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Bold Favor Magazine! Nothing more to say.

Good evening everyone! I hope all has been well. Tonight, I bring to you the wonder of the Bold Favor Magazine Awards.

Y’all, this award show was so classy and elegant. Everyone in the building came dressed to impress honey. There was a range of entertainment starting with a comedic segment, fashion show styled by Norahs Khan, spoken word and a quick work out session! Can you say Wow.

Important note: I must give immediate honors to Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell for this event. Everyone, this lady is a powerhouse. Along with the help of every individual with Bold Favor, I must applaud the mountains this platform is conquering.

I’m going to be completely honest for a second too. This blog post is long overdue because I couldn’t get my words together. Secondly, I snapped 500 photos of this event! If you know how I am with my pictures, please understand I didn’t take this post lightly. I had the OPPORTUNITY to capture a lot of amazing moments. Also, shoutout to Toyin Fadina for bringing me along under Two Cameras and a Brush.

Now, a little about Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell…

First, she is a leader. Ever since I met Lynita, I have witnessed a true role model with poise, sophistication and most importantly Christ as the center of her life. Secondly, she has been recognized on Forbes along with many other platforms. Lynita is also CEO of Bold Favor Media Group! To add on top of it all, she’s a CPA and a Publisher Attorney. (AMAZING)

I wish I could write a complete guide about her but the list will continue to go on and on. If you ever see this name across your feed or in conversation, make sure you pay attention. I can see now this won’t be the last time she will be featured in anything.

Huge congratulations to each recipient for being recognized for a Bold Award too. Just to name a few…

and so many more!

I can vouch that each individual who received an award have A LOT to offer in this era. Whether I’ve known them before this awards show or met them that day of, I had a token of advice to take home with me.

If you want to know about Bold Favor Media Group, go check them out! I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for this company.

As always, be great in all that you do! Do not waste time by holding yourself back from yourself. You can be your own worst enemy and miss out on opportunities. The chance I had with Bold Favor to me, was a once in a lifetime moment. I didn’t have to be blessed and offered an opportunity to capture these intimate moments. So, next year, if you want to find out more about Bold Favor then you ought to purchase your ticket.


Ceesay Banjul

My loves, my bros and everyone else tuning in, what is up! I have a super dope but quick recap coming your way. Ceesay Banjul. Allow the name to speak for itself. ALL ABOUT FASHION!

So, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the “Ceesay Banjul Holiday Must Haves” Pop Up Shop. I was seriously impressed with the setup top to bottom AND the vibe that filled the room. It was definitely an event worth attending.

Oh! One quick thing. Your girl was in the influencer spotlight! Whoop whoop..ok now back to business.

 This Pop Up Shop had two awesome artists speak about fashion. Guess who was one of the speakers??? Priiincesss! First, if you follow her blog, then you know you the fashion tips were solid from her. To compliment her was Celebrity Stylist Julian Lark. Y’all, these two gave some great fashion tips along with a Q & A session.

Personally, I took away a few tips for myself. For one, I surely do not have the basic shoes that are a must have. So ladies, make sure you have open toe and pointed toe heels! But keep the colors BASIC too. Don’t go overboard with and a nice nude is one way to go! Also, be comfortable in what you wear. Stop trying to hide every nook and cranny and own up to the beauty within you.

Priiincesss noted how sweaters are always in style too. So, don’t hesitate to wear that cute turtle neck and a statement piece.

Also as a tip from Julian…study fashion. Don’t simply look at the go to’s and use that as leverage for your fashion sense. Dive into it. I mean, go to the history of fashion, fashion moguls that you’ve never heard of, create a fashion board and absorb that knowledge. Be bold and daring!

 Shop ahead of season to prepare for the upcoming season. Make sure you have your fall looks in the spring for a consistent rotation in your closet. Floral is in season too!

Next up, the FOOD! Y’all, I am a lover of food and I have to shine a spotlight on it. The caterer for the evening was the talented Chef Nikki. She is a private chef and caterer. My fav had to be the shrimp and grits. SO MUCH FLAVOR. Lawd!

In totality, Ceesay Banjul was absolutely a game changer. I even had the wonderful company of my husband as my photographer too! But, the clothes were super cute and AFFORDABLE.

You guys ALL need to go and support this lovely company and the beauty behind it. As Julian asked the crowd, “how many people have a business in here?…how many of you shop at black owned businesses?” We need to support one another and support our sisters and brothers when they invest in themselves.

With such simplicity, my mindset was changed again. My wardrobe isn’t up to my standards at all but I can say I felt more confident within myself after hearing some key advice. Sometimes simple confidence can help boost that fashion sense you thought you didn’t have.

*The event was held at Coze Event Space Atlanta. This event was curated by Lillie Mae of Lillie Mae PR Agency and it was an absolute success.

You say you’ve never heard of Ceesay Banjul? Well after reading this post, if you don’t know now you know. Below will feature the panelists and how to reach them. Enjoy a few extra recap pics too!


Julian Lark

Lillie Mae

More Than Music Benefit Concert

What’s going on?! Y’all, I have to say really quick THANK YOU! Without your support I would not do what I do. It means so much and I will continue to provide awesomeness! Now that that’s done, let’s go ahead and chat about the “More Than Music Benefit Concert!”

If you saw my post yesterday, then you saw the full recap of pictures from this event. If not click here!

You guys, this was one of the best benefit concerts I’ve ever attended. It’s actually the only one I’ve ever been to lol. BUT, my opinion about this concert is true and organic.

It was A B S O L U T E L Y moving. There was a wide range of entertainment starting with spoken word and ending with long lasting relationships.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you walk in to an event and “feel” like you weren’t supposed to miss it? That’s exactly what I felt when I arrived to the Patchwerk Recording Studio where it all began.

The Patchwerk Recording Studios is located at 1094 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.


Let me give a huge shoutout to the caterer for this event Frances of Eat Saasy. When I tell you all she threw down with that spread. SHE THREW DOWNNNN!


The set up and decorations by designer Janine were absolutely gorgeous! Janine has a knack for precision and placement. Make sure you request her services for your next event.

Everyone who helped to pull this off did an EXCELLENT job! I mean check out this cupcake display! Um, YES PLEASE!

Next, let’s move on to the talent that came in and showed out! I may not have each person strictly in order but here goes!

First up, let me introduce you to Dri. Dri was brought as a little person with a big package. Let me tell you, she came, she saw and DELIVERED! This girl can sing.

Instagram: @drijackmusic

Listen to her hereDri Jack Music

Second, we have Laddddyyyyy Poetryyyyyy (in my presenter voice). She served us with a melody or words that resonated within your heart. Each beat of her poetic genius sinks into your heart and mind. You could feel the emotion she wrote, the pain she felt and the heavy beating in your heart from the roller coaster of feelings when she spoke.

Instagram: @ladypoetry86

Listen to her here: Lady Poetry

Third, we have Ebony Franklin. Now let me tell you about this girl. She wasn’t feeling good and kept apologizing for not hitting a note or two. I honestly don’t know why she felt bad when she served us such a beautiful tone. It was so smooth and filtered with pure, heartfelt deliverance. From me to you, I Loved it!


Instagram: @_sincerely_eb

Listen to her here: E Sings

Fourth, we have the powerful, vocal Wanesha Spencer. Y’all….this woman can move mountains with her voice. Wanesha provided us with a second dose of spoken word. She came with a vengeance but served with class. She was a powerhouse of words that were raw and unedited. The strength she possesses coupled with the harmonious flow of vocabulary gave the audience CHILLS. She demanded attention and that is what she received.

Instagram: @wanesha_spencer

What is she up to? The Ella Project

Fifth, we have Erika Janae G. Y’all, she blew me away! I honestly can’t figure out a flow to describe her performance properly. She had a Macy Gray twang, Jill Scott soultry feel and Erykah Badu twist. I don’t have many words on this one. Y’all just need to check her out for yourself. I think all of the singers should do a collaboration together. I would pay for that!

Instagram: @erikajanaeg

Listen to her here: Erika Janae

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel: ErikaJaNae

Lastly, I introduce Karmen to you all! Karmen was the icing on the cake. Literally everyone that performed were out of this world! Karmen delivered us in song and it was a beautiful vibe. Her voice was so melodic like lullaby. She shared a personal song which required more emotion than usual and it was so touching. It’s something about vulnerability when people perform. It always seems to have an even deeper meaning behind it. Karmen reminded me of Tweet from back in the day. I loved the flow!

Instagram: @karmenbebeautiful

Subscribe to her Youtube Channel: Karmen Be Beautiful

Oh, I can’t forget our illustrious host! The beautiful Marcia Alene kept everyone’s attention as the host. She was down to earth and funny. Absolutely loved the line up with everyone involved to pull this off!

Instagram: @nogirlfriendsallowed

Check out her book, make a purchase: No Girlfriends Allowed

Personal shoutout to Angela Young, Founder of The BeNaked Campaign for having this vision and allowing it to blossom. The cause behind this benefit concert was to raise enough money to provide gift boxes to the women of the Solomon’s Temple Foundation. These boxes will provide toiletries and other necessities. This annual project is also called The ‘Little Black Box Project’ 

Read about it here 👇🏽

The ‘Little Black Box Project’ is an annual donation drive. The goal of the project is to give hope by providing much needed personal items in a compassionate and loving way. Each holiday box will be filled with toiletry items and donated to a women and children’s shelter. The goal is to assist with making the holidays happen for families in need. Your gift helps me fulfill my mission of bringing joy to women and children that are less fortunate during the holiday season!

I hope you guys enjoyed this treat! Much love to you all again and remember to be you and be dope while doing it! 




Hey everyone! I’m dropping in for a quickie. I wanted you all to have a moment with strictly pictures from the More Than Music Concert. Totally an awesome RECAP ALERT!

I honestly couldn’t pick the best of the best pictures, so I decided to simply upload ALL of them from the “More Than Music Benefit Concert”. I hope you enjoy!


Angela Young

Good morning my loves! It is Friyay. Today, I’m bringing you the woman behind the More Than Music Benefit Concert…ANGELA YOUNG!

Angela Young

I’m going to make this quick because I have a lot of goodies to give you. Angela Young was mentioned in a prior post from the “Branding The Beauty In You Campaign” where I first met her. She asked me to cover her benefit concert coming up and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. In addition, Angela Young has my support behind this cause every step of the way. Due to circumstances, I see far too many people going without and it’s time that changes. 

First of all, if you are curious about this concert…😊

Below is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the concert! Furthermore, this is a benefit concert to give back to the community. Read more here 👇🏽

Contact: Angela Young
(770) 835.5429​


The iAm Angela Young Brand to Host the “MoreTthan Music” event, Showcasing Female Artists & Give Back this Holiday Season!

ATLANTA, GA, December, 3 – iAm Angela Young will host More than Music on Sunday December 3rd, at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA. More than Music is an intimate concert that will showcase women’s raw talents in music and spoken words. We will curate a magical music experience while supporting the dynamic poets and talented artists that will grace the stage. Expect good vibes, delicious brunch bites, a tasty mimosa bar, dope live performances, and GREAT giveaways. This will be an afternoon celebrating WOMEN while giving back to the community!

A percentage of all the ticket sales will go toward purchasing much needed toiletry items for the ‘Little Black Box Project’, a community service initiative that fills holiday gift boxes with toiletry items that are donated to a local women’s/children’s shelter. This year, the boxes will be donated to Solomon’s Temple Foundation, Inc. which is dedicated to the eradication of homelessness. I invite you to visit their website at for more information.

The iAM Angela Young Brand is a world of women empowerment, where Ms. Young encourages all women to walk in their truth, share their stories, embrace their perfect imperfections, and make valuable connections with other like-minded women.

It’s also the home for the beNAKED Campaign, Pieces of Me, and of course the ‘The Little Black Box Project.’ This is her creative outlet, an authentic space to build genuine relationships and make magic with other phenomenal women.

If you would like more information about this event, please contact Angela Young at (770) 835.5429 or Tickets can be purchased:

I am honored to be the socialite for this event! The tickets went like crazy, sponsors out of the works and a good time mingling with like minds. Also, stay tuned where I will go live throughout the concert to share the experience with you.


Oh, also check out some of the line up here👇🏽