My loves, can you believe you’re seeing this blog post across your timeline? Even better, I’m presenting a special announcement for my fashionistas too! Esprlia had a special request and I have the pleasure of sharing this with you all.

As many of you know, I love all things food, FASHION and travel, and well, I’m here to highlight a fashion topic. So, many people ask me, where do I get my clothes from? I’m not shy whenever someone asks so I’m going to spill the beans about this one shop.

I’ve had trial periods with their clothing and I have to be honest in everything. Esprlia offer quality clothing and extremely affordable prices. When I received my first piece with them, it was a pretty good fit. I lost a bit of weight and it did fall, but it laid good enough for some bomb pics.

Photographer: Jayla White Focus Photography

Now, I bet you’re wondering, what’s the big news right? Well, Esprlia officially launched their website! They originally vended on Amazon, but this past weekend, they finally released their new website fully stocked with clothes galore!

Photographer: Jayla White Focus Photography

Although this is a short introduction about this fabulous company, I’m going to drop a few pictures below that really don’t do Esprlia justice. Oh, and let me give you guys a heads up….I received the cutest pineapple bathing suit from Esprlia, and this is fair warning, my summer is officially set to be poolside all summer 19.

Enjoy these beautiful snapshots below and be sure to visit Esprlia here.

BTB Winter Retreat 2019

Good morning my loves! The beginning of this year has been a transformation to say the least, and you will never guess how much has changed in such a short time! Although my initial change transpired began before the “BTB Winter Retreat 2019”, I’m going to give you a quick backstory about everything.

Last year, I was the go to advocate for excuses, motivation-LESS, and truly carrying the weight of what should have been dead in my life a long time ago. Fast forward to now, I have had a refreshing in my spirit, my mind, and body.

I began this year fasting for 21 days which i COMPLETED! Yes, I said that magical word. COMPLETED. Afterwards, I had a real reality observation and decided to act on things that would ground me better spiritually. Then, we approach February 1, 2019.

I could not have prepared myself for what would happen starting that day.

It was a pleasure to be picked as the photographer and assistant to Tenisha Bibbs for her “Behind the Beauti Winter Retreat” that weekend. My God, I tell you, what I am about to share with you all, should move you to be curious about what this movement is all about.

On the first day, we of course had a hilarious, yet fun ride there with all the locals. I guess we were driving too slow for them. (Even though we were already like 10 mph over the speed limit.) The closer we got to the house, the more lost we became. I mean, we went in a circle so many times, but that’s the beauty of a road trip right? Right.

Oh my goodness, I have to tell y’all, Ms. Tenisha had me rolling when she saw a deep cliff on the passenger side. She dropped her phone, her eyes bugged out, and I promise she almost stuttered. We laughed so hard about that tears were falling. So that’s my warning if you decide to be adventurous and go up in the mountains.

After we finally circled around for a bit and found the home, it was GO time. We all buckled down for those who were present, and flipped that house. We had a deadline to get the decorations done, tables up, food set up and more. Thankfully, we did it and it felt good when it was done.

Later that night, we commenced our night by getting to know each other, pleasuring our taste buds with an amazing dinner by Chef V, and a small fireside chat with Morale Ocain. I was so adamant about sleeping in the room with others because didn’t want to be that bear in the room. When I get a good sleep, I’m out like a light. Nonetheless, I climbed my happy hips on the top bunk and enjoyed my roomies. They were perfect.

Next day, we were blessed with a powerful sunrise prayer and mediation. The power of the Holy Spirit fell so heavily, I could barely take pictures. I felt such a weight of relief, healing, and peace like the hand of God stretched forth and touched each one of us. Once prayer was over, Mrs. Jean Turner led the ladies in a morning stretch and Glory Walk. We then followed with Breakfast, Coffee, and Conversation and that’s when we really hit the meat of the day. We also enjoyed another catetered meal from Chef V for lunch!

We spent the entire day with speakers such as April Reason, Kristole Pierce, Faye Shaw, Jean Turner, and Yvette Gavin.

Yvette Gavin
April Reason
Jean Turner
Faye Shaw
Kristole Pierce

These speakers were on fire! I also wanted to share the reason why I chose these pictures. When you look at them, they all tell a story. I belive that is where the beauty comes in, because these are raw, uncut, and down to the core. These are speakers who didn’t sugarcoat anything and they shared what needed to shared.

Starting from Mrs. Yvette Gavin to April Reason, the anointing just flowed down. April set the platform and made the room an altar. When I tell you, she gathered us altogether and then prayed for Ms. Tenisha! My God did she pray a hedge of protection over her. Afterwards, I felt an unction to get my healing. Why? Because, the atmosphere was conducive for a shift to take place. Before I knew it, I was on the floor praising God for what I didn’t know was being held onto was finally released off of my spirit.


After we gathered ourselves from what I call chuch (insert southern accent) we had a few activities to enjoy from jewelry making with Ayana Glaze to an image styling session later that night with Marcella Thomas. Some of the other ladies enjoyed Massages by Mac while others rested up and enjoyed the company of one another.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and table
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

I truly believe we slept very well that night with a packed day. My heart is so full from meeting the ladies to the conclusion of the event. It really gave me a different perspective on how to allow my purpose to be manifested from healing.

If you are interested in attending the next retreat, I have a surprise for you. Registration is open to purchase tickets early, but we are also having a “Behind the Beauti Experience Conference” coming up July 19th and 20th at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, GA. Stay tuned for more to come! Learn about your true BEAUTI!

No photo description available.
Image may contain: Tenisha Bibbs, smiling, text

A few moments of recognition go out to:

YURLP Productions for photography and videography

Our sponsor Fit, Foxy 50 & BEYOND

Enjoy the snippets below from the “BTB Winter Retreat 2019” below and grab those tickets!

(Pictures are property of Let’s Get Relle and TB Media Group for the Behind the Beauti brand. Permission must be granted before republication)

Ready To Give Up

Forget the typical greeting…yall I’m ready to give up! Seriously…I’m over it.

Now, hear me out real good. I have my reasons why I’m starting this segment out so heavy.

In all actuality, I’m not ready to give up nor will I ever. I needed to get your attention because most of the time, when life smacks you left and right, you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Honey, do me a favor and pick your head up.

It took me a long time, even with me being a young lady, to overcome A LOT in a short period of time. But now, let me also be transparent with you..

But seriously, this is a heavy moment of transparency…

You know how easy it is to get lost in thought when you’re so low? Man…I tell you that can be such a dangerous place. I didn’t want to live forever at a certain point in life. Actually, many people don’t know my story and every detail. All I can say is, God intervened when I hit my lowest point in life. I was sitting in my room, scrolling on social media, watching all the people I used to look up look up to living their life and question why mine is so messed up.

This was typed on 8/17/18.

WOW is all I can say. It’s amazing how God sets you up to have reminders throughout the day to help you remember why you must keep moving forward.

I honestly didn’t realize this post would have been so encouraging but, because I was in such a low point in life, I didn’t feel as if I had the right to encourage anyone else. Fortunately for myself, I know the authority I have and trust me, it’s about time my voice is consistently heard.

I’m actually going to end this off because I made a very specific action towards how I would like my 2019 to shift. I pray you all will be encouraged on this day and remember what God instilled in you and the calling on your life. Stay on the lookout for more updates! they’re headed your way.



Two Flute Glasses of Champagne

Tinzley’s 2018 Settle Free Mixer

Tinzley’s Settle Free Mixer helped change my way of thinking. Simple as that.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I feel super rusty. You know trying to keep the same writing style, info, technique and all that good jazz since I’ve been MIA. In plus, I have SO MUCH to share with you all on another post, I’m going to HAVE to tighten my screws.

But, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started.


I NEVER miss a mixer hosted by Tinzley for one, I love having the opportunity to capture moments for her and two, I ALWAYS learn something new.

You see, I was actually able to attend this event with the company of my husband. (Highlight of my evening). After we left the event, we had a really long, thought out, talk about our relationship and what direction we were headed in.

You see, this is what Tinzley’s events can do for you. It can ignite the art of thinking deeper than the surface.

We were able to enjoy a loaded panel to say the least along with the talented Chere Turner as our hostess.

And if you are asking yourself why did I say it was a loaded panel….here’s why

We had the pleasure of hearing from:

  1. Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
  2. Tommy Duncan
  3. Trelles Delandro
  4. Dr. Oliver T. Reid
  5. Marquita Johnson
  6. Harralyn Swinger-Rawls
  7. Tenisha Bibbs

First of all, these powerful individuals shined light on some very deep places most couples and singles rarely think about. Like seriously, who plans out talking about your potential’s credit score and annual salary?

Now, truth be told, I believe that is the reason so many people aren’t with who they wanted to be with now.

Let’s all be honest for a minute.

The financial struggle in the married community or those seeking to be married is something real. That problem changes the moment we get bold to ask those questions and  cross those bridges.

Yes, I mean asking the tough question about credit, income, goals and aspirations.

If you aren’t able to talk the talk, what makes them Mr. or Mrs. Right?

All in all, we received a very informative and interactive perspective on all things relationships and finances. Also, I wouldn’t be giving proper shout outs to Tinzley if I didn’t tell you guys to STOP SETTLING and become SETTLEFREE!

Below I want you guys to check out the awesome pictures and enjoy! Shout out to Kim’s A La Carte for catering another amazing event along with using her blessed hands to bless our tastebuds.

Special Guest Performance James Worthy and Cammie Tappin


BTB Experience 2018

Well, well, well…what do we have here? A blog post from Relle talking about beauty?! AND the BTB Experience?

Why yes, it is I, here virtually, to provide first hand storytelling about this event.

Let me start it off immediately by saying MY GOD. If I could wrap this article up in two words, that would be it. This event flowed so gracefully with the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room that the true definition of beauty came to life.

Now, you may be wondering what does BTB stand for with this event?

The BTB Experience stands for The Behind The Beauty Experience.

It was created by the beautiful, prophetic woman of God Tenisha Bibbs along with the powerhouse himself; Event Manager Quincy Griggs

Below, you can read what the experience was about, what we were to expect and its purpose:

“Behind The Beauty Experience is a two-day, life-changing event for women from all walks of life. This unforgettable event will be the perfect catalyst for helping women go further than skin deep and find life BEHIND THE BEAUTY! Women will embrace the true beauty that can only be found by refocusing, releasing, reevaluating, and most importantly, relaxing.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but after reading that statement, I FELT like I needed to be apart of it.

All of the guests in attendance were absolutely spoiled with goodies, paint n’ sip, massages, and especially with our speakers! Just check out three of the topics that were spoken about:

  • “Beauty out of the Box”
  • “Acceptance”
  • “Beauty Unscripted”

Oh, and get this. The topics weren’t even chosen by the speakers. They were given each topic and they brought the fire. Most often, speakers will create their own topic that goes along with the event, almost like a sermon. I believe with that game changer (not selecting their own topic), it pushed all of them to dig deeper into the message they were set to deliver and inclined them to have a raw touch with every word coming out of their mouth.

Look at it this way

If you think about it, speaking is a calling. You have to have a way of getting a message out to the audience where it grasps their attention. When Christ went speaking, he grasped the attention of all who were around him by the WORDS he spoke. Do you hear me? Most importantly, I believe Tenisha discerned who needed to say what and my God!

Ya’ll, I can’t make half of my blog posts up without reading through and processing what I want to say, but this event poured into my spirit so much.

On the first night, we were all getting acquainted with each other, stepping out of our shell and you know checking out our surroundings.

First of all, the decorations and set ups were gorgeous, secondly, the vendors were extremely professional and third, the catered food was phenomenal.

Now, as the event progressed we witnessed recognition of the Beauti Day recipients. These were women from different professions, but they all held a very high standard of beauty and what it meant to them.

So, in a nutshell, Friday was our icebreaker day. But then Saturday came. Ohhhhh my Lord. I was not expecting the message delivery of the speakers. When I say the women that spoke possessed the glory over them…JESUS!

We were blessed to hear from

J Renee

Karri Turner


Tinzley Bradford

Jazmine Rochelle

Carla Jones

Kristole Pierce

Meet Our Beauty Day Ambassador: This beautiful woman has an amazing organization called One Hundred Percent Virgin…and it means exactly what it says. She teaches young women the importance of their purity. What an absolute perfect ambassador to coincide with beauty and purity. That is True Beauti.

Also, meet Ebony Porter-Ike. This beauty is the queen of Coinology and coaching. When you hear her name, there is power behind it.

” Ebony Porter-Ike of The epiMediaGroup, LLC  was honored July 20, 2018 for her amazing accomplishments and value that she adds to women. Ebony is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Publicist & determined business woman focused on helping you become the person you desire to be.”

These speakers spoke with authority, sass, grit and class coupled with transparent moments.

I firmly believe when you speak and allow yourself to be transparent in what you are saying, there is a deeper level unlocked for those that are screaming for a way out.

Speaking of a way out, one of my favorite moments that occurred was when an attendee raised her hand and asked a specific question. She was fearful to start something that meant a lot to her and didn’t know how. Well, with her determination to get help, she was connected with a mentor who will be guiding her through the process. My goodness, when I looked at her, I could see the weight lifted off of her shoulders!

That is true networking through Christ.

God had his hand on this event from start to finish!

With that being said, you better run and sign up for next year because I only skimmed the surface! I wish I could put every single moment into words but it wouldn’t do it justice.

Check out this amazing video recap:

I can’t leave out Tenisha’s stylist either! He had her dressed to a T!

Shout out to all of the media coverage that arrived such as

Praise 108 with Jacosta

Gwen’s Business Corner

The Hair Debate and so many more!

Also, the abundance of business cards I’ve received too are out of this world!

Enjoy some pictures from the event below and be sure to click on the vendors listed and support! I hope to see you at BTB Experience 2019! Registration is now OPEN!!!!

Click each link below to check out these amazing entrepreneurs: