Pop Shop Dine

Pop Shop Dine. Now, I do believe those three words ought to raise some curiosity. Let me go a bit more into detail about this. You definitely are in for a treat!

In all honesty, I am quite corny with puns if you caught my previous sentence and the picture associated. (LOL) But, any who Happy Monday! I do hope it is magnificent as it is the beginning of the work week. Remember to keep pushing and remain positive in all that you do. Now, let’s get to reading shall we?

First of all, I would like to give you all a little backstory as to how I met the beauty behind this Pop Shop Dine event. Also, at the end I’ll reveal the hilarious events leading up to my arrival. Sit back and enjoy!

Everyone, I would like you to meet Ebony Monique from “Monique Shoe Studio.” This is the brilliant mind behind the gorgeous shoes. I loved the picture above taken by another photographer that I had to insert it into this post! I love Monique’s personality that is coupled with her creativity so I believe this picture is perfect! But, I digress. Here is a little about how we met!

I met this beauty covering the “She Writes” brunch by Lillie Mae. It was absolutely amazing how we both met honestly. At the conclusion of “She Writes”, Monique and I encountered each other as she was going around the room passing out her business card. With a sudden glance of her work, I immediately established a relationship with her. We began talking more in detail as I learned about her shoe line and I was absolutely fascinated. This woman is truly talented.

She began a luxury shoe line both for men and women. She is a small business making a huge impact. And two, she is a successful minority stamping her name in the fashion industry. After speaking, we exchanged our information and remained in touch. I told her if she ever came back to Atlanta, I would love to cover her event! Low and behold, she took my offer and granted me an amazing opportunity.

All of Monique’s shoes are handmade and custom designed. They are classically designed with a trendy and edgy approach.

Due to the ambitious drive Monique possesses, she has been featured on a variety of fashion shows and NBC. Most noteworthy is the amazing collaboration she landed with the upcoming Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo! You will see her shoes featured at this event and as a bonus, you get free tickets on her! Simply visit www.atlantawomensexpo.com/exhibitorcomp

Check out this awesome ‘About Me’ from her website

“Ebony Monique grew up like most little girls, playing in her mother’s closet. Her love for shoes can be traced back to when she was two-years-old while most toddlers are busy getting into everything, Ebony was busy playing with her mother’s shoes, trying them on, falling in them and modeling them for anyone who would give her their attention.

Her love for shoes started her on a long journey to find stylish and affordable shoes. Each time a lovely pair of shoes caught her eye, she did what most shoe-crazed women do – Buy them! At one time, this led to Ebony seeking an extra bedroom just for shoes.

Ebony truly respects great shoe designers, but she has often wanted a shoe to have that special something to make it truly perfect.

Determined to locate that perfect shoe, she launched a shoe boutique in 2013. She never found it. Soon, she decided to fashion her own shoe line and bring her vision to life. She started describing her ideal shoe in detail to sketch artists and began working with a manufacturer to fabricate affordable and quality shoes.

Her obsession for shoes has helped her create shoes with personality that all women and men will love. Ebony’s journey to becoming a shoe designer has truly been a labor of love. She has designed her shoe collection all while being a loving wife to her husband and proud and energetic mother of three, a toddler and twin infants.

Ebony holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, a master’s degree in communications management and is working toward her PhD in leadership and management with a focus on organizational change.

Monique’s Shoe Studio features an Ebony Monique Collection. Luxury styles are all hand-made and designed specifically for the every day woman or man who appreciate quality footwear. Ebony Monique’s approach is to combine classic designs with a trendy and edgy approach. Ebony Monique’s Men’s Footwear is just as fashionable and well thought out.

Be sure to use #ebonymonique when posting to your social media sites.”


In addition to such a successful event, I cannot continue on without highlighting another powerful woman Monique partnered with to make this experience worth the while.

Stacia of “Soul2Sole Boutique” also brought her touch of fashion and they are definitely a dynamic duo with the products they have to offer. Stacia is based out of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She specializes in ladies apparel, handbags/clutches, shoes, hats and accessories.

Ya’ll this event was so great, there were some women peeping through the glass trying to see the commotion. I saw them walk away and thought to myself “let me go get them before they miss this opportunity.” Well, they came in, enjoyed themselves so much and made a purchase or two! Again, SUCCESS is the key word for these businesses.

(Note to Stacia and Monique: I have my eyes on the Sequin Lips Dress,, Obama Tote, and the Gem Shoes!)

Another note!

The Pop Shop Dine event was held at the cutest popcorn shop called Indulge Popcorn. It is located on 177 Peters St. SW Suite B, Atlanta, Georgia 30313. The owner Amy was so sweet and informative about the process they go through to flavor their popcorn and boy was it detailed. She had flavors ranging from Pumpkin Pie Popcorn to Garlic Parmesan. This popcorn is no joke! I even ate a caramel chocolate pecan popcorn that melted so softly in my mouth. If you are ever in search of a quick sweet treat, this is the place to go! All products are 100% organic with non-GMO ingredients keeping the flavor true to it’s name.

Lastly, let me fill you in about the adventure trying getting to the event. Boy was it a riot!

Have you ever had everything go wrong in one day on one of the most IMPORTANT days?! Well, that happened. My car battery died, I needed an oil change and this all happened directly before the time I needed to leave. In addition, my battery didn’t die once, it died twice! The second time I promise my car became lifelike and did everything EXCEPT what I needed it to do. As a result, my keys were stuck in the ignition, wipers were going crazy and my window was stuck down.

Oh, and do not think for a second it stopped there! My car started ticking and ALL of my gear lights were going off like a siren. Ya’ll, I was ready to ball out like a baby. But, after all of those moments transpired, my husband asked our neighbor for help a second time. She came to the rescue, my car was up and running and to my surprise my husband accompanied me to this event. Needless to say, I pushed and conquered and I am so thankful I made it to this event. It is a blessing to do what I do!

My mother always taught me to pray for a ram in the bush and favor was definitely working on my end. Though it may seem a bit trivial to speak about, I needed all of the prayer and encouragement because there was no reason for this to happen. Special thanks to my mom, aunt Janet and my dear best friend Makala reminding me where to seek my help. I was ready to give up and call it quits on this event with a sour heart but in the end God prevailed!

In conclusion, thank you so much for hanging around and checking out Pop Shop Dine along with these awesome business owners! Make sure you go support these businesses! Below you will find all links to social media and websites for purchase. Enjoy the gallery of Monique Shoe Studio Pop and Shop! Philippians 4:13

Ebony Monique:

Stacia Mcneil:

Oh real quick! I met a personal trainer too. Check her out if you are looking to be summer time fine for 2018

Nicole H. :

Empowering Beauty Within Oneself

Empowering Beauty Within Oneself

Empowering beauty within oneself. What does that mean to you? Let us sit and have a lovely chat about the importance of this topic. So, grab you a cup of coffee and let’s dive on in!

First of all, where are my manners? Happy Friday to you! I do hope it has been wonderful and prosperous because you have made it to see another full week! Now, let’s get back to business.

This event was held at Georgia State University by “The Ambitious Chapter of College Girls Rock Inc.“, “Embrace Your Crown Foundation” and “The Be Naked Campaign.” It was filled with fun, laughter and happiness.

First, I have to applaud EVERY SINGLE YOUNG WOMAN who attended this event. It was emotional, inspiring, empowering, and  relieving. You may ask yourself how can an event be “relieving” of all words to describe such? Let me explain.

  • Emotional: relating to a person’s emotions, arousing or characterized by intense feeling

This event was emotional because of the beauty that engulfed the room. Each young lady I laid eyes on possessed a level of unlocked elegance that hasn’t scratched the surface yet. Also, the time we had speaking to one another and sharing events through our lives, I witnessed a deep connection throughout the space. Although, there wasn’t a tearful emotion, the depth of understanding shared was beyond elevating.

Some young lady’s openly asked questions without any pride about what anyone would think and some listened to the words of our speakers. No matter, they all were poured into and I believe ones that may have felt alone grasped refuge in another beautiful soul to be reminded that they are never alone.

Next, let us cover inspire. What inspires you?

  • Inspire: Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Next, this event was inspiring simply by the fact that each speaker had an innumerable amount of unfiltered advice to share. So understand that they did not hold back, they allowed themselves to be transparent, and continued to backup their words with scripture.

I am unable to fly over the importance of having Christ centered in your life. Consequently, everyone will not understand ones walk, but knowing where you may exercise your faith is amazing. If I go down the line, Nikki, Zakiyrah, Bianca, Andre’ and Ashley ALL reminded us ladies why we should continue to push for ourselves. They also showed us that it is alright to have our emotions but we must snap back into who we are within ourselves. Most noteworthy, we must not become susceptible to the pain, anger and sadness that surrounds us in life.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to allow things to consume our attention and time away from our passion and purpose, but once you find who you are and who’s you are, things start to fall in place.

Finally, we are on to the last two.

  • Empower: Give (someone) the authority or power to do something

So this is quick, easy and to the point. We were all empowered to take authority over our lives and support one another. Simple as that.


  • Relieve: cause (pain, distress, or difficulty) to become less severe or serious

Ultimately, this event was relieving because so many ladies were in search of “something” and received their answer either from their neighbor or a topic that was discussed. For example, one speaker covered depression in the African American community which followed by a few questions. In addition, one young lady waited patiently to ask her question then revealed she just received her answer by listening to a response for another question. It’s the sense of relief that creates such a feeling. Furthermore, I was relieved that so many young women stepped out and sought guidance from one of the speakers. Whether it be a mentoring relationship or therapeutic help with a situation they are going through. Not one soul left the same way they walked in.

In conclusion, “Branding the Beauty in You” was absolutely amazing. I see this form of empowerment and networking stretching across the globe for many young women. There is always someone hoping for help, a friend, or a gateway to escape reality but they don’t seem to know where to find it. Because of this foundation, it can be the answer to many prayers. I thoroughly relished the moments along with overwhelming joy meeting everyone. Also having the opportunity to capture this through my lens. Finally, I look forward to the next chapter! Hence the importance of Empowering Beauty Within Oneself?!

Also, below you may find all links and social media to each speaker and the hosts of the event. Thanks for tuning in to Empowering Beauty Within Oneself. Make sure you remember, there is beauty within yourself. So tap into it. It’s something powerful.

Note to Shaquanna, Angela, and College Girls Rock Inc: You all are beautiful souls and as a result succeeded in pulling this event off. I pray unlimited blessings for all of you with my continued support. I’m glad to have met you all!

Andre’ Josey: Curator of The Secret Garden Party and The Beauty Campaign

Bianca Danielle: Founder of The Crying Voice Project, Philanthropist, and Master Life Coach

Nikki Woolfolk: Personal Stylist to Professionals/Fashion Advisor

Zakiyrah Ficklin: Voice of the Millenials/Author of Her 20SomeTHINGS and Founder of Her Foundation Inc.

Ashley Sistrunk: Master Stylist/Creator and Educator of the “Lace Me Up Tour/Pulp Riot Color

Shaquanna Chappelle: Image Coach and Confidence Enthusiast/Founder of “Embrace Your Crown”

Angela Young: Founder of the “beNAKED Campaign”


Settle Free Mixer

Settle Free Mixer

The Settle Free Mixer this year was absolutely awesome!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day while I share an amazing topic today! Being “Settle Free.”

I had the lovely pleasure of assisting Toyin Fadina – Two Cameras and a Brush and covering for the illustrious Tinzley Bradford. The Settle Free Mixer was packed with so much information, networking opportunities and great food!

Settle Free MixerSettle Free MixerSettle Free Mixer

Settle Free Mixer

Tinzley Bradford is an Author, Speaker, Dating Coach, Media Personality, and a Single Mom’s Mentor. Now talk about more than a triple threat! I found her biography on her website quite intriguing as I dove into learning about her. Read below:

Settle Free Mixer

Settle free mixer

Now, this event was a pure gem. It changed my thought process about finances and relationships completely. We also had the opportunity to hear relationship advice from the mouths of men with special guests Actor Wardell Richardson and Kelvin “K Chill” Harris of Chillzone Entertainment weigh in on what everyone desires; Love and Relationships

Settle free mixer

Now, ladies, we’ve all wanted to know what guys were thinking and this discussion hit the nail on the head. In a moment of transparency, I recognized a key factor for men and women seeking love or wanting to experience the next level of dating, COMMUNICATION is big.

Settle free mixer

Next, we enjoyed a thorough discussion about FINANCES. We were blessed to have Trelles Delandro from Financial Experts of America also known as Lady Finance and Financial and Business Educator Tonia Burrow Kiser.

Not everyone enjoys speaking about the nitty gritty in their life with the day to day spending, let alone what their credit looks like. Although people may not enjoy it, our speakers did not hold back with what needed to be said.

We also enjoyed spoken word by the talented Beloved Jones and songstress Cami Tappin.

Settle free mixer

Lastly, I cannot end things off without highlighting a few special attendees as well!

Make sure you check everyone out and enjoy my extended gallery from the event! Love you guys and I’m out!

The Secrets of Influence for the Successful Woman

The Secrets of Influence for the Successful Woman was a complete success this past weekend! It was coordinated by Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell and filled with tons of information, great food, and plenty of laughs. It was held at Mary Mac’s Tea Room on 224 Ponce De Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA.

So, where are my manners?! Happy Wednesday! We are already halfway through the week 🙌🏽 Thank you Lord. Now, this event was a completely spontaneous decision to attend with Joi from JoiStik and I am glad I did.

When I arrived, I had to get into the swing of things. Because we came in during the presentation, I was completely lost about what it was. BUT, when I began taking notes and listening, I took away so much!

The two main speakers were Elaina Zuker, author of “The Seven Secrets of Influence” along with Image Coach and Confidence Enthusiast Shaquanna Chappelle. Can I say a dynamic duo?! They both came, delivered and amazed all of the women with some great tips and tricks for business and image.

Now y’all, this group of women I was surrounded by were so powerful. Everyone was so goal driven with many success stories, it only made me feel more empowered. The women ranged from a lawyer, radio show host, business owner, talk show host, actress, political consultant and more!

This was, by far, a memorable and influential event. It truly answered A LOT of questions I’ve had while learning about blogging, marketing and networking. Oh!, and let me tell you all the prize I won! Shaquanna (Image Consultant) held a contest during her presentation based on the word CONFIDENCE. The main point of the contest was to say QUEEN whenever you heard the word “Confident” or “Confidence.” Now, I enjoy a little competition but Tinzley Bradley of Bold Favor Magazine definitely brought her A game!

I promise she was as sharp as whip with her listening skills so I had to step it up. In the end, we were actually tied but she gifted me the prize which was a full wardrobe assessment and personal shopping service. Right on time! She also helped us determine our body shape and measured a select few of us. Like I said, I’m so glad I went to this event! All of the ladies even left with a signed copy of Elaina’s book!

Lastly, I would like to thank Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell She is an Attorney, CPA, Success Coach, Philanthropist, Publisher, PR, Strategist, Producer and Agent for accepting me to cover! Enjoy more pictures from this event!

Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters 5K Walk and Brunch

Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters

Happy Sunday my loves! I am so ecstatic to present to you The Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters. This was a 5K walk and Brunch for survivors of Domestic Violence and Cancer where Pink and Purple are combined! I can’t stress how amazing and life moving this event was. This was the first event for this organization and I truly believe there will be many more to come.

First, I must speak on the very moment I stepped foot into the venue. There were so many welcoming hugs, kisses, jokes and pure excitement I could not contain myself. Some individuals I have never met. It was so beautiful connecting with everyone and learning so much about them personally. That is how influential this event was.  This complete production transpired because of the illustrious Betty Mary. Betty has a powerful testimony about her life too.

Read below the “About Me” section from Betty’s site:

“Betty Murray is a philanthropist and motivational speaker from Washington, DC who Traveled to Atlanta to claim the life she and her children deserve. Being a single mother of four and Survivor Of domestic violence. Betty has been through the ups and downs of life but believed God had a purpose for her life. Having lost her Mother and Sister both to cancer as a teenager, Betty was lead to honor and keep their spirit alive by working on projects in the community by giving back to families who have undergone traumatic life events by restoring their well-being of mind, body, and spirit.

In 2013, Betty Murray was in a serious accident. While going through rehabilitation, Betty was able to tap into her Spiritual growth and inner peace which lead her to create Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters and Pretty Hair Oasis. Both are community outreach programs designed to support families that have been effected by Cancer. Through her programs, families will be able to have support groups, tutoring and mentoring for the youths, meals and a serene wellness spa that offers a variety of services.”

Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters Brunch

The Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters 5K walk was so much fun. Originally, I was going to cover this event, point out major highlights and sit out. But, I will say, from the encouragement and joy spewing from everyone, I found one foot walking in front of the other and before I knew it, I was doing the 5K too! I enjoyed chatting with the participants along the way hearing about their different businesses and talents.

One of the main speakers, Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell of “The Car Chronicles Movement” was a complete fireball! She tore the walls down with an on time word for those in attendance. It was so good, everyone had to record it!

Secondly, Dr. John C. Lipman, Fibroid Specialist shed some light on many different alternative and procedures for women suffering with fibroid tumors. There were also many honorees whom were presented with a gift and gorgeous plaque as well!

This event had it all. It was held at Stone Mountain Park in The Commons Restaurant. There was a marching band that escorted the 5K participants, energetic cheerleaders and a soulful live band. Plus, amazing food and service too! There were so many sponsors which included:

There were also some lovely vendors and businesses to shout out below:

How amazing to have so much support for such a serious cause?! I am grateful for the opportunity to be in support of this event along with covering it from start to finish. Special thanks to Lillie Mae with Lillie Mae PR Agency as well!

Please be sure to show your support to Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters. If you would like to donate, you may do so on their website.

Thank you all again for tuning in and supporting! Be bold, be great and make a change in your community. Spread awareness and be the change you hope to see! Much love.

Genuine Sisters Supporting Sisters Brunch