show up one day and not the next.

My flaw of wanting everything to be perfect definitely plays a huge role and when it isn’t perfect….I shy away. So with this post, I finally got a little drive and looked at myself and said


Next, let’s get to the good stuff!

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves

During my absence, I have:

  1. Started a new job
  2. Teamed up as a foodie blogger
  3. Became active in my church
  4. Getting prepared for an international trip
  5. Started planning a  surprise for you all that will soon be a gateway to help you and others
  6. Been slowly but surely learning how to monetize my brand
  7. Gotten my materials together to be a successful travel agent
  8. Realized way to gain multiple streams of income


When I give my all, NOTHING can stop me. It takes your own personal determination in order to overcome the lack of motivation. I have a vision and mission to make Let’s Get Relle an icon for many that stand out from the rest. With an ample amount of time to brainstorm what I truly want my brand to represent, God provided me with the answers.

I love you guys so much for STILL sticking with me, encouraging me as I encourage you and reading my blog. It literally means the world to me! There are a few more things planned that I can’t wait to post, but I will hold off from telling you all.

Reality Check: 2018 Making Moves! I’ll mark this day as my day of transition and when everything unfolds, you’ll understand the transformation. Keep pushing yourself to be great and remember this affirmation:

BounceTV Trumpet Awards

2018 Trumpet Awards

2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards:

Hosted by: Larenz Tate and Erica Ash

Larenz Tate and Erica Ash will host the 2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards, an exciting night of inspiration, history and crowd-rousing performances celebrating African-American achievements and contributions.

Photo Cred – IAEMagazine: Larenz Tate and Erica Ash hosting the 2018 BounceTV Trumpet Awards

This year, I had the pleasure of accompanying the lovely Tinzley Bradford at the 2018 Trumpet Awards.

First of all, this event was like no other.

You know, some people dream of being able to reach the red carpet while others want to be in the presence of the stars. Well, I had the opportunity to do both. Now, I was very proud of myself for not “fan-girling.” Honestly, I didn’t have to because the energy was set.

Tinzley Bradford was the media icon conducting interviews on behalf of Bold Favor Magazine. You all, I did NOT take this lightly. My trusty red camera was by my side and I let things flow naturally. We met Anthony Hamilton, Omar Gooding, Dondria Nicole, Arrested Development and a crowd full of more. Tinzley did an EXCELLENT job gearing her questions around current trends going on and manipulating her words to create a very personable conversation with these individuals. It was on point. Simple as that.

Check out her pre interview clip below! 2018 Trumpet Awards

I always talk about how the relationship choices you make can impact your future self!! If you choose a person who doesn’t see your value then eventually you probably won’t see your value either and this could stunt your growth! I’m sharing this clip of me on the red carpet for the @trumpetawards Correspondent for @boldfavormagazine number one because I was cute 😂😂 and forgot to post this and number two as a reminder to do what you love, do it well and then the rest all falls into place! Feeling blessed! Enjoying life’s opportunities! #SettleFree #Liveasettlefreelife #justdoit #ATL #startup #single #singlewomen #womeninbusiness #selflove #passion #love #hardworkpays #positivity #speaker #settlefreedating #datingadvice #selflove #single #relationships #men #women #love #entrepreneurs #dating #boyfriend #girlfriend

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Isn’t she a natural?? As much as I would love to go on and on about who we saw, spoke to and joked around with, I would much rather let the pictures do the talking. This is definitely an event well worth attending if you are in the Atlanta area. Everything was clean, classy and timely. Alongside the many recognized celebrities we spotted Yandy, Cee Lo Green, & T.C. Carson in the crowd.

Check out my snaps below!


Back Like Never Before

I mean, the picture speaks for itself! I’m back like never before with even more to share! I tell you, I have missed y’all and I have a small explanation as to why I went missing.

So, you all know if you’ve been keeping up…I set out to do a 21 Day Challenge. It was going great. I was on it and proud of myself. BUT, the kicker I didn’t even think about was the fact I had a lot more time on my hands. Now, it’s different. I’ve taken a new step in life along with accepting more responsibility socially and personally. So, my schedule got scattered.

That’s really funny to me because I like to follow things step by step and somehow I feel God always tosses a boomerang my way. NEVER FAILS! 😂

On top of everything else, I just partnered with a dope company too! I won’t reveal that just yet until everything is finalized. But, I’m on the move. I had to bounce back with a post to give an update.

Here’s a few things I have done

  • Attended the Trumpet Awards
  • Took my own pictures as my own photographer 🙌🏽 with a little help
  • Got a better understanding on SEO
  • Put my goal book in use
  • Learning the ropes on building property

I’m Back Like Never Before!

It’s amazing how my life is being prepped for my future. It’s like I planned out “my life” the way I saw fit. I’m doing things I’ve never thought twice about. As I continue through this process though, I notice things I did as a child is starting to circle back around. Memories that I haven’t referenced are coming to the forefront of my mind as a token to show me why I am heading down a completely opposite path.

You know what sealed the deal?!

I was on Facebook scrolling through briefly, and came across a video posted by Georgia Dawkins. I admire this trailblazer from afar and she was speaking about why she left Sister Circle. Georgia worded everything beautifully and I recently had someone tell me things she said verbatim. As I listened, I wanted to shout because I knew I wasn’t the only person who allows their life to be guided by the Lord. It may sound crazy, BUT it’s amazing when you get confirmation in such an obvious way.

I owe you all 5 more posts, so for that, I’m doubling up my sprinkle of inspiration. Know this: Just because you aren’t performing the way someone else wants you to perform does NOT mean you will not succeed. A person can do everything seamlessly and be on time 24/7, never miss a day anywhere, study hard as ever and realize their work is WORTH every step…but wonder why the person beside them gets more of an opportunity. Well, it’s also what’s inside that counts and the willingness. People see the work you put out, but they also want to feel an organic connection.

I gota go but heyyyy, I’m back like never before! Love y’all. ✌🏽

Transitional Season

Ok y’all! I’m dropping in to give you a quick run down with life. I tell you I’m absolutely loving it! You know when you reach a transitional season in your life, it’s absolutely amazing.

To transition is to change from one state or condition to another. A season is broken up into 4 classes. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. So a transitional season is changing from one condition (past) in that point in your life to moving to your next opportunity. Personally for me, I get excited to transition into my next journey. It’s almost as if you’ve conquered something. You didn’t “die” from whatever has happened previously and it’s a new step in life to grow and mature. I think Mario and Luigi got the idea.

Blessings and Overflow

Conquering a challenge

Well, real quick, I stepped into a new opportunity for my life. It has been one of the best changes I could have asked for. It’s also amazing how everything I was looking for to accommodate my life came in one big package. Have you ever imagined of having the motivation, like minds, prayerful devotion and a mental balance when you go somewhere? Well, God has blessed me with this.

I tell you, I don’t accept any negative words to come against me either. I’ll be smiling all my days too because I’ve eliminated pain and grudges to accepting the joy of the Lord.

Here’s to opportunities and abundant blessings. I want to offer the chance to email me what you may need in life. I will dedicate some time to pray for you because I care about you guys! Send me those emails 😘

Hold me accountable as I pray for! Love you guys.